[GHHF] Bala Sanskar Kendras in Tamil Nadu organized an Amazing 10-Day Summer camp for Students.

14 May 2023 515 Views

Dr. Ananda K Coomaraswamy
"....We must, however, specially mention the Bhagavad Gita as probably the most important single work ever produced in India; this book of eighteen chapters is not, as it has been sometimes called, a "sectarian " work, but one universally studied and often repeated daily from memory by millions of Indians of all persuasions; it may be described as a compendium of the whole Vedic doctrine
Global Hindu Heritage Foundation is very happy to announce that the children of Chengalpattu district, under the able guidance of Karyakartha Mrs. Jayalakshmi, had a 10 day fun summer camp April 26-May 5th in and around Koovathur village. It was enthusiastically attended everyday by over 115 children and they loved every bit of it. In preparation for conducting this summer camp, all GHHF 4 teachers in this district went through a 1 day intense teachers training camp conducted by local RSS wing, a month prior to the camp. Teachers were taught specific set of topics to teach children every day that included Shlokas, Yoga asanas, important tenets of Hinduism like Murthi worship, parents worship, patriotic songs and engaging games.
GHHF would like to congratulate Sri Sridhar Mutrasanallur, who is a Board member to coordinate all activities in Tamil Nadu.
After going through the training, the teachers planned it such that each day a different temple in that area was used conducting the camp. Many children and even some teachers did not know that there were that many temples in their own neighborhood. They had carefully planned the agenda so its very engaging for the children. Children across all our centers and a few more additional children, gathered together in a single place everyday for the camp and that increased the fun level. Children enthusiastically recited Tamil and Sanskrit shlokas, patriotic songs Yoga poses and the games. They were treated to a yummy snack every day that Jayalaksmi ji had arranged. Some pictures of the camp are attached.
As a grand finale, on the 11th day, children went to the famous Sakthi temple at Acharapakkam on the outskirts of Chengalpattu district and to the popular animal zoo at Vandaloor, Chennai. Children thoroughly enjoyed this outing on the last day with lots of song and dance inside the bus. Many are visiting a zoo for the very first time in their life and they lapped it up enthusiastically. By the time they came back to their village it was late in the evening and children were tired but very happy that this all happened.
Would like to immensely thank our leader Mrs. Jayalakshmi ji who worked tirelessly over last 2 months to meticulously plan all the Summer camp and the children outing. Without her this would not have been possible.
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