[GHHF] Started “Hindu Advocates Forum of Assam” to protect Hindu Heritage and Hindu interests; Encouraging other State Lawyers to form a similar Legal cells to protect Hindu Dharma

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Martin Luther King, Jr.
Law and order exist for the purpose of establishing justice and when they fail in this purpose they become the dangerously structured dams that block the flow of social progress.
Hindu Dharma is going through a critical phase with constant attacks from other religions, continuous denouncing of Hindu Gods and Goddesses, relentless effort to demolish the Hindu Temples,  and ruthless break up of our Vigrahas in the Temples.
               Some of the State governments recklessly diverting Hindu Temple donations to other religions and to the State treasury, appointing known Christians and Muslims to the Hindu Temple Boards, usurping the Hindu Temple lands and distribute to non-Hindu causes, Using Hindu facilities for government interests and engage in sacrilegious activities in Hindu Temples.
               State Governments constantly deny the constitutional right of Hindus to demonstrate, arbitrarily charge Hindus with false accusations, implicate them and put them in jail with false charges, refuse Hindus to file FIRS against other religious people, encourage Christians and Muslims to engage in aggressive missionary work, deny Hindus to celebrate their festivals to accommodate the interests of other religions, neglect to take action against the illegal construction of Churches and Mosques, allow non-Hindus to occupy government lands and build their religious structures, and so on.
            Hindus are in need of Hindu Lawyers who can champion the cause of Hindu dharma and Hindu rights as per the constitution that are being denied by the State governments. As a Hindu, we request Hindu Lawyers to do their dharma to protect the future of the country with their talents, skills and expertise in jurisprudence.
            Please consider forming HINDU ADVOCATES FORUMS in you State.
Hindu Advocates Forum of Assam
                       (Under the umbrella)
      Global Hindu Heritage Foundation (GHHF)


Resolution passed at the meeting of the below mentioned Advocates held on 01.02.2022 at Silchar, Dist- Cachar, Assam.



The undersigned being  all the members  of HINDU ADVOCATES FORUM hereby sign this resolution.


Who we are? Why Hindu Advocates Forum

We are an association of advocates who strive to work for the cause of nation and Hindu Dharma.

Unfortunately, advocates strive for their individual growth and practice, but not for the society. The Hindu Activism needs many lawyers who will fight for the cause of Dharma. Their participation is required as Activist lawyer and not only as a lawyer. Hindu Advocate Forum is an organization of such activist lawyers who want to support the cause of Dharma and the Hindu Activists who are selflessly working for Hindutva.

Hindu Advocate Forum is an organization founded on the principle of sacrifice for the nation and Dharma and to create a legal system of our own based on spiritual science.

Hindu Advocates Forum was formed under the guidance of Sri Prakasarao Velagapudi –President Global Hindu Heritage Foundation and after a long discussion we found it necessary to deal with all illegal Anti Hindu issues in Assam, Advocate Forum is the need of the hour . So on 01.02.2022 we below mentioned advocates came up with a road map to help every Hindus of Assam and will provide legal aid to each and every Hindu to counter the Jihad and Evangelist.


Our Aims and Objectives

In the modern times, advocates have gained importance based on the evidence from the recent past.  Even the freedom fighters included many lawyers including Lokmanya Tilak, Veer Savarkar, Vallabhai Patel, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar etc. Therefore, in the present social scenario,  advocate can be influential. Hindu Advocate Forum wants to establish the laws formulated by experimenting with eternal science of spirituality which are embedded in Sanatana Hindu Dharma.

This can’t be done unless constitutional battles are fought in the Courts and legal agitations on legal points are made on the roads.  Hindu Advocate Forum is for both.

Organize seminars around the State to make Hindus aware of the individual rights as per law and encourage them to protect Hindu Heritage

So, we hereby signed the resolution.


 Name of Advocates

1.      Samrat Dutta – Co-Ordinator Assam
2.      Ratnadeep Paul
3.      Ratnagkur Bahttacherjee
4.      Biswadeep Bhattacharjee
5.      Abhijit Kar
6.      Amitava Dey
7.      Dilip Das
8.      Biswa Baran Baruah
9.      Shekar Das.
A Few Success Stories

1.      Recovered the land from the possession of Land Jihadi Muzibul Hussain Laskar
2.      Won the legal fight for Laxman Das who has been declared BANGLADESHI by Foreigners Tribunal. After our hearing and arguments, she has been declared INDIAN.
3.      Won the legal fight for Geeta Das who has been summoned for proving his citizenship as to INDIAN and not BANGLADESHI by Foreigners Tribunal
4.      Won the legal fight for Dhurva Das who has been summoned for proving his citizenship as to INDIAN and not BANGLADESHI by Foreigners Tribunal
5.      Submitted memorandum for removing of loudspeaker during Azan , eventually after a meeting with Administration Imam Council agreed to not to use loudspeaker two times during Ramzan.
6.      Fought for the BAIL for 5 Hindu youths who have been arrested for assaulting Maulana. After 62 days they were allowed to go on bail.
8.       After the intervention of Hindu Advocate Forum, police released 5 Hindu boys who arrested for vandalism of a CHURCH .
9.      Providing legal aid to two Hindu boys for vandalism of a Mosque.


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