[GHHF] Assam established TEJASWINI – a Women’s Wing – to protect the from Love Jihad, provide martial training and legal aid.

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That is India’s challenge to the West – a question of values, of attitude to existence. India as Vishnu, preserving the sacred flame; as Shiva dancing the dance of creation over the Darkness he has destroyed; even as Kali, garlanded with skulls, smeared with blood, destroying destruction. India will win. Matter is always molded by spirit.  But what is this spiritual power of India?  As a sensitive Russian woman asked me: “Why does God seem so much nearer in India?” Michael Pym, author of The Power of India.
Global Hindu Heritage Foundation Assam starts its women wing with 80 members in the name of Tejaswini. Sri Samrat Dutt, The Board of Director of Global Hindu Heritage Foundation formed the State Committee. Tejaswini means lustrous, brave, and powerful Women.
Tejaswini starts with three objectives: 
1.    To make them awareness of love jihad, 
2.    Provide free training in martial arts to defend themselves from unexpected attacks, kidnaps, etc. 
3.      Free legal aid to poor Hindu women against women's violence. Students of District Tykoando Association also joined Tejaswini and a separate team of 10 Tykoando Black belt students showed some moves of karate. They will organize free martial arts classes for Hindu girls.
Today's program begins with the lighting of the lamp, then Advocate Nargis Bhowmik spoken about domestic violence against women and importance of Tejaswini in present situation. Samrat Dutta spoke about love jihad and showed the various judgements and reports that speaks about reality of love jihad and gave reference to Quran also. Puja Das student of Assam University hosted the full event.
Tejaswini Committee
A committee consisting of 80 women members under the leadership of Barnali Pal, Navedita Sengupta, Advocate Nargis Bhowmik and Pooja Das was formed.
Love Jihad is the name give for a situation where a Hindu girl is trapped deceived and get married by a Muslim who pretends to be a Hindu. He will play a game to marry a Hindu girl and get her converted forcibly. If that Hindu girls did not want to marry, they were tortured and may even be killed. In some cases that Hindu girls were gang raped. There are love jihads every day in almost ever state except they do not get reported.  
    The Organised magazine published an article with a title, “Love Jihad: Here is a list of 60 incidents where Hindu Women have been killed by their Muslim Partners.” (June 9, 2023). They printed the summary of Love Jihad cases. We give just first two examples.
Case–1: On May 28 in the evening hours at Rohini’s Shahbad Dairy area a 16-year-old girl was brutally stabbed more than 20 times by her jilted lover right outside her home. The accused identified as Sahil Khan whose picture wearing Kalawa went viral on the internet. The murder was so brutal that even the post-mortem report of the minor Hindu girl made it headlines.

Case–2: On May 18, 2022, 28-year-old Aaftab Poonawala strangled his live-in partner Shraddha over an argument and then proceeded to dismember her body into 35 pieces, allegedly charring her face to hide her identity. A 300-litre fridge was used to store her body parts, which were individually disposed in the Chhatarpur forest over the next 18 days, at around 2 AM every night to avoid suspicion. According to the police officials quoted in media, he stated that even if he is hanged for the murder of Shraddha, he would not be sorry since he will be remembered as a hero when he enters paradise and will be offered “Hoors” in Jannat.
To read the rest of the 58 cases, please click on this link to read the article published in Organiser on June 9, 2023. 

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