GHHF Karthik Deepam offered on Yogula Parvatham (Mountain of Yogis) near Tirupati

01 Dec 2020 1678 Views

“In religion all other countries are paupers; India is the only millionaire." When traveling through India, he had exclaimed that though a week had only seven days, Indians seemed to celebrate eight festivals every week.” Mark Twain

It is believed that many Yogis (Saints) do meditation on this mountain for many centuries.  We do not get to see them. It is exceedingly difficult to reach the mountain as there is no thoroughfare. People have to trek for close to four hours even though the height may be about two kilometers. They have to go round and round to reach as the way is filled with rocks, thorns, and shrubs. Very few people know about the Yogula Parvatham to visit.

               This year about 2000 people braved the arduous task of climbing the mountain to witness the Karthik Deepam similar to Arunachala. It took as much as 4 hours to reach the mountain to have darshan of Lord Shiva and Deepam.

               Global Hindu Heritage Foundation participated to make the function successful. Our Associates K Reddappa and K Subbanna in Tirupati spent considerable time to help transport oil cans, Rice bags, Ghee bottles, Vegetables, spices, pooja items, a large Drum used as pramida, and water. GHHF/ Savetemples office distributed energy water for the people who were climbing the hill. Helped in arranging the meals for the people who went to witness the Karthik Deepam.


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