[GHHF/S3Foundation] Prayutha Chandi Maha Yagnam - October 5-14, 2021, in Memphis TN, USA. Please Attend and Receive Mother Chandi’s Blessings

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We are extremely happy to inform that S3 Foundation is organizing Prayutha Chandi Maha Yagnam in Memphis TN, USA during Navaratri Time, October 5 thru 14, 2021  for Loka Kalyanam and Vishwa Shanti. It is one of a kind. In Kaliyuga this is supposed  help resolve the troubles, the evils and ailments that are plaguing the cosmos. To our knowledge, nobody has conducted Yagnam at this scale. Chandi Homa is conducted to invoke the blessings of Goddess Chandi – the fierce and powerful form of Goddess Shakti. She is an embodiment of power, energy, fearlessness, courage, bravery, and the divine forces, that safeguard all of us from evil forces, internal enemies,  external threats, mysterious ailments,  and create a balance between body and mind.

               Gloabal hindu Heritage Foundation (GHHF) wishes an enormous success in organizing this Prayutha Maha Yagnam and congratulates all the organizers and also the participants all across the globe.

               Prayutha Maha Yagnam is being conducted to create Ramarajya ideals where everybody is happy, experience peace of mind, strive for existence, live in harmony with each other, eliminate hostilities, and work toward Vasudaiva kutumbam, Vishwa shanti and loka Kalyanam. Ramarajya represents the core values of virtue, morality, justice, Dharma, Satyam, Ahimsa and Shanti.  

Prayutha Chandi Homam involves reciting Devi Mahatyam 10, 00,000 times, Navakshari Japam at least 10 million times, and performing Chandi Homam 1,00,000 times along with Navakshari mantra Homam at least 10 million times. This kind of a Maha Yagnam is only possible with the divine grace of Chandika Mahalakshmi and all your support. It is heartwarming to know that thousands and thousands of sadhakas from more than 40 countries have been reciting the required number of mantras to make the Maha Yagnam successful.

               As many of you are aware that in 2019, S3 Foundation has successfully conducted Ayutha Maha Yagnam with 10,000 Parayanam of Durga Sapthashati and offering of 1,000 Homa offerings. In 2020, S3 Foundation successfully completed Niyata Maha Yagnam that required chanting of Durga Sapthashati one lakh times and offering of 10, 000 home offerings.

               S3 Foundation acknowledges the blessing of Sri Ganapathi Sachchidananda Swamiji to proceed with these Mahayagas when asked by Tandu Purushottam. Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji inaugurated the Gaushala in August 2019, performed Gau puja and gave a powerful speech, thus leaving many positive vibrations for its successful operation. Since that time, Sri Swamiji’s energy is felt everywhere and the Gaushala is expanding, and the various spiritual activities picked up the speed to help the humanity from all kinds of ailments.

WHY CHANDI MAHA YAGNAM?                                       

Chandi Yagnam is performed to invoke Goddess Chandi's blessings in the fierce and powerful Goddess Shakti form. She is an embodiment of spiritual forces, strength, and energy, which protects us all from evil forces and helps us maintain a harmony between mind and body. This Homa can create subtle and yet profound vibrations that can purify air, neutralize negative climate, remove mental fear, distress, and combat further spread.

 While performing a single Chandi Yagnam can help overcome a variety of obstacles such as fear, mental illnesses, health problems, and global issues, the benefits of performing 11,00,000 recitations of Durga Sapthashati along with 10,000 yagna offerings in Prayutha Chandi Maha Yagnam can be quite profound. This Yagnam is being planned to counter the spread of coronavirus and restore confidence, optimism and health to the entire humankind and swiftly restore normal life throughout the world.

               As per scriptures, 9 crore Shaktis dwell in Chandi Mata. She is the energy behind all the energies that present in the universe. In this universe, whatever energy / shakti is present in movable and immovable objects, the panchabhutas, the nature, and atmosphere, it is the shakti of Chandi that is behind all the Shaktis.

               Whenever we chant Yaa Devi Sarva Bhuteshu (Devi Who is in all Beings) shlokas, Devi is worshiped as:

She abides in the form of:

Vishnu Maya (Illusion controlling the Universe)
Chetana (Consciousness)
Buddhi (Intelligence)
Nidra (Sleep)
Kssudhaa (Hunger)
Chaya (Shadow)
Shakti (Power)
Trssnnaa (Thirst)
Kssaanti (Forbearance)
Jaati (Genus, cause of everything)
Lajja (Modesty)
Shanti (Peace)
Shraddha (Faith)
Kaanti (Loveliness and Beauty)
Lakshmi (Good Fortune)
Vritti (Activity)
Smriti (Memory)
Daya (Kindness and Compassion)
Thushtti (Contentment)
Matru (Mother)
Bhraanti (Delusion)
Bhutaa (Beings)
Citi (Consciousness pervading the Universe)

Whenever we say Chandi is present in Sarva Bhuteshu, it means every living creature, not just human beings. Mother protects all the living embodiments. Any thing that exists between earth and sky, Mother’s energy is prevalent and pervades.

In Vedic times, our Maharishis performed Yagnas for universal peace and welfare; also, for clean air, timely rains, avoidance of untimely deaths, increased crops, dissipate diseases and usher in peace of mind.

               Home Gunda in fact represents panchabhutas. Home Gunda is prepared on the ground, water is mixed in the concrete or mud to create the layers, without Vayu Agni cannot flame, and Agni is the one that consumes the all the elements put in the Homa Gunda and it is the sky that receives all our desires  and convey to the Chandi Mata.

Chandi Homa is a fire ritual where Goddess Chandi is invoked to seek her blessings. She is a primordial force, and an embodiment of  very powerful energy which is responsible for creation, sustenance, and rejuvenation of every element in the universe. She is hailed a sum total of the energies pervading the entire globe. In Devi Puranam she is depicted 18 arms each holding different arms to ward off evil, negative thoughts, bad deeds, and foul speeches. At the same she is portrayed to protect the benevolent devotees, protect dharma, and protect the universe from environmental  bewilderments.

Shakti is behind the creative function Lord Brahma, Sustenance function Sri Vishnu and rejuvenate function of Lord Shiva.

Mantras: Homas are conducted by chanting Durga Sapthashati to tap the powers, and energies prevalent in the universe to be present at the place to create energy field to repel the deadly viruses, and negativities. These mantras that came from the lips of our ancient Maharishis are enormously powerful filled with immeasurable energy that can fill the universe with positive force. The mantras that originated from our Rishis’ when they were meditating were aimed at connecting the Jivatma to the Paramatma. These mantras are of Divine nature filled with spiritual and sacred energies. The Chandi is divided into 13 chapters and consists of too mantras. Three aspects of the Divine Mother have been depicted as Mahakali, Mahalakshmi and Mahasaraswati. More benefits are accrued if they are chanted during Devi Navaratri time.

Chanting mantras helps to mend the body, protect the mind, ameliorate thoughts, and fulfill  human desires by connecting to the divine Mother. They can promote patience, heal illnesses, strengthen the vitality, improve the thought process, and minimizing the confusion.

Sounds created by chanting these mantras can penetrate into every living being as well as the entire environment only to create peace of mind and auspiciousness. These sounds that create so many vibrations pierce through every pore of our skin and enter the body to create harmony and balance in the chakras.

During this Pandemic, Chandi Homa will be an antidote for the spread of Covid-19. This Homa will create subtle vibrations that can affect the invisible enemy causing the havoc. Purification of the air, neutralization of negative atmosphere, nullification of political rancor, ease the mental agony, attacking the deadly invisible virus, and hoping for early solution to blunt the spread are some of the benefits we can accrue by conducting Chandi Maha Yagnam.

Prayutha Chandi Homam involves reciting Devi Mahatyam 10, 00,000 times, Navakshari Japam at least 10 million times, and performing Chandi Homam 1,00,000 times along with Navakshari mantra Homam at least 10 million times. This kind of a Maha Yagnam is only possible with the divine grace of Chandika Mahalakshmi and all your support. It is heartwarming to know that thousands and thousands of sadhakas from more than 40 countries have been reciting the required number of mantras to make the Maha Yagnam successful.

Importance of performing Chandi Yagam

Divine mother as Para Shakti is well-known to everyone. Chandi Mata is supreme power not only for the planet earth but for the entire universe. She is responsible for the creation, development, and destruction of all life forces. She is Adi Shakti, Para Shakti, Gnana Shakti, Ichcha Shakti, Kriya Shakti, Kundalini Shakti. As the divine mother is a source of all cosmic energies significant importance is given to her for her divine blessings. The greatness of Lalitha is described in Brahmanda Puranam and Devi Puranam. Markandeya Puranam describes the greatness of Chandi. The success of Chandi or Durga is described by all great saints and gods by chanting of mantras on Durga or Chandi as found in Saptatuthi.

In 12th Chapter Devi says:

Those men who hear this story of my greatness would have all their enemies destroyed, good things will happen, and their family will increase. (12:14)

All problems and troubles created by the planets would be destroyed and the bad dreams seen by men would become good dreams. (12:16)

“Even when one is surrounded by forest fire, or surrounded by thieves in a faraway lonely place, or has been caught by enemies, or is being followed in the forest by tigers and lion, or surrounded by wild elephants ready to kill, or sentenced to death by an angry king, or tied extremely tightly or situated in a ship in the sea which is tossed by hurricane, or lost all weapons in a horrifying war or is being seriously troubled by great unbearable pain, he (man) would be saved from his problem just by remembering about my story.” (12:19-22)

Chandika Homam Benefits

Following are the significant benefits of performing Chandika Homam:

  • This Homam offers blessings from three main goddesses – Lakshmi, Saraswati, and Parvati as Devi Chandika is a blend of these three Hindu deities.
  • Performing this Homam removes every kind of obstacle and problem in life.
  • It also protects people from supernatural things like evil eyes and black magic.
  • Conducting the Havan multiple times reduces the adverse effects of nine planetary gods.
  • The one who is performing the puja gets courage, good health, knowledge, prosperity, offspring, and success as blessings.
  • All the family members and houses get protection from harmful and evil energy.
  • Parents get gifts in the form of offspring.
  • It removes the black magic and curses put on by someone.
  • It can cure the devotees from any serious diseases
  • Removes obstacle and ensure successful endeavors in life.

Gaushala in Memphis

S3 Foundation is a nonprofit organization started in 2005. It grew out of Sri Purushottamji's vision to create an organization focused on ancient spiritual sadhana consistent with our Sanatana dharma. We applaud Purushottam for spreading the Sanatana dharmic values and demonstrating the importance of Desi cows and their five elemental values to the human race. Undaunted by all the hurdles one would face to start a Gaushala, Purushottam’s passion and determination to start this kind of Gaushala should be extolled. Even more remarkable about this Gaushala is that all the events at S3 Foundation are free of cost to sadhakas. Currently, the Foundation has established a Goshala in Memphis TN USA, with 130+ Gir cows from India housed in a 400+ acres land.

It also houses a 30,000 sq. ft Yagna Shala, a guesthouse for sadhakas to do sadhana, cow-based farming and a temple. The Vedic fire ritual of Agnihotra is performed daily in the Gaushala. Past 15 years, the Foundation has successfully conducted several Yagnas such as Gayatri, Maha Mrutyunjaya, Gandabherunda Lakshmi Narasimha, Ayutha Chandi Homa,  Mahalakshmi Homa, and Chandi yagnas. Given the global crisis brought about by Covid-19, S3 Foundation embarked on the Laksha Chandi Yagna to bring about a wave of healing and peace world over.

Wherever Laksha Chandi Maha Yagam is preformed that place will not face sorrow nor famine. It will infuse supreme power in the planet earth and the entire cosmos. Natural deaths will not happen. Praying divine mother Chandi will bring untold happiness, prosperity, and peace of mind to the humankind.

In this Kaliyuga, none is more powerful than Chandi Parayanam and Chandi Maha Yagnam. By chanting 700 mantras, Chandi Homam is conducted. For benefit of humanity and for pleasing the nine planets, and for the defeat of evil forces, Chandi Homam is performed.

Global Hindu Heritage Foundation congratulated S3 Foundation for undertaking such a mammoth event for the welfare of the humanity, environment, and the entire cosmos.

We request everyone to take this opportunity to participate and support  this extraordinary event and reap the benefits of Maha Yagna and receive the boundless blessings from Mother Chandi.

For More Information, Contact:

Venue: S3 Gaushala, 7945 Deadfall Road, Arlington, Tennessee.

Dates: October 5 – 14, 2021

For information, contact, Ms. Sarkar (901-828-4735), Mrs. Deepika (805-403-0672), Dr. Achar (901-606-7012); and Mrs. Vinila (201-893-5578).

Email: Gaushalausa@gmail.com; Visit their website to find out how you can participate: www.Gaushalausa.org


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