Open Letter to Hindu Temples in USA to Protect Hindu Edifice in Bharat to make it a Hindu Nation.

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Global Hindu Heritage Foundation


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Prakasarao Velagapudi

Global Hindu Heritage Foundation

14726 Harmony Lane, Frisco TX 75035


To: Hindu Temples in USA

Open Letter

Dear Board Members

Open Letter to Hindu Temples in USA to Protect Hindu Edifice in Bharat to make it a Hindu Nation.

TO: Chairman, Board Members and Executive Members of the Hindu Temple in USA        

On behalf of Global Hindu Heritage Foundation, I write this letter with heavy heart concerning the plight of Hindu Dharma in Bharath and the awaiting bleak future. If we Hindus set our mind and determined to protect our motherland with passion, Hindu Temples in USA can make some difference by lighting the candle to dispel the fast-gathering dark clouds.

All Hindu Temples and Hindu organizations have to pause and look back as to what happened to Bharat over the last few centuries. Also, we can see vividly as to what is happening since Independence as to how Hindus are denied the fundamental rights that Christians and Muslims are enjoying. Hindus are like minorities who are denied of the basic constitutional rights while the minority religions are enjoying more privileges that they would not enjoy even in Christian nations and Muslin countries. Hindu nation is shrinking geographically and numerically. Appeasement of minorities must stop. We have to create pride among our youth who are our future torchbearers. We cannot deny the richness of culture, past glory of our Hindu dynasties, sacrifices made by our national heroes, and greatness of our width and depth of our scriptures to make our children paupers.

               Hindu edifice is being raided on a daily basis . Hindu residents are being thrown out of their own house, their houses are either occupied or burn to the ground, their lands are illegally occupied,  Hindu scriptures are demeaned, Hindu Temples attacked, Christians have infiltrated Hindu Temples, Hindu gods are demeaned, Hindu women are abused, Bharat Mata is being strangled with no recourse. Minorities knew that they can get away with any king of crimes and tortures. How long the minorities can rampage and how long Hindus will succumb? 

Hindu population is declining day by day. Hindu population at the time of Independence was 90% and in 2020, it is approximately 74 %. The Muslim population was 8% in 1947 while it is about 22 % at present. Christian population increased from 2% to 4 % during the same period. But in Andhra Pradesh, it increased from 1.3 % in 2011 to 18 % in 2020 officially. The unofficial number of the Christian population in Andhra is about 30 %. Converted Christians were supposed to hide their faith as directed by the Christian pastors.

Churches and mosques are being build with no permission from proper authorities. They rampage the villages with loud speakers, threaten non-converted Hindus in the villages, deny Hindus to celebrate their festivals, block the installation of Murthies in the villages, and illegally construct their structures on Hind Temple lands with little consequences.

For example, there are about 100 Churches built illegally the Tirupati, the most religious place for Hindus. In fact, not a single Church was given permission to be built in Chittoor District as per the Collector. Neither politicians nor religious leaders ever said any thing about it.

Be Aware – Do Not Forget the History

Hindus must be aware of the danger of Christianization and Islamization, the atrocities the two Abrahamic religions had inflicted on our forefathers, the destruction they caused to our Hindu Temples, the horrific killings they caused to Hindus, and the way they demeaned our religion, unaccountable construction of illegal Churches and Mosques, and rampant forceful conversion of Hindus into Christianity  that may lead to the enforcement of Sharia law and/or declaration of Christian Nation denying fundamental rights to Hindus subjecting them to untold misery that our forefathers experienced in Hindu Kush mountains and Goa Inquisition. Neither the Christians nor the Muslims are hiding their agenda.

Role Of Hindu Temples in USA

More than thousand Hindu Temples are built in USA for the last five decades. Many of them are very successful in providing the needed religious and spiritual needs of Hindus. They are also highly successful financially. They are also engaged in a number of social service activities to establish good relations in the community.

Why Hindu temples outside of Bharat should bother about Hindu issues in Bharath?

Now world being a global village, issues happening in Bharath are also affecting the lives of Hindus in USA. As an example, we can see the caste discrimination law brought to USA along with it is so much of hatred is being spread against Hindus in all parts of the world. All that is coming with taking context of twisted stories ( false narratives ) generated in Bharath. So, to solve the root of the problem we have to build the right narrative in Bharath itself.

The only way we can sustain Hinduism is to protect her roots. Her scriptures, her values, dharma, ethics, morals, tolerance, ahimsa and the concept Vasudaiva Kutumbam are the basis for the survival of the humanity. All our Temples in foreign in USA, Canada, Europe, Australia and other countries must take the lead to protect Bharat. If these roots are pulled out of India, the whole humanity will be in eternal danger.

Also, bigger our community collaborations, better are our chances we have to fight against the global anti Hindu countries ( including many developed countries), anti-big global religions, anti Bharathiya world level corporates such as  NGOs, PACs and so on...

If we don't stop at the root, it will come and bite us. Our thousands of histories teach us that  the disunity, selfishness, revenge against other kings and jealousy have played havoc to dismantle our Hindu country and made us slaves to the other countries.

Yogam (unity) and working together selflessly is the best solution without is the time of the hour.

What can Hindu Temples do in Bharat?

               Let us remember the timeless quotation from Anne Besant: "After a study of some forty years and more of the great religions of the world, I find none so perfect , none so scientific, none so philosophical and none so spiritual that the great religion known by the name of Hinduism. Make no mistake, without Hinduism, India has no future. Hinduism is the soil in to which India's roots are stuck and torn out of that she will inevitably wither as a tree torn out from its place.  And if Hindus do not maintain Hinduism who shall save it?  If India's own children do not cling to her faith who shall guard it. India alone can save India and India and Hinduism are one.”

               If we do not do our part to protect Hindu Dharma, who will do it? If we do not practice, who will do it? If we do not do now, when is the right time. There is no better time than now. Let us start our mission to revive, revitalize and resuscitate Hindu dharma back in India.

               Let us fulfill our dharma (responsibility) to our Mother, Bharata Mata. Let us make her proud to be her worthy children. AS Lord Rama said, Mother and motherland are higher than heaven. 

               There is a saying that one cannot do everything, but one can do something. We may wonder whether we can make any difference in bringing any changes in a seemingly hopeless  situation in Bharat. Let us consider this as a Divine opportunity to serve Bharat and protect her from being strangled and stabbed. Every act will add up and multiply.


Suggested steps to fortify Hindu Dharma in India

Global Hindu Heritage Foundation (GHHF) has been organizing many of these activities in Bharath concentrating mainly at the ground level in villages where there is rampant conversion. GHHF is making these suggestions based on our own experience in the field over the last sixteen years. They are not meant to be exhaustive. You may have even better suggestions. As long as we undertake some activities in Bharat to protect  various aspects Hindu Dharma, we will be doing our dharma and paying our debt to Sanatana Dharma.

Global Hindu Heritage Foundation has been engaged the following these ground level activities:

  1. Ghar Waapasi

Start Ghar Waapasi to bring back those converted Christians back to Hinduism and also making Hindus aware of the forceful conversion and the exploitation of gullible Hindus.

  1. Bala Samskar Kendras (Sunday Schools)

Organizing Bala Samskar Kendras for children to teach them about the richness of Hinduism, its ancient wisdom, customs and traditions, yoga and meditation, importance of Hindu Temples, benefits of Surya Namaskar, etc.; Conduct three days – Saturday, Sunday and one week day)

  1. Revive Grama Devatas

Revive and renovate Grama Devatas and small Temples to meet the religious and spiritual needs of villagers who have a century old tradition of worshipping Grama Devatas.

  1. Distribution of  Puja Kits to Needy Village Temples:

Provide Pooja kits containing Oil, Cotton wicks, earthenware, Rangoli color powders, incense sticks, and other items are distributed to the village Temples. Many Temples in Villages are not in a position to supply them.

  1. Appoint Priests to the needy Village Temples

Appoint them with a regular salary with the condition that villagers should provide the pooja items need for the operation on a daily basis. Priest should spend mutually agreed upon number of hours in the Temple, visit families in the village every day inviting them to the Temple, and organize Bhaja Mandals.

  1. All Religions are same

All Hindus have to be made aware of the differenced among all three major religions. “One book, one God One way” philosophy is not conducive to harmony and peace in the society. GHHF prepared a 60- page book comparing Hindu Dharma and Christian Faith – available in five languages: Telugu, English, Tamil, Kannada and Hindi.

  1. Monitor the structures built without proper permits.

There appears to be a large number of Churches and Mosques are being built with no permission from the proper authorities. Neither the government, political leaders nor religious leaders seem to be concerned.

  1. Gaushalas

Cows being sacred and are equated with mother, we should sustain and protect them from being slaughtered. Support Gaushalas who provide shelter to cows that were protected from slaughter houses and cow mafia; also provide fodder on a monthly basis.

  1. Festivals

Help organize festivals, organize Rangoli competitions, distribute Ganesh Vigrahas during Ganesh Chaturthi, arrange Talambralu to Bhadrari Rama’s wedding,  celebrate Holi,  and others festivals across India.

Dear friends, being a Board Member and/or Executive member of a Hindu Temple in USA, it is time that we realize the plight of Hindu Dharma and recognize the shrinking Hindu population and take appropriate measures to counter the elements that are threatening the very existence of Hinduism in Bharat. These are some of the  concrete steps we can take to protect Hindu dharma.

I am sure that you may have more and better suggestions. Let us do what we think is appropriate to counter the forceful conversion, terrorism, love jihad and deception. It is time to say that all religions are not same. We need to develop the strategies to counter these religious practices, protect our Hindus and make Hindus proud of their culture and take necessary steps to increase Hindu population and  establish Hindu Rashtra. Hindu Temples in USA should take the lead in spearheading this movement and make the dream of establishing Hindu Rashtra a reality.

Hindus do not have a choice. Either they survive or succumb.


               If you are doing any of these activities, we thank you. Otherwise, you may CONTACT us for any clarification, or get involved in any of the proposed concrete actions.

               Your involvement in reviving the Hindu Temples and Hindu Culture, enriching our  youth, sponsoring Priests in the village Temples, supporting Gaushalas, providing Puja kits to the needy Temples, and ground level work would be turning point in India to preserve, and protect Hindu Dharma.

               Your Temple with the Board members approval can get involved as a Temple by sponsoring different activities or if the Temple cannot get involved, individual members can join the movement to safeguard our Bharata Mata.



Dr. Prakasarao Velagapudi PhD.

President, Global Hindu Heritage Foundation

Email:;  601-918-7111


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