[GHHF] Special Report on Love Jihad - GHHF Assam working tirelessly to curb Love jihad and protect Hindu Girls.

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Global Hindu Heritage Foundation is very appreciative of the tireless, diligent, and visionary efforts to protect Hindu girls from being trapped into love Jihad and recover the Hindu girls who were forced into Love Jihad. 
    Sri Samrat Dutt, who is a Member of the Board of Directors of GHHF, spends countless hours to protect Sanatana Dharma, conducting Bal Samskar Kendras, organizing Ghar Wapasi program, conducting numerous awareness campaigns, providing legal counseling, forming numerous village committees, and providing protection to innocent Hindu girls.
Everybody talks about Love Jihad, but no one is taking this pain to work against PFI or Muslim Organizations to curb it. Probably, the GHHF Assam chapter is the only one that talks less and works more on Love jihad. Since our work is twofold, we do feel that awareness and action should go simultaneously. The following are some of our activities/ achievements organized by Assam Chapter. 
1. For the last two years, GHHF Assam has been running a project called Griha Sampark Abhiyan, and in this program, we touched more than 2000 Hindu families. Our cadets are knocking on the doors of Hindu houses and giving them a Booklet on love jihad. It is to be noted that we printed 5000 booklets on Love Jihad and 2200 books already distributed amongst Hindus.
2. Organized more than 100 village meetings, conducting awareness meetings with ladies and girls to make sure about the Love Jihad, how Muslims trap the girls, and how they are deceived and converted to Islam.
3. Launched Tejaswini with an aim to counter love jihad. At present, we have 550 women members who are directly working with a mission to counter Love jihad. And protect Hindu girls.
4. Through Tejaswini we are organizing free martial art classes for School and college going girls.
5. FIR lodged against Love jihadi Munim Uddin who kidnapped a Hindu Girl, after our agitation and diligent efforts the trapped girl was recovered from Meghalaya, police arrested Munim Uddin and sent to judicial custody.
6. FIR registered against child abusers Baharul and Hasibur Rahman.
7. Our lady Pracharak Fulmali Ree saved one Hindu girl. A 20-year-old Hindu student of Govt Girls Higher Secondary School in Barpeta district was lured by a Muslim youth into love jihad, but later, the Muslim youth started torturing her. The victim was recovered in July with the help of the police, and after that, shuddi yagna was conducted by the village priest. The Girl was forced to embrace Islam.  Later, through Yagna, she reconverted back to Hinduism. A book on love jihad was given to her mother and other family members.
8. Tejaswini saved the life of another Hindu Girl. Masuk Ali, a student of B A. In the 1st year of Katigorah, Cachar trapped a Hindu girl, Shefali Das (face blurred as the victims cannot be shown publicly), and proposed to her with the gift of a Mobile phone set. Shefali somehow convinced and started chatting with Masuk. Masuk's elder brother used to go to a Moulana of the mosque in this village. The whole family started planning to kidnap her. Masuk told Shefali that he wouldn't follow Islam, and through continuous brainwashing by the whole family, they succeeded in convincing Shefali to marry Masuk. They started dating. When the Tejaswini team learned about this case, they visited Shefali's house. With the help of family members, they took back the Mobile phone from her. Our Tejaswini team leader, Suparna Nath, broke that Mobile phone.  The first thing they wanted to do was to disconnect the regular conversation with Masuk. Then, they gave our booklet On Love Jihad, where Sri Samrat Dutt specifically wrote about the status of women in Islam and Hinduism. She read, and after one month, she realized the reality of Love jihad. Within just seven days Tejaswini convinced another boy from the same village to marry her. Last week, according to local customs, "Mangala Charan" (1st marriage ritual from the bride's family) of the girl was. Next month, their marriage will be solemnized. It is pertinent to mention here that this village is adjacent to the Bangladesh border, and considering the high Muslim population, no action can be taken against the boy. But we are happy that we saved the life of the girl, Shefali.
9. A signature campaign by the Hindu Advocates Forum to pass a law against Love jihad started. https://www.change.org/p/pass-a-law-against-love-jihad.
10. GHHF team visited Mizoram in the year 2022, met Love Jihad victim and her family, brought them to Assam, arranged residential accommodation in Assam.
11. Hindu Advocates Forum extended legal help to the love jihad victim family of Mili Nath.
12. An awareness campaign through Hindu Jagran Sabhas was started in several villages. 
13. A signature campaign to Ban PFI was initiated.
14. Filed complaint case against local leaders of PFI Assam.
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