[GHHF] Christian Pastor Abused Hindu Gods and Hindu culture for asking to reduce Loudspeaker Volume; Filed case against Hindus; Hindus submitted Petitions; Hindu Dharna resulted in Police action.

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"The institution of pilgrimage," says a Hindu writer, "is entirely an expression of love for the motherland, one of the modes of worship of the country which strengthens the religious sentiment and expands the geographical consciousness." Whether amidst the snowy peaks of the Himalayas or the palm-fringed shores of Bengal or Madras, these shrines are all set in scenes of great natural beauty. Indian religion and Indian patriotism are, the, inseparably intertwined; the motherland is a holy land, one for every Indian from the Himalayas to Cape Comorin." Kenneth Saunder (1883-1937)
India is realizing the deceptive practices the Christians have been following for many years.  They build the Church without any permission and no politician will question them for their illegal construction of the Churches.  Even if you get a judgment to demolish the churches built with no permission, the authorities fail to implement. Encouraged by the authority’s indifference not only the Christians keep building churches without permission, but they also violate many laws. For example, there is the Pollution act which requires the noise of the loudspeaker at a certain decimal level.
The Environment Protection Act states that a loudspeaker or a public address system can only be used after obtaining written permission from the authority. Furthermore, loudspeakers and amplifiers cannot be used at night except in closed premises or during a public emergency. 
Protest at Prathipaadu Village
Pastors filing SC atrocity case on Hindus when asked to reduce sound and hatred speeches. In a village Prathipaadu, West Godavari, Andhra Pradesh - there is church constructed illegally and run by a pastor who is still enjoying SC status. Hindu organizations have earlier complained asking them to act on the church but due to anti-Hindu government, request was trashed.
    Last week when Hindus asked to reduce the sound of mics and hate speeches, pastor along with some Christians insulted Hindus with gruesome language and threated. Today few Hindu organizations along with Global Hindu Heritage Foundation (GHHF) staged dharna at the revenue office asking to act immediately and inquire why the status of SC is still being enjoyed by pastor and illegal church. Interestingly 300 Hindus participated in the protest which was huge.
The assemble Hindus have written letter to Tahasildar saying that Church was built illegally, and even after repeated requests the Church does not comply with villagers’ request to reduce the volume. Tahsildar has written a letter to the Church Official to appear at the Police Station on September 6. So far the Church pastorb has not appeared at the Police station to explain the concerns expressed by the villagers. 
    Protestors after a two-hour dharna took a break due to hot weather and waited for the officer. Meanwhile our Pracharak of GHHF has noticed some youth taking pictures and videos who were found to be suspicious. Also noticed there is sticker of Jesus on their bikes. Our volunteer casually approached them as a non-protestor and pulled them into discussion. They expressed their anguish due to agitation against pastor, slowly with just hand signs our volunteer signaled all protestors to surround these guys and block who finally agreed that they are Christians and tried to make a record of main personalities to target later. Protesters who are furious and already surrounded gave few tight slaps and chased them out of the scene. Officer has promised to enquire and take necessary action against pastor, notices were sent to pastor on the spot. There are many people who supported and cannot mention their name as it is not safe for them.
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