[GHHF] New Karya Siddhi Hanuman Temple was inaugurated in Canada by Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji

05 Jul 2022 598 Views

On July 4th, Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji went to Yagasala where three days of rituals were performed the rituals were conducted as per ancient Vedic knowledge and Agama Shastras – sometimes referred to as Nigama and agama tradition respectively. The word Agama means the tradition which is coming from times immemorial. Agama scriptures give detailed accounts of Murthy/Idol/ Image worship, Temple Construction, and Vigraha Installation. The Agama texts clearly explain why we have to do the rituals.  The concept behind installing the Deities is to enshrine the cosmic energy (Jagatvyapta Shakti) in the Idols. Following Maha Arthi, all the Kalasa were taken to the Temple from Yagasala and Sri Swamiji performed Abhishekam to all the deities - Lord Hanuman, Dattatreya, Angaha Mata, Shiva Linga, Ganapathy, Subrahmanya, Durga Mata, Ram Parivaram and Nava Grahas

Kumbhabhishekam means transferring the power generated during the ritualistic performance of Homas that was captured into the Kalasas onto the Kumbha which is denoted as Shikhar or Head or Crown of the Gopuram. Prior to this, all the Yantras were placed appropriately in each temple, and vigrahas are ritualistically installed in their appropriate temples following chanting of sacred mantras to purify the officiating priests, the place where Homas are conducted, nearby places and the cosmos.
Then the Prana is infused into these presiding Murthys. Murthys remain material objects or figures until they are infused with life principles. Only then, the image is transformed into a living Deity to be worshipped and revered.  Just before the “Praana Pratishta,” the following mantra is chanted to imply the transfer of prana: “Svaatma-samstham ajam suddham twaa-madhya Parameswara Aranyaa-miva havyaasam moortau aavaahayaam-yaham” “Oh Lord of the world, you are unborn and pure; Thou art in my heart; I invoke you in my concentration even as fire in wood comes out by friction.”


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