[GHHF] Sponsor a Priest for one Temple in your village or other village in India  - Sustain Hindu Dharma through Temples and make them the Hubs of religious, spiritual and Cultural Activities 

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Agni Purana
Even when children for fun or playfulness build temples with sand would also qualify for salvation. Persons who undertake repairs, let alone construct temples new, are also eligible for attaining Mukti. 
Sponsor One priest in either your village or any other Village per year in India for $1,500.00;
For more details, call: 601-918-7111

Global Hindu Heritage Foundation. Following serios deliberations, decide to revive Hindu Dharma through Temple in villages. As man of us are aware that many Temples are closed due to the neglect of the managements and the depletion of funds and usurpation of Temple land. The take over Hindu Temples by the government resulted in the closure of many Hindu Temples. The income generated by many Temples that attract lakhs of people is directed to the government and supporting of Christian and Muslim structures and their activities. 
Started in THREE Villages
GHHF already employed three Priests in three different villages. We will send the progress report in few days with pictures and the details about the Priests and Villages
Importance of Hindu Temples
Hindu Temples play a vital role in the preservation of culture and the worship of millions of Hindus around the globe. They are the places of worship where devotees worship their chosen Gods at their convenient time, day in and day out.  Devotees go to the Hindu Temples to experience the infinite divine power through their individual prayers as well as collective worship.
Hindu Temples have been built over more than twenty centuries providing opportunity to practice their social, religious and cultural milieu.  Each Temple is dedicated to one of the manifestations of the infinite power, that unfathomable divinity of the Almighty. Every Temple will have a sanctum sanctorum with a presiding Deity who represents the power and energy of GOD.  Hindus believe that God is ever powerful; everywhere, everything and everything is in God.
For centuries Hindu Temples served as centers of learning and knowledge for all age groups; foci for social gathering; facility for art, dance and music; hubs for upholding the dharmic values; sacred places for conducting daily rituals such as Archanas, Homas, Pujas and other Samskaras; nuclei for peace, tolerance, and nonviolence; lighthouse for philosophy and spirituality, cornerstone for worship services; promoted  age old, time tested universal values; served as institutes for yoga and meditation; holy places for conducting different festivals and rituals; and nexus for expressing devotion through music, singing and chanting; and centers for addressing the community needs.
Importance of Hindu Priests
    Hindu priest occupies an important position in Sanatana Dharma. He is considered as the body of God himself. They are highly respected because of their capacity to do worship service to the presiding Deity in the Temple as per the scriptures thereby preventing any misfortune and calamities that may befall in the community.  Regular puja offered to the Deities are supposed to ensure happiness, prosperity and good health. If they worship the dairies with faith, pure intentions, dedication and sincerity, the society will be blessed with prosperity and good fortune. 
    The priest is supposed to be a learned person well versed in our ancient scriptures,  committed to fulfill the requirements of the presiding deity, attend to the need of the devotees, celebrate all the festivals, conduct Homas and explain the meaning of the rituals thereby creating an energy filed that penetrate the devotees who go to the Temple. 
    A Hindu Priest will also help the devotees, guide them, counsel them, and also consult them. He will assist the people with various problems as to which pujas and homas may help relieve their condition. Chanting mantras on a regular basis and conducting pujas and doing dial pujas to the presiding deities will create positive vibrations, good energy and very peaceful environment. Not only do they conduct these pujas in the Temple, they should also conduct various pujas in the houses of the Hindus as per their  needs – Bhumi Puja, house warming ceremony, Satyanarayana Puja, Nava Graha Puja, Ganesh Puja and so on. 
Revival of Temple culture
It is time to recognize the importance of Hindu Temple, the energy it creates, the blessings the presiding bestows upon the village, the vibrations it generates creating awareness about the richness and grandeur of our Sanatana Dharma. This awareness also help take pride in their Temple and  also help repel the Christian aggressive measures to convert them to Christianity. They will be bold enough to question the cruelty and killings found in Bible and Quran.  
Lord Krishna declared in Bhagavad Gita as to who may go to the Temple:
“chatur-vidha bhajante mam, janah sukritino’rjuna
       arto jijnasur artharthi, jnani cha bharatarsabha”
1.    People who are in distress.
2.    People who want to know about the God.
3.    People who want to gain wealth in life.
4.    People who are in search of true knowledge and want to reach the supreme goal.
Responsibilities a Priest
The appointed Priest will be conducting the following activities to motivate the villagers to visit and take the blessings of the Presiding Deity and to create awareness about our Hindu tradition. It is time to bring changes in the villages, impart the value of Hindu Temple, instill pride in our Sanatana Dharma, convey the significance of Murty worship and the need for conducting regular Bhajans.
1.    Open Temple three hours a day One hour in the morning and two hours in the evening, perform the daily pujas and offer Arthi to the presiding deity.
2.    Everyday morning starting around 5:00 am, Suprabhata seva and Nitya puja will be organized
3.    Visit Hindu families every for about two hours talking about Sanatana Dharma, give Teertham and bless them with Akshatas. Invite them to the Temple and counsel them as the occasion demands. 
4.    He will tell the Hindus the difference between Hinduism and other religions, and how to encounter the Christians. 
5.    Conduct Pujas to the presiding Deity of the Temple, chant Ashtottara Nama and the Aarthi before closing the Temple. 
6.    Prepare Prasadam and distribute to the people who come to visit the Temple. Slowly request the local families to prepare Prasadam on a rotation basis.
7.    Organize Bhajans  twice a week, teach them Bhajans and slowly encourage them to lead the Bhajans.
8.    Encourage children to visit the Temple, teach them few mantras/slokas and to participate in Bhajans. 

Sponsor One priest in either your village or any other Village per year in India for $1,500.00; For more details, call: 601-918-7111

PayPal Method: To donate visit our website: savetemples.org. Click on the Donate button, then press the Purpose category, and select the Ghar Waapasi Donation category.
By Zelle: ghhfusaorg@gmail.com
By Check: Or you can send a check payable to GHHF, . It is tax-deductible.
RUPEES, if you would like to contribute to rupees, please either call or send an email. We will call you back to give you the required information
For more information, call Prakasarao Velagapudi at 601-918-7111; Email: ghhfusaorg@gmail.com


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