GHHF Delivered Keynote Speach at Hindu Mandir Executive Conference in Cincinnati, OH on September 17.

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A three day  conference was organized by HMEC  for three days - September 16 thru 18 in Cincinnati. This is the 15 Conference to discuss about efforts of different Mandir are making in order to protect, preserve and promote Hinduism.  Nearly 150 representatives attended and shared their efforts in USA, India, Caribbean countries, canada and other countries .
In his Keynote speech Dr Prakasarao Velagapudi mentioned that Hindu house is on fire. Every Hindu should look at what is happening in Bharat. The roots of Hinduism are being pulled out in front of our own eyes. Unless we all work together to nourish the roots, our survival is at stake. 

He said, Sanatana Dharma is our mother. She is being attacked, stabbed and suffocated. Can we afford sit quiet and become spectators without protecting her.  It is everybody’s responsibility to protect her and encounter all the efforts to malign her.

In fact, he said that we all need to pause all our activities to extinguish the fire.  We have been writing books for centuries, discussing endlessly, making suggestions for so many years, and became very active in social media.  If we are doing all these things, why our population is declining while other religions opulation is increasing? That means, there is disconnect between what we are doing and what is happening on the ground level.

Hence, Global Hindu Heritage Foundation started three programs in the villages in India in five different states- Andhra, Assam, Telangana, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu.
GHHF has 26 Pracharaks in these five States conducting Ghar Waapasi. About 7,000 Christians were reconverted to Hinduism.
Second, in order to protect our children, we started Bala Samskar Kendras- Sunday schools- to teach about the richness of Hinduism and also to protect them from Christian plots to lure them to Churches. We have 150 schools enriching our children.

Thirdly, we are also renovating Grama Devata Temples in villages to ensure that culture thrives and the villagers will be able to worship their village Goddesses.
 Dr Prakasarao requested everybody to join our efforts to protect our Mother. 

Ohio state Senator Hon. Neeraj Antani also spoke.
He said he the only politicians who would publicly say that he is a Hindu. He would not stand for for any hateful comments on Hinduism. He is the one who was able to cancel the Dismantling Global Hinduism conference cancelled and requested many Universities to remove their university logo from the conference.
A prominent American State Senator has strongly condemned hosting of the ‘Dismantling Global Hindutva’ conference and described it as an anti-Hindu gathering as several universities asked the organisers to remove their logos from the site of the event which has generated outrage among Hindu Americans.

“This conference represents a disgusting attack on Hindus across the United States, and we must all condemn this as nothing more than racism and bigotry against Hindus. I will always stand strong against Hinduphobia,” Ohio State Senator Niraj Antani said in a statement.

Also representatives from Brahma Kumari’s, HSS, VHP and Temples who sponsored the conference spoke about their activities.

GHHF wants to congratulate all the organizer for spending innumerable hours for planning, coordinating and executing the Conference. 

Kudos to all the organizers and Sponsors.


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