GHHF Bala Samskar Kendras Celebrate Holy and talk about the Significance of Holi

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Sir John Woodroffe (1865-1936)
“Hinduism may not be called a religion in the sense other religions are known. It is much more than a religion; it is a total way of life. Hinduism has no founder. Its authority is Eternal Truth. The cumulative record of metaphysical experimentation. Behind the lush tangle of religious imagery, is a clear structure of thought. Hindus have always been metaphysicians at heart. It is the underlying ideas, and not the images which count. The forms are many, the reality is one.”

Global Hindu Heritage Foundation is exceptionally happy to inform you that Bala Samskar Kendras (Sunday Schools) were conducted in about 115 Villages / localities in five States:
Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Assam, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka
Bala Samskar Kendras are being organized in the following villages/locations
Tirupati, Madanapalli, Visakhapatnam Agency Area, Visakhapatnam City, Addanki, Eluru Palem area, Guntur, Bhadrachalam, Pittapuram, Hyderabad, Kandi, Chennai, Bangalore, and Cachar in Assam. We are planning more Bala Samskar Kendras in Tamil Nadu and Assam and also increasing the centers in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.
Holi was celebrated in some Bala Samskar Kendras
Our teachers talked about the importance and significance of Holi in some of the classes. They talked about the stories associated with the celebration of Holi.
    According to our scriptures, evil King named Hiranyakashyap started imposing restrictions on the worship of Lord Vishnu is his Kingdom. Nobody was supposed to worship Lord  Vishnu. As the divine willed it that his own son Prahalada believed in Lord Vishnu and started worshipping him. The outrages father tried stop his son Prahallada from worshipping Lord Vishnu. Prahallada was helped by Lord Vishnu and the former’s wicked aunt Holika was burnt to death. It signifies the victory of good over evil. It is believed that Holika pleaded Prahallada for forgiveness before her death. Therefore, Prahallada announced that she would be remembered every year before Holi. This is why ‘Holika-dahan’ is celebrated across India, a day before Holi.
    As per another legend that when Radha and Krishna were in extreme delight, Lord Krishna applied color on Radha and other Gopis.
    Also people in different parts of India celebrate the Holi based on their belief. As per Matya Purana, Siva and Bhagavata Puranas, Kamadeva is known as Lord of Passion and Love, and described as a youth holding a quiver holding five arrows. Goddess Parvati wanted to marry Lord Siva who was least interested in marriage. He was in deep mediation and no body dares to disturb his meditation. Kamadeva was sent to influence Lord Shiva so that he would marry Goddess Parvati. Kamadeva disturbed Lord Shiva by the arrow of Love to make him awake from the mediation. Realizing that he was disturbed by Kamadeva, he opened his third eye and burned him to ashes. People celebrate the sacrifice Kamadeva who risked his life to revoke Lord Shiva from mediation to save the world. 
    It is celebrated to signify the triumph of good over the evil and the joy is expressed by applying different colors on their friends

Why did Bala Samskar Kendras Start?
Our children are our strength. They are our future. They are going to be our Ambassadors to Hindu Dharma in preserving, protecting, and propagating our ancient civilization. For centuries, we as Hindus failed to transmit the knowledge to the next generations. With no knowledge about our faith and with no pride in the universality and non-violence of Sanatana Dharma, our children, as well as adults, have become targets for Christians to convert. They have used a plethora of deceptive tactics to woo our Hindus to Christianity as we are not able to defend our religion and also not able to question the barbaric nature of the Bible. We have become defenseless and not equipped with any knowledge about our heritage.
               We should teach our children about its scientific discoveries in all scientific fields – mathematics, algebra, physics, asthmatics, computer science, dentistry, surgery, Ayurveda, yoga and meditation, and spirituality. We will try to teach our kids the science behind every aspect of our lives – customs and traditions handed down for millennials. Swami Chinmayananda stated,  “The true Hinduism is a science of perfection. There is, in this true Hinduism, a solution to every individual, social, national, and international problem. True Hinduism is the Sanatana Dharma of the Upanishads.”
We also need to teach how Hinduism is different from other religions.
To appreciate our faith and its richness in literature and culture, we need to understand the true nature of Christianity and Islam. Unfortunately,  we are still ill-equipped with the true nature of other religions. Violence, terror, killings, rapes, and destruction are advocated by Christianity and Islam. Hindus are the only ones who say that all religions are the same while the other two Abrahamic religions abhor Hinduism and do not have any respect. Both these religions have committed to wiping out Hinduism from the planet. It is time to realize the potential danger to Hinduism and start getting reacquainted with the richness of our heritage and understand why ahimsa, tolerance, inclusiveness, respect for others, and truth can save humanity from extinction.
What is the Purpose of Starting Bala Samskar Kendras?
Bala Samskar Kendras / Sunday Schools are being planned for two purposes:
1) To teach about the richness and glory of our Sanatana Dharma. Its eternal nature, its scientific advances, depth of knowledge in our scriptures, and its universal appeal to humanity.
2) Also prevent the Christian aggressive missionary threat to Hinduism. Children are lured away by the  Christians bribing them with many unnecessary needs to attract them. They give Chocolates, pens, pencils, and promises of many material things and invite them to Churches and start brainwashing them to believe in their religion, and teach them to hate Hinduism.
Global Hindu Heritage Foundation is planning to start BALA SAMSKAR on Sundays as well as weekdays to impart the richness of Hindu Heritage that enunciated peace, harmony, inclusiveness, self-improvement, and universal welfare. Our Sunday School will discuss contributions Hinduism made in the fields of education, mathematics, astronomy. Arithmetic, quantum mechanics, metallurgy, surgery, medicine, dentistry, infinity, zero. Cosmology, literature, yoga and meditation, and other subjects.
What do we teach in these Kendras?
Some of the topics the teachers may cover in their classes. Depending on the time, they can select as they see fit. Not required to cover all of them in any given class.
1)    Chant Om three-time, 2) Ganapathy Prayer. 3) Guru Stotram – Importance. 4) Surya Namaskar. 5) Moral Story. 6) National Heroes who sacrificed their lives for Bharat. 7) Scientific nature of Hinduism and how it is different from the other two religions. Importance and Uniqueness of Hindu Temples. 9) Hindu Customs and Traditions. 10) Gurus of India; 11) Upcoming Hindu Festivals; 12) Stories from Ramayana, Mahabharata, and Puranas. Etc. 13) Teach 1-2 Bhagavad Gita Verses. 14) Teach 1-2 Bhajans. 15) Homework for Children. 16) Hinduism and other religions – Compare; 17) Yoga Postures and Meditation. 18) Visit nearby temples and have Darshan, 19) Expose them with government hatred to Hinduism and how to protect it. 20) Prasadam
Sponsor one or more Schools
We need all the support we can get to expand the number of Bala Samskar Kendras (Centers) to 115 as of March 20, 2022. Sponsor each School for $1200 per year. You can suggest a teacher in your village or neighborhood in India to start the Sunday School.
PayPal Method: To donate visit our website: Click on the Donate button, then press the Purpose category, and select the “Sunday School – Bal Samskar” category.
By Check: Or you can send a check payable to Global Hindu Foundation, . It is tax-deductible.
By Zelle:
By Rupees, please contact us by either phone or email.
For more information, call Prakasarao V Velagapudi ; Email:


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