[GHHF] Love Jihad – Our Pracharak went to two colleges and talked about the deceptive tactics Muslims Boys use to trap Hindu Girls, convert, torture and even kill them.

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"But, once the sacred months have passed, kill the polytheists wherever you find them, capture them, besiege them, and lie in wait for them on every way. But if they repent, perform prayers, and pay alms-tax, then sent them free. Indeed, Allah (God) is all-forgiving, most merciful." (Quran 9:5)
Global Hindu Heritage Foundation is trying to educate Hindu girls about Love Jihad where Muslim Boys trap the Hindu girls, marry them, convert the, force them to accept their customs, abuse them, rape them, allow them to be gangraped, and torture them and even kill them. Our Pracharak went to two Colleges and talked to Hindu girls and requested them to be aware of dangers of Love Jihad. 
The Qur'an promises an eternal life in the heaven of Allah (including 72 virgins) for Muslims who convert a Kafir to Islam. Non-Muslim women who go for love jihad marriages are made to embrace Islam. Their children of course will be Muslims.
The Muslim leaders and parents encourage their sons to hook and marry Hindu girls so that they can boost the Islamic population of India. Many Muslim organizations funded by the Arabs reward such men with money, gold, land and jobs in the gulf.
It is common for Muslim men (often married with children) to pretend to be Hindus and marry unsuspecting non-Muslim girls. They promptly impregnate the girl. By the time the girl knows the truth, she is officially married and holding a baby. No one will now accept them especially if defiled by a Muslim and saddled with Muslim children. They have no option but embrace Islam and continue their marriage.
It is very, very, common for Muslim men to lie, lie and lie about their background, education, occupation, wealth etc. that would greatly enhance their desirability. The Muslim community especially the parents and the extended family of the guy fully support and enable such fraud. Many poor and middle class non-Muslim girls seeking a better life fall prey to such perfidy.
The golden rule for all non-Muslim girls: do not go for love jihad relationships and marriage. It will always result in a life of severe misery or murder.
Our Pracharak gave many examples of how Hindu girls were trapped. He mentioned about The Kerala Story movie that narrated the horrific experience of four Hindu Girls. Also talked about Nirmal Kaur, a 1983 batch IPS officer who retired as DGP in Jharkhand said that Muslim men deliberately entrap Hindu girls, and they get huge funds for this purpose. She said that the Muslim men who kidnap Hindu girls are also provided with all the required legal support by their community.
Kaur stated her opinion while she was speaking during NDTV prime time debate on November 14. “The persons executing the entrapment of Hindu women are provided with motorcycles or heavy monetary assistance. These people are also provided with all the required legal assistance. Many similar cases are emerging these days. In a way, this is being supported by their sub-culture. Their community has started accepting and making their people believe that woman has no feelings, and no value in society. They see her as an object,” she said.
Kaur who was in the Bureau of Police Research and Development (BPRD) till 2016 also said that these kinds of acts are usually executed by psychopaths who have no guilty feelings at all. “In the current case, I’ve seen some visuals of the accused and it broadly appears that he is not a psychopath but is highly influenced by their sub-culture where Hindu women or women, in particular, are seen as an object,” she noted.
She meanwhile also referred to the Jharkhand murder case where a minor girl was burnt alive by the accused named Shahrukh in Dumka and said that it was also a similar case. She further reiterated that the Muslim sub-culture supports these kinds of acts, and their culture is quite widespread. She also said that Muslim boys were deliberately entrapping Hindu women and were being provided with monetary assistance for luring Hindu women. (From 21.08 to 26.05 in the video).
Nature of present-day Islam- Modern Imams teach that Islam is all about conversion. They teach that this is the only way to reach truth and thus one should convert others to Islam. Even many scholars agree with this idea because according to them we have only one chance to understand God. If we lose that chance then we'll be eternally dumped into hell. Thus, we can find many Muslims trying to teach their ideology thinking that they're doing a great service to humanity. 
Lack of proper Vedic understanding- Due to lack of proper understanding about Vedas and Sanatana Dharma among the Hindus, people do not know that they have a clear-cut path for liberation. Muslim friends keep an eye on the level of knowledge about Hinduism. Hindu girls with lack of knowledge are the easiest targets to manipulate, make them inferior and criticize Hindu scriptures. Hindu girls are not in a position to defend their religion.  Thus, when someone else tells them about a way to great afterlife they generally get attracted towards it. This is more probable when that 'someone' is someone close, especially your lover. 
How to protect yourself:
1.    Try to understand your religion first- This is important because someone with improper understanding is prone to be converted at best and radicalized at worst. There have been instances of Indians trying to join ISIS due to radicalization. Thus, the best medicine is to understand your religion first.
2.    Try not to be liberal thinking that all religions are same and that we should not talk about Quran and what it says. Learn from Muslim girls don't even think of marry non-Muslim men. They are not liberal in thinking that all religions are same.  
3.    If someone gets converted, then don't shun them- Shunning strengthens the belief that I am right and hence I am now being ignored. It is better to try to understand the other person and find a common ground for peaceful coexistence. This also reduces the possibility of radicalization and doesn't lead to breaking of relationship with our near and dear ones.
4.    Don't try to convert deliberately- If someone is interested in your way of life then they'll become curious about it. Now it is up to them whether to follow it or not. Deliberate conversion is also bad for relationships, as while doing so you've gained a follower not a lover.
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