[GHHF] Mega Membership Dive at Assam-Manipur Border; Appointed 11 Team leaders to look after Tea Garden areas, and initiated Women’s Group, Tejaswini, with 100 members.

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"The faith which the Hindus had in their religion never wavered even in its worst days. It has had waxings and wanings which has kept the balance even." " In judging the vitality of Hinduism the point should be emphasized that it has maintained itself through the ages and enforced obedience to itself without support from any kind of organization, secular or spiritual." Nirad C. Chaudhuri (1897-1999)
Mega Membership drive and public contact Campaign 
As part of our Jan Sampark Abhiyan i.e. Public Contact campaign, Sri Samrat Dutt, Member of Board of Director of GHHF, spent one and half days with the Hindus of Assam Manipur border.
During his stay at the Border, he met several likeminded Hindus and spent many hours with them. Many people gathered unannounced to see him and hear about Global Hindu Heritage Foundation. They said that nobody came to their villages to about protecting Hindu Dharma hear their concerns about the aggressive nature of other religions. 
Sri Samrat talked to different groups at different times and explained about the mission of GHHF. Following these meetings organized appointed 11 team leaders who will look after 11 tea tribe Garden of that locality. 100 women joined Tejaswini. He says, “It was definitely a visit which I will remember for years as I stayed there in the house of our GHHF worker. We discussed so many issues. Our Seva work during Manipur riot created a good image of GHHF and through this membership drive we reached more than 20 places of this vast area.”
Fifty youths joined GHHF in a meeting arranged by one of the team leaders who was appointed during his visit on 17th. Next day in another place one temple committee arranged a meeting to start one Bala Samskar in their village. After my return to Silchar newly appointed workers organized these meetings and started working on various local Hindu issues. These team leaders are very excited to take responsibility to reach as many Hindus as possible and encourage villagers to participate in this Unity drive and express their concerns so that we may be able to address them in an open discussion instead put them under the rug. 
    GHHF gives them encouragement to get involved in the community activities, share the richness of Sanatana Dharma, create pride in their culture and  protect our children. We requested them to keep an eye on the missionary activities in these villages. We also shared information about Love Jihad and Tejaswini group has taken responsibility to educate our families to make sure our Hindu girls are protected from love Jihad attempts.
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