Talaq Talaq Talak movie to be sown in Irving, TX on January 22, 23 & 24

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This is a movie based on the book “Denied by Allah” by Noor Zaheer. It is produced in Kannada with ENGLISH subtitles.

In a fit of anger, a Muslim husband can divorce his wife by simply saying Talaq three times. The movie depicts the pain a woman goes through in order to get married again. Even in the 21st century, women have been chained to the customs practiced more than ten centuries ago. The movie depicts how women were denied respect, self-esteem, dignity, protection,  and humanness in Islam. 

I am incredibly happy to recommend this movie to all our friends. The best part of this movie is the leading actor, Suchetan Swaroop Vaidyanath lives in Dallas are. Please support and learn from the movie the prevailing custom of divorce in Islam.

Book Reviews:

Asif Syed says,” I love the message and it had my undying support.” Swapna Peri says, “'Denied By Allah' is a very strong eye-opener book that showcases the atrocities carried out on women in the name of religion and laws.” Alifiyah Shabbir says, “A triple talaq pronounced in a single sitting and in a fit of anger, or without provocation but with the ulterior motive of harassing the wife can mean that the wife becomes totally alienated from the husband and ‘haram’ (prohibited) for him.” Sahil says, “I would urge people to read this book to get a whole new perspective on such issues. This was a really interesting read!”

Why do we suggest you watch it?

Here are 4 reasons to watch the film “Talaq Talaq Talaq,” releasing on Jan 22nd at Fun movie grill, Irving TX.

1. It is based on a non-fiction book “ Denied by Allah”

2. Has a technical team of national and state award winners

3. Selected in 5 film festivals ( INDO GLOBAL International Film Festival, Cosmo film festival, Lift off sessions UK and Hollywood, Muslim Film Festival ) and won 2 awards as well: ( best Indian feature film and special jury award )

4. Has our local DFW young man @Suchethan Swaroop Vaidyanath playing the lead role.

The movie is in the Kannada language with English subtitles and 112 minutes long. It will be released in at least 50 theatres in India as well.

Please watch the trial




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