[GHHF] Islamic University Existence was first exposed on September 13, 2013; Now AP High Courts orders the Demolition of Seven Storied Building

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Global Hindu Heritage Foundation was the first one to reveal the existence of Islamic University and published (10) ten pictures in our website. With the help of Sri Subramanya Yadav we were able to investigate the area and took several pictures of the upcoming Islamic University, Later S V S  Prabhakar, Swami Paripoornananda Swamiji, Ghazal Srinivas, Bhanu Prakash Reddy  and many organizations and Devotees of Balaji joined the movement and demanded the removal of the illegal structure, A Special Committee also investigated and asked for the removal of the Islamic University. The Collector ordered the demolition of the Islamic University which was contested by Heera Islamic University. 
    Please read the history of the negligence of TUDA (Tirupati Urban Development), and Chandragiri village. The officials of these offices must be accountable and should take appropriate legal action to punish them and made accountable for their open negligence, The huge structure was coming in front of their eyes, they decided to look the other way. Unless and until these officials are accountable, these illegal structures will be constructed. First these officials must be taken to court and make them pay for total negligence. 
    The case was filed by Thumma Omkar to implement the law which require the State to demolish the illegal structure, AP High court decreed that “the official respondents are under a duty and obligation to get these encroachments removed at once. In fact, when the duty is cast on them, they are not expected to wait for a call from the citizenry like petitioners… the official respondents are at the liberty and empowered to remove them, without issuing prior notice.”
  Please read our first reporting of the coming up of Islamic University with Pictures.
September 13, 2013
November 22, 2013
December 3, 2013
February 3, 2014

High Court Order
January 7, 2022


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