[GHHF] Nearly 4,000 thirsty devotees were served Buttermilk at Akkamamba Jatara (Fair) to relieve the scorching sun.

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"As the Indian sages pondered on the problem of good and evil, they were confronted with the apparent injustices and cruelties of the world around them, and this state of affairs was finally reconciled with their idea of Brahman by the conception of a universal ethical law applying to all life. This law as proclaimed as the law of karma. In the words of the Upanishads, "As is a man's desire so is his will, and as is his will so is his deed, and whatever deed he does that he will reap." Gertrude Emerson Sen
Global Hindu Heritage Foundation has been at the forefront of doing Annadanam and engaged in charity work for years. During the Pandemic in 2020, GHHF served more than 200,000 meals to the needy in Andhra Pradesh. During floods in Assam, Andhra Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu, GHHF provided meals to the needy by carrying food packets on boats to reach the remote villages. In the USA, we also partnered with other organizations to provide meals to the First Responders in the Dallas metropolitan area by visiting Police Stations, Fire Stations, and many Hospital staff. 
Akkamamba Jatara (Fair)
Akkamamba fair was held on Ugadi day on a grand scale this year at Vela Akka Mamba Temple in Kalyandurg Temple. Devotees come in large numbers and participate in the service of the Goddess. Every year, the devotees fast with great faith and go to and go to Akkamamba Hill with Bonas, offering themselves in the presence of Ammavaru. It is firmly believed that if they do this, their wishes will be fulfilled, and happiness will be bestowed in the house. Many devotees climb the steps up the hill and perform special puja at koneru (Lake). If a childless couple climbs and performs puja, it is believed to have their wish fulfilled. On this occasion of the fair, the whole area turns into a festival with thousands of people. It is a feast for the eyes to see. Devotees sometimes line up to see the Goddess from morning until night.
Nearly 4,000 devotees served Buttermilk.
Global Hindu Heritage Foundation has provided Buttermilk for the devotees who would be waiting in the scorching sun to satiate their thirst. As this happens to be summer, providing even water for the devotees is very hard. Thus, our Pracharaks decided to arrange Buttermilk and water for these devotees. Many people come from the surrounding villages to offer drinks and darshan to the Goddess. As it is summertime, devotees struggle to drink water due to the sun's heat.
    Our Pracharaks Sri Gopi Swamy, Arjuna, Anil Kumar, Hanumanth, Ravi, and other volunteers acquired 50 liters of curd and 8 drums of filtered water and mixed them to make buttermilk. More than plastic glasses were also purchased to provide the drink to the devotees. The devotees were very appreciative of GHHF for providing buttermilk and water.
Dana means giving, and Sewa means selfless service. In Hinduism, charity is about helping others without expecting something in return and because it is the right thing to do.

Global Hindu Heritage Foundation realized the need to quench the thirst of the people attending the function, so it decided to provide water and buttermilk. We prepared a big banner and posted it at a particular location for visibility, enabling people to take the opportunity to have buttermilk and water. 
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