[GHHF] Bala Samskar Kendra Students learned about patriotic Song about the greatness of Hinduism and How to rise up to protect Bharata Mata from the potential perils. 

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Geoffrey Moorhouse; "Religion flourishes here as it does nowhere else. Other lands may surrender themselves totally to a particular faith, but in India most creeds are deeply rooted and acknowledged fervently. Virtually the whole population practices some form of devotion: the Indian without the slightest feeling for the divine, without a spiritual dimension to his life, is exceedingly rare."
Global Hindu Heritage Foundation is extremely happy to recognize the need to preserve and protect the traditions and customs. We feel that it is important to acknowledge the literary contributions of many scholars. These are the scholars who strengthened our culture, morals and ethics creating pride among Hindus.  Bala Samskar students in Andhra Pradesh are taught about a great patriotic song. It says how great Bharat was once, how it was Vishwa Guru for the whole world and it was source of knowledge. The laments about the potential danger to the very existence of the united Bharat, how it being broken up, how it s being attacked and how to rise up to the occasion to protect Bharat.
This song is in Telugu. Teligu speaking people can listen to this song. It is translated into English to enable every Hindu to capture the past and future of Hinduism and how it is being dejected and broken up into pieces.

Abhinava Haindava Sodara
Open your eyes once and witness what is going on around you!
Once up on a time the giant ‘Bhaarata’ country was glorious and shone as a world leader. 
Today that same country is distressed and dejected in the guise of the name India (holding the attributed name ‘India’. )
Today, the gigantic Bhaarata country remains (so much ) disintegrated and shattered!  
Behold our brethren who are so much divided amongst themselves! Alas! unity does not prevail at all!
Our country gave the gift of wisdom to the entire world
The very same nation today is regretting that Her own children are robbed off of (their) knowledge! 
Self-respect, esteem and notion (strength) of unity depleted in this day and age ! 
Today Hindu brothers are paralyzed, inactive, laid-back, unable to demonstrate any valor, and they lost all hope  
Average person in the  society is compromising on their own values and principles prioritizing their own gratification, selfishness and also craving for power, rank and positions
Justice, righteousness, truth and non-violence have lost their core and roots of existence
The path of awakening and wisdom talk (of righteous value system) has thorns of attacks from the society. Vicious, poisonous and polluting seeds of thought and action are deeply rooted like strong weed.
In this manner, the sacred Hindu race which had such a glorious past, decayed and degraded. It is now on the brim of peril.
Do you hear the cacophony of noises indicating approach of a gigantic wave of disintegration that is ripping the Hindu race of apart? It is high time that we need to unite the Hindu nation! Wake up!
Let us all unite and work relentlessly to bring back the might, greatness and highest glory of Hindu race that is now in a pitiable befallen state of deprivation and downfall from virtue.
We must rise (above) like a tsunami and show the whole world the power of insurmountable victory of AkhanDa Bhaarata (United Bhaarata nation)!
In order to achieve that sacred objective one must surrender everything they have (and fight ferociously day and night till the goal is reached) !!!
In Telugu:
అభినవ హైందవ సోదరా కనులు తెరచి ఒకసారి చూడరా  || అభినవ ||
విశ్వగురువుగా విలసిల్లినది విశాల భారతమొకనాడూ
భావదాస్యమున మ్రగ్గుచున్నది ఇండియా పేర ఈనాడూ
ముక్కలు చెక్కలుగా చీలినది విశాలభారత మీనాడూ
ఎవరికివారై విడిపోయిన మన అన్నదమ్ములను చూడు || అభినవ ||
లోకమంతటికి జ్ఞాన భిక్షను ప్రసాదించినది ఆనాడూ
తన బిడ్డలలో జ్ఞానలేమిగని విలపించుతోంది ఈనాడూ
స్వాభిమానమూ సమైక్య భావము లోపించినవీ ఈనాడూ
నిస్తబ్దత నిర్వీర్యత నిరాశ నెలకోన్నవిలే ఈనాడూ  || అభినవ ||
వ్యక్తీ స్వార్థము పదవీమోహము సమాజమున చెలరేగినవి
న్యాయం ధర్మం సత్యాహింసలు స్వరూపమును కోల్పోయినవి
ధర్మప్రబోధం కంటకమాయే విష బీజాలే పాతుకుపోయే
పవిత్రజాతికి పతనము మొదలిడి పరాకాష్టకై పరుగిడుచుండే  || అభినవ ||
విఘటన కెరయై చీలిన జాతిని సంఘటనమ్మున కలుపవలె
పతనము చెందిన హైందవ జాతి పరమ వైభవము పొందవలె
అఖండ భారత అజేయ శక్తిని ప్రపంచానికే చూపవలె
ఆ పవిత్ర ధ్యేయము సాధించుటకై సర్వస్వార్పణ  సలుపవలె  || అభినవ
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