[SID & GHHF] Appeal to attend Conference on Corruption in New Delhi, India & Attend Local meetings in New Jersey, Florida, Atlanta and Dallas

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"Corruption is worse than prostitution. The latter might endanger the morals of an individual, the former invariably endangers the morals of the entire country." Kraus, Karl on Corruption


The level of corruption is rampant, uncontrolled and beyond imagination in India. It is hard to find any government sector that has not been corrupt. Nothing moves in the government offices without a customer paying huge sums of money. Every government official from top to the bottom have to be bribed if your file has to move from one office to the other or get the approval for your request. It affects the morals, ethics, values, attitude, norms, relations and the very fabric of the society. Like termites, corruption is endangering and robbing our self, our personality, our families, our communities and the entire nation. Slashed money in Swiss banks, hoarding of money should be brought back to expose the corrupt leaders.

We request each one of you to seriously think about what role you can play, individually and collectively, to participate constructively in the anti-corruption movement being launched on a large scale by Baba Ramdev, under Bharat Swaabhimaan Aandolan. If we can all bring out and contribute our respective strengths in a collaborative spirit, without letting our individual egos collide, then certainly we will have ultimate success in "throwing out the corrupt leaders and officials," thereby rejuvenating the honor and glory of Bharatiya culture in accord with the Grand Vision of our rishis (sages).

India now is witnessing not mere corruption, but national plunder. 
--Brahma Challeny, The Hindu, Dec 6, 2010

This conference is bringing together for first time the best international and national experts/activists to find ways to work together to combat this issue that is eating into vitals of the nation.  The massive corruption problem in India is evident from the estimated at 1.4 trillion dollars stashed away in foreign havens while 60-70% still live in poverty.

Following Speakers accepted the invitation

1) Baba Ram Dev

2)  Sri Sri Ravishankar

3) Dr. Subramanian Swamy,

4) Supreme Court Chief Justice Kapadia,

5) Transparency International India,

6) 5th Pillar, RTI activists Anna Hazare,

7) Janaagraha,

8) Bharat Swabhimaan,

9) Ajit Doval,

10) Vineet Narain and

11) many experts/activists are expected to join.

List of international organizations Participating

            IMF Legal, World Bank Governance, Global Financial Integrity,  Tax Justice Network (UK),  Basel Institute of Governance (Swiss), SHERPA (France) and others.


Many NRI's work hard to raise funds to help with projects in India and curbing even small portion of the stolen wealth means huge amounts available for development.

Awareness Presentations on the extent of Corruption India are scheduled

1)       Date/Time:             Sunday,  Jan 9th, 2011,  11:30 AM

         Venue:                   Ramada Inn Hotel, 999 Rt 1 South, North Brunswick, NJ
Presentation:         Vijay Anand,  5th Pillar (
http://www.5thPillar.org )
Satya Dosapati,  Save India from corruption

2)       Jan 15 (Sat):  Atlanta (Venue and the time will be announced locally)

                  Presentation:     Vijay Anand,  5th Pillar (http://www.5thPillar.org )         

                  (contact: Amitabh Sharma: aaam@bellsouth.net404-434-7480)

3)          Jan 16(Sat):  Florida (Venue and the time will be announced locally

                  Presentation:              Vijay Anand,  5th Pillar (http://www.5thPillar.org )         

                  (contact: Girish Gandhi, karnavati45@gmail.com, 973-689-5479)

4)          Jan 23(Sun):  Dallas   (Venue and the time will be announced locally)

                  Presentation:              Vijay Anand,  5th Pillar (http://www.5thPillar.org )

                  Contact: Prakasa Rao Velagapudi,          



                  Kalyan Viswanath         614-668-1668


Those who cannot attend the local meetings, tax deductible donations can be made at  www.savetemples.org websiteor mail a check payable to 'GHHF' to the attention of  V. V. Prakasa Rao, 14708 Harmony Lane, Frisco, TX 75035. 

Vijay Anand

           He left successful professional career/entrepreneurship in US to dedicate on one issue, the issue of corruption in India.  He is co-founder of 5th Pillar (http://www.5thPillar.org) that is fighting against corruption,  addressed 600 colleges/Universities in India asking young people to fight against corruption and not be part of it,  participated in the prestigious conferences on the corruption around the world and developed a brand of Zero rupee notes as symbol of fight against corruption.   Satya Dosapati is activist from US who has worked on many issues related to India, notably the fight against EVM (Electronic Voting Machine)  (http://www.SaveIndianDemocracy.org )

Why should you support this conference?

While 50% of India's 1.2 billion live in poverty and 10% do not know where they will get next meal on one side,  on the other side it is estimated that 1.5 trillion dollars was stashed away in foreign havens.   If that money brought back to India, every one of 1.2 billion people will get 1 lakh rupees each.   The corruption affects every single person,  it shows in poor infrastructure,  it shows in the money paid for any Government work done, it shows in the lawlessness and Goonda raj.

It is more worse.  This lack of development is fueling Maoist insurgency that has affected 1/3 rd of the country.   The military purchase kickbacks and shoddy equipment is weakening India's military so much that  India today cannot withstand wars with its neighbors.    The country's mineral wealth worth trillions that belongs to all citizens is looted to the hilt by select few.  Even the donations of devotees (Hindu and Jain) at their worship places is not spared.
All the development being talked about in India is helping only 13-15% of the people, leaving behind a sea of humanity impoverished.

In summary, corruption impoverishing people, stunting development,  causing insurgency and weakening the ability of country to defend itself and eventually will destroy the nation.

What is the scale of scandals?  Just last few months, the 2G scam worth 1.73 lakh crore rupees (40 billion dollars ) and the CVG (commonwealth games)  scam is 40,000 crore rupees (9 billion dollars).  Every day it is getting more audacious, more ruthless.  According to Transparency International India ranks among worst in corruption, it stands same as impoverished African nations.

It is time to put a stop to this.  It is time to get the looted funds back.   It is time for India to remove the oppressive barriers to India's genius which until 1700's held 25% of World's GDP.  This genius is suppressed today with a small percentage of ruthlessly corrupt people.

Please support this great cause.   Our success with EVMs last year show that cooperation and coordination both nationally and internationally will make a great difference (http://www.SaveIndianDemocracy.org ).

The people invited are among the best who made great contributions to tackle the issue.   The conference will be held on March 2nd and 3rd.

Satya, 732 939 2060 (M);732 723 8332
Prakasarao Velagapudi


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