Monkey turns into savior of a Hanuman temple

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Kolar, Karnataka, Jan. 30 (ANI): In a queer incident in Karnataka, a monkey emerged as the lone savior to protect a ”Lord Hanuman” temple from demolition located on the national highway in the Kolar region.
When the local authorities were trying to demolish the temple to widen the highway, the monkey stationed itself at the entrance of the temple and prevented any official from venturing near the temple premises.

This monkey is alone fighting to save the temple. The monkey tried to stop the official from demolishing the temple initially by pleading to him, but when the official ignored and continued demolition, the monkey attacked him, said Krishnappa, a local resident.
Locals said the monkey normally does not harm anybody but surprisingly turned hostile towards the officials who came to demolish the temple.
This monkey has not hurt any one till now. Except for attacking the people who came to demolish the temple said Sunder Shastry, the temple priest.
According to the local residents, the temple was built around 20 years ago and a dead monkey was buried beneath the idol of Lord Hanuman.
After the monkey assumed his role as ”protector”, the devotees have started offering prayers to him, taking him to be an incarnate of Hanuman.
In many temples across the country, monkeys are given shelter and are fed by the devotees and temple authorities.
However, this situation in Kolar has brought the saviour monkey and the authorities at loggerhead. The monkey is adamant in its new role and authorities are committed to widen the highway. (ANI)


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