GHHF Activities and Accomplishments January to June 2020; Year - End Donations Requested to Continue Ghar Waapasi. Part-1

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"After a study of some forty years and more of the great religions of the world, I find none so perfect, none so scientific, none so philosophical and no so spiritual that the great religion known by the name of Hinduism. Make no mistake, without Hinduism, India has no future.” Anne Besant

As you all aware, that Hindu population is declining due to massive Christian efforts to convert as many people as possible. While we keep writing books and articles, engage in endless discussions, organizing Conferences, and participating in demonstrations, we are losing our Hindus day by day. If all the efforts we were doing till now had some impact on reversing the trend, it would have been great. As we concentrate on out intellectual endeavors, Christians are concentrating on conversion. It is time for all the intellectuals and activists to pause few minutes and look at the ground realities. Our intellectual endeavors and activists’ protests are not reaching the villages where conversion is rampant. You cannot ignore or turn away from what is happening on the ground.

As you know that Global Hindu Heritage Foundation is working closely with likeminded people to do two things to stop the Christian menace:

1. Stop the conversion of innocent Hindus into other religions

2. Welcome back those who were converted to Christianity through deception force, fear, and allurement.

Following are the SELECTIVE Activities and Accomplishments from January To June 2020.

June 29

TWO weeks supply of DRY Items to Archakas / PRIESTS in Agency areas and Villages were provided in Tirupati and Visakhapatnam

On June 26, Global Hindu Heritage Foundation (GHHF) in association with Sri Saidatta Mansa Peetham has distributed 18 Dry food items to about 25 Priests. On June 19 and 20, GHHF / Savetemples distributed two weeks supply of dry goods to 50 Priests in three Mandalas: Chandragiri Mandalam, Ramachandra Puram Mandalam, and Veduru Kuppam Mandalam. As we mentioned earlier, many Archakas in VILLAGES are experiencing hardships and struggling to feed their families. GHHF is planning to distribute these items in Chittoor, Tirupati, Guntur, Vijayawada, and Visakhapatnam areas. We completed the distribution in Tirupathi and  Vijayawada. We are in the process of completing in Vishakhapatnam.

June 15

Providing TWO weeks supply of DRY Items to Archakas / PRIESTS in VILLAGES

               With your generous donations, recently Global Hindu Heritage Foundation (GHHF) provided Rs 5000 Cash contribution and a Saree for each Archaka / Priest family in Vijayawada, Bengaluru, and Kochin. Many of our friends in India brought to our attention that many Archakas in VILLAGES are experiencing hardships and struggling to feed their families. GHHF is planning to distribute these items in Chittoor, Tirupati, Guntur, Vijayawada and Visakhapatnam areas.

               We are planning to donate these following items: Rice, Wheat flour, Cooking Oil, Urad Dal, Moong Dal,  Brown Sugar, Tea Powder, Meal Packet, Chilli powder, Soaps, Tamarind, Turmeric, Sugar, Coconut oil,  Upma Ravva, Mustard Seeds, and other items.

June 7

Annadanam to Needy Priests in VILLAGES is being planned. Your Support is appreciated.

For the last two months many Archakas did not have enough resources to feed their families. Many organizations and individuals have concentrated in honoring the priests and their families. Global Hindu Heritage Foundation honored about 140 families in Vijayawada, Bengaluru and Kochin. Since the Lockdown due to the fear of spreading Coronavirus, all the Hindu Temples are closed. Now, many Pujaris / Hindu Temple priests are having a hard time meeting their basic needs. Many of them do not have any salaries either from the government of the private Temples. Most of them do not have enough savings to pay their rent and electricity. Furthermore, many private temples do not have enough income to pay their salaries. Recently, newspapers wrote about some priests begging on the streets as they could not provide meals for the family. That news pained so many people and some organizations are helping them financially. They are facing a grim and grave predicament.

June 5

GHHF asked English Medium should be withdrawn in A.P. and Telugu Medium in classes from 1 thru 6 should be continued.

GHHF requests the AP Govt to withdraw the GO 85 and continue with Telugu medium, the mother tongue is the best medium for transmitting information, ideas, and knowledge By Prakasarao Velagapudi -June 5, 2020

GHHF writes to Jaganmohan Reddy:  Global Hindu Heritage Foundation (GHHF) requests the Andhra Pradesh Government to abandon the idea of introducing English as a medium of instructions replacing Telugu for the classes 1 thru 6 and gradually increasing each further class up to 10th grade. Our reasons to continue the Telugu medium are listed below.

June 2

GHHF 116 Priests and their families were honored on June 2 in Vijayawada

Global Hindu Heritage Foundation in collaboration with SGS Avadhuta Datta Peetham of Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji honored the 116 Priests with their wives at AGS Avadhuta Datta Peetham in Vijayawada on June 2 (Tuesday).

We are grateful to Sri Chandra Mohan, who has taken the full responsibility to identify 116 priest, make necessary arrangements, decorate the hall, plan the seating arrangements, and follow Covid – 19 guidelines. He has done a great job by paying attention to every details.

On this great Occasion, each priest was honored with  Rs 5000. F other wives, each one was given one Sari with Blouse, one Fruit, Turmeric, Kumkum, Beetle leaves with nut powder, two Masks and Rs 11. Main program started at 10:00am and continued till 1:00pm.

Media: Sakshi, Eenadu , ABN Andhra Jyoti, I News , TV 9, NTV , TV5 Citi Cable Media attended. For every 30mnts Scrolling has delivered.

May 30

How Vote Bank Politics of Hindu Leaders have leads to menacing Proportions

Sree Iyer interviewed Prakasarao Velagapudi  with regard to the Hindu politicians’ thirst to please minorities and decimate Hinduism, Greed, lack of leadership and selfishness have driven Indian politicians to pander to extreme lengths the demands of some minorities, says Prakasarao Velagapudi in this wake-up call video. Some of the consequences of this are explained too.

The 3 part series can be accessed at -

May 18

Muslims menace decimating Secular India. Words of B R Ambedkar and Mohammad Ali Jinnah on Hindu and Hindustan

The only way to make Hindustan homogeneous is to arrange for the exchange of population. Until that is done, it must be admitted that even with the creation of Pakistan, the problem of majority vs. minority will remain in Hindustan as before and will continue to produce disharmony in the body politic of Hindustan.” B R Ambedkar.

“There is no other way but to divide India. Give Muslims their homeland and give Hindus Hindustan.” Mohammad Ali Jinnah.

May 15

GHHF Annadanam to Farm Laborers in TWO Locations in Guntur Continuing

Before Guntur was declared Red Zone, we were distributing food to two different colonies - Swarna Bharati Colony, and Siva Nagaraj Colony. Now we decided to serve meals in two different Villages - one in the morning and the other village in the evening.

May 12

GHHF Annadana Service Farm Laborers near Chittoor was done on May 10th

Annadana Seva is being organized in different locations in and around Chittoor. On Sunday, Sri Vijaya Kumar arranged the meals in Thotaana Palle village where the majority of the residents are BCs in Vedurakuppam Mandalam. Annadanam is being provided by the Global Hindu Heritage Foundation(GHHF) in association with RSS and other organizations in Chittoor. Sri V. Jayakumar, a practicing lawyer and Karya kartha of RSS organized a meeting on the importance of maintaining social distance and the importance of lockdown.

May 11

Kashaayam Distribution resumed in Visakhapatnam

As you are aware that there was a gas leak killing about 12 people. May 19th, we resumed the distribution of Kashayam. kashaayam – a kind of spiced tea – is an Ayurvedic tea brewed with several spices to boost immunity so that they would not be contracted with viruses so easily. One can take for his well-being, good health, and strength. It is quite common in India to make Kashayam during the cold weather so that they develop immunity to prevent the spread of cough, cold and fever. Also, it is given to persons who may be having fever, sneezing, and coughing.

Sri Srinivas Pinnamaneni, who volunteered to organize the event, prepares fresh Kashayam every day and distributed hot Kashayama

May 8

GHHF 28th day of Feeding Cows, Monkeys, and Birds near Anantapur area.

Global Hindu Heritage Foundation is incredibly happy to have the opportunity to serve these innocent animals for the last two weeks. Joining hands with the 1988/91 Degree batch, we are also able to feed these animals in Gooty and R S areas in addition to the Anantapur area. Sri , the Board member of Global Hindu Heritage Foundation (GHHF) and who coordinates our activities in Karnataka and other States in India received requests from different sources about the pitiable condition of these animals. are able to provide food and water to these animals.

April 20

Savetemples Office in Tirupati Honors Street Sweepers on Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Jayanthi – April 14.

In recognizing the services of the street sweepers who maintain the cleanliness of the neighborhoods and to acknowledge the dignity of labor, Savetemples office employees K. Reddappa and K. Subbanna honored a few street sweepers with GHHF shawl and some cash in Tirupati.

April 11

5000 masks are distributed in Villages near Visakhapatnam

As many of you  know that Global Hindu Heritage Foundation has offices in India - Tirupati, Hyderabad, Guntur and Pendurthi. Sri Saidatta Swamy in Pendurthi has graciously agreed to coordinate all our Savetemples activities to make sure that we keep the unity among Hindus by preventing Christian encroachment.  Global Hindu Heritage Foundation, Dana Dharma Charitable Trust and Sri Saidatta Manasa Trust jointly distributed more than 5000 masks to the poor villagers, police officers, health professionals, small businesspeople and other needy people surrounding Pendurthi area near Visakhapatnam.

April 9

Appreciation Lunch served for First Responders attending to Coronavirus Patients in Dallas/Fort Worth Area for next 4 weeks

"Thankfulness is the beginning of gratitude. Gratitude is the completion of thankfulness. Thankfulness may consist merely in words. Gratitude is shown is acts." Henri Frederic Amiel. Many Hindu organizations and individual donors decided to provide LUNCH to the First Responders who are taking care of Coronavirus patients. Hindu Community is providing lunch under the banner of Global Hindu Heritage Foundation.                                                

Lunch will be provided to the police officers and medical professionals for the next four weeks.  Estimate cost for serving the meals is approximately $50,000.00     

April 7

Karma Theory: Do the Actions have Consequences? Part 2

This is the second article on Karma Theory. Once you click on this link, it will give the link for Part 1.

Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan offers insight into how karma works in terms of one’s own choice. Life is like a game of bridge. We did not invent the game or design the cards. We did not frame the rules and we cannot control the dealings. The cards are dealt out to us, whether they be good or bad. To that extent, determinism rules. But we can play the game well or play it badly. A skillful player may have a poor hand and yet win the game. A bad player may have a good hand and yet make a mess of it. Our life is a mixture of necessity and freedom, chance and choice. By exercising our choice properly, we can control steadily all the elements and altogether determinism by nature. (The Bhagavad Gita. London: Allen and Unwin, 1948)

March 8

Swamini Nilooferji spoke on Bhagavad Gita for Daily Living in Hanuman Temple.

On March 7, Nilooferji talked about the meaning and relevance of the verse 16 in Chapter 17 of Bhagavad Gita. The verse reads like this:

manaḥ-prasādaḥ saumyatvaṁ maunam ātma-vinigrahaḥ

bhāva-sanśhuddhir ity etat tapo mānasam uchyate 

She explained the real meaning of each of the five words in the sloka. In a very simple and clear manner she described the essence of the sloka with a number of examples.

March 4

Karma Theory: Relevance to the Modern Corrupt Society

“If you oppress a man, you will suffer oppression in this or another life and reap the fruits of the seed you have sown in this life. If you feed the poor, you will have plenty of food in this or another life. There is no power on the earth, which can stop the actions from yielding their fruits. Such is the Law of Karma.” Swami Sivananda

March 1

Why we Support CAA - every country has its own immigration policy. Why not India? Watch this YouTube presentation.

The people who oppose are either selfish politicians, Muslims, Congress and other political parties, or people paid by foreigners to encourage anti-CAA demonstrations and terrorism.

Every country uses selective method to control the inflow of people from other countries. Nothing new. USA adopted Lautenburg Amendment in 1990 enabling the resettlement of Jews from the former Soviet Union. Later it amended allowing persecuted religious minorities such as Jews, Christians and Bahais from Iran. Later it says non-Muslim minorities from Islamic Countries. Now some Democratic Party  Candidates criticize CAA while they supported the persecuted minorities from Muslim Countries.

February 24

WE SUPPORT CAA meeting was a Great Success

Global Hindu Heritage Foundation organized a meeting in SUPPORT OF CAA on February 23 in Plano Texas. . As we are all aware that Citizenship Amendment Act was passed by both the houses and became an ACT on December 12, 2019.. Nine speakers spoke about the content of CAA, and how it became an Act. Discussed about the agitation taking place in India.

February 17

Attended Samskriti Bharati program on Feb 15

Samskriti Bharati conducted a cultural program where ever body was required to speak in Sanskrit. More than hundred twenty five children and adults participated in various cultural activities - some sang songs, some played skits, some did shopping, some recognised the greatness Swami Vivekananda and others. Almost everybody got a chance to prove their skills in speaking Samskriti

February 6

Criswell College Students Visited Hanuman Temple

CRISWELL college professor, Dr Scott Bridger brought about ten students to know about Hinduism and to take a tour of Karya Siddhi Hanuman Temple on February 4 at 9:00am. Laxmi Tummala and I presented power point presentation on Hinduism. We talked about the uniqueness of Hinduism and scientific advances made for centuries. We talked about the concepts of ahimsa, Dharma, tolerance, patience and moksha.


January 26

My interview with Sri Sree Iyer of PGURUS on TTD

It was prompted by my letter I had written to E O of TTD about various issues related TTD. Talked about Christian aggressiveness in BRRD hospital, 44 non- Hindu employees, abuse of TTD funds, inadequacy of dharma Prachara, need for conducting Sunday school to children and so on.

January 19

Attended Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan 30th Anniversary Celebrations on January 12

Before I left India to USA, I was invited to attend as a Special Guest. Dr. Satyanarayana Raju Garu has been a backbone of this Bhavan for decades who coordinated the event. Two guests - one from Sanskrit College and another one from Chennai - gave inspirational speech to the graduating students and awarded the prizes to the students. I was given the opportunity to give the honors to the Guest speakers.

January 13

Last batch of Bhajan groups received musical instruments from GHHF

We went to Chandragiri village and met about 75 people who are engaged in singing bhajans in the Hanuman Temple. We spoke about the importance of bhajans and how they protecting Hindu dharma in the villages. We gifted them one tabala, kanjeera, and ten bells to do bhajans. We mentioned that Christian nuns will come and target women in the villages; they should be careful.

January 10

Sugguna Karunakar of Shiva Shakti interviewed Prakasarao Velagapudi

The YouTube link given below is the result of an interviewing Dr. Velagapudi Prakasarao by Sri Sugguna Karunamakar. The interview was done in Telugu language. Hence, this brief in English is presented.

January 9

Distributed Bhajan Instruments to ten villages.

On January 9th morning GHHF and Savetemples invited ten village Bhajan Mandals to assemble at Dharma Raaja Devalayam in Veduru Kuppam village. We briefly talked about our mission and how we support our Hindu Dharma activities such as Bhajan Groups. We compared the richness of Hind Dharma with other religions. When Christians come to your village, we talked about methods to encounter as per law.

We asked them to find out if any of the churches in their villages are built with permission or not. We can legally proceed to remove them if built without permission. We donated one mrudangam, kanjera and ten bells for each villages bhajan groups to motivate them to do more bhajans.

January 2

Met with Hon. Srinivas Velampally the Minister for Endowments in his Office in Vijayawada

We discussed about 20 issue pertaining to the TTD, Christian activities, and other Temple matters.

He said he is very much interested in addressing the issues and he will do his best to look into them.          



We appreciate it if you can help in hiring more people who can go to these villages to do Ghar Waapasi. We have employed 7 people so far. More people we hire more villages can be covered to welcome them back and also create Chaitanya (Awareness) among the students and villagers.


We would appreciate your YEAR-END tax deductible donation to continue our activities to revive our Hindu traditions, protect our Temples, and also to start Ghar Waapasi to expand our base.

PayPal Method: To donate visit our website. Click on the Donate button, then press the Purpose category, and select Annadanam Category or General Donation category.

By Check: Or you can send a check payable to:

GHHF, . It is tax-deductible.

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