[GHHF] Spoke about the importance of Grass Roots effort to revive Hinduism for the survival of Humanity at Non-Profit Organizations meeting in Sterling, VA.

10 May 2023 441 Views

Lead America Foundation, under the leadership og Sri Rajesh Gooty, arranged a meeting of Non-prfit organizations ti exchange their efforts to buttress Bharata Mata in different ways in Sterling Virginia.  Global Hindu Heritage Foundation was invited to speak about the importance of grass root efforts to avert the impending danger.
Hindu House is on fire. Our lives are in danger, our values are in peril, and our future is bleak. When our house is on fire, we need to take every step to extinguish the flames to stop the spread of fire. We have to temporarily pause all our activities. We have to prioritize our actions and our efforts. Unless we put out the fires first, they will spread not only to Andhra but all the states in India. Hinduism is under siege! It is being ambushed by different groups – Hindus, Christians, Muslims, Media, Secularists, Communists, Politicians, and movie fields. Hindu leaders are being killed every day with no recourse. Our Swamiji’s and Peethadhipathis are smeared openly in the media with false charges and systematically eliminated some of them and silenced them with false charges and propaganda. Hindus must wake up and engage in stopping the erosion of the Hindu population and expanding the Hindu base.
Many Hindus have been spending their energy and resources on several things that benefit themselves and to some extent expand their intellectual and spiritual base. Unfortunately, their activities have not resulted either in stopping the conversion of Hindus to Christianity or in bringing back to Hinduism those who were converted. Their efforts have not reached the ground level. Let us look at how spend our time and why we have to prioritize.
Either we call it open mindedness, secularism, atheism, a disease, universal philosophy, It is only Hindus who start all kinds national and regional associations instead of starting Hindu organizations. You never see other religious people starting these kinds of organizations to promote togetherness and equality. The main two religions would not respect Hinduism and openly talk about the demise of Hinduism. Our Hindus close their minds and eyes and talk about universal brotherhood and equality. No national organization like India Associations do not for the promotion and promotion of Hinduism. 
We have been writing so many books on various subjects for so many centuries to benefit a small percentage of the population, giving lectures, discussing endlessly, suggesting many solutions without taking any concrete action to expand our Hindu base. 
None of our activities appear to make any difference in retaining the Hindu population. We have to pause our activities, prioritize, and divert our energies to stop the conversion of Hindus by Christians and engage in Ghar Waapasi to welcome the converted back to Hinduism. Christians are snatching Hindus daily. Hindus have not woken up to the reality. Christians, Muslims, Hindu politicians, secularists, liberal media, and social media appear to conspire to see the extinction of Hinduism for their selfishness. Their power, their wealth, and their fame are more important than the preservation and protection of their faith. They are competing to get the favors of these other religions at the expense of their mother.
The Hindu population at the time of Independence was 90% and in 2020, it is approximately 74 %. The Muslim population was 8% in 1947 while it is about 22 % at present. Christian population increased from 2% to 4 % during the same period. But in Andhra Pradesh, it increased from 1.3 % in 2011 to 18 % in 2020 officially. The unofficial number of the Christian population in Andhra is about 30 %. Converted Christians were supposed to hide their faith as directed by the Christian pastors.

As children of Bharata Mata, It is our responsibility to protect our motherland.  We all should remember what Lord Rama said: "Mother and motherland are superior to Heaven."
 For him, the motherland of Ayodhya is the greatest heaven for him and no other can surpass it. He subtly states to everybody that veneration for the motherland is to be given the first priority above all.”
We are our own enemies – addiction to money, name, fame, and position is stabbing our own mother. Selfishness has no boundaries, no limits, and no restrictions.
It is the only religion where her own children malign her, demean her, stab her, suffocate her, and strangle her not because she did not provide her or fed her children with knowledge, wisdom, science, and spirituality, it is simply for the sake of sensate desires, temporal needs, insane thrust for money.
There are more Hinduoids than Hindus. Hinduoids are the ones who pretend that they are Hindus, go to the Temples, attend Hindu functions, apply Tilak on their forehead, do all samskaras, do Bhumi Pujas, Housewarming ceremonies, etc., but blood is filled with hatred and lead double life – pretend to be Hindus but practice other faiths.
Then we showed the slide showing our activities over the last 3 years and requested everyone to pull up their sleeves and get involved. If we do not collectively work together the impending danger,  days for Hindus are numbered.
1)      Provide Annadana for more than 1.5 laks people
2)      Employed 26 Pracharaks and who welcomed back about 9,000 Christians back to Hinduism,
3)      Started 200 Bala Samskar Kendras in six States – Assam. Andhra. Telangana, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Madhya Pradesh. Teach the children about the richness of our culture.
4)      Revive Grana Devata culture by renovating the Temple, providing Vigrahas, and performing Prana Pratishta.
5)      Sponsor a Priest program is initiated where the priests are employed to open the Temples and revive Temple culture.
6)      Dhupa Deepa Naivedam program to provide Puja Kits to needy Temples.
The program lasted more than two hours with many questions and discussions.
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