[GHHF] Gharwapsi in Assam – A Four-Member Muslim family Embraced Hinduism – We extended accommodation, legal and financial help; Also Helped secure a Job.

13 May 2024 1234 Views

Global Hindu Heritage Foundation is very happy to announce that a Four-member Muslim family approached Sri Samrat Dutt, the Board of Director of GHHF, and an attorney to help the family to convert to Hinduism. Samratji immediately taken up the case, provided legal help and an Affidavit was prepared to ensure their conversion as per law.
    GHHF helped the family with accommodation for three months and found him a job in Ice factory. Now they are living independently. 
Following is the summary of the statement sent by Sri Samrat Dutt:
“Muslim lady Rumi Begum Laskar embraced Hinduism with her three children at village Gosaipur, Assam. Some legal formalities are yet to be done as Muslims after knowing about this Gharwapsi pressuring her to return to Islam. Although we take care of the family and provide all support as required. One year back when they decided to embrace Hinduism, they contacted other organizations but unfortunately, they couldn't finish the legal process. Last week this family contacted me and now I have taken responsibility for this family. GHHF has extended all legal, financial, and other support to this family.”
The Story Behind Conversion
Yasin Sultan Barbhuiya was born as a Hindu. Due to extraordinary circumstance, he was adopted by a Muslim family and raised as a Muslim. Still, he could not shake off his Hindu roots. Always remember his past and practiced Hinduism internally without revealing it to the adopted family. Then he married a Muslim lady and had two children. Wife slowly came to know about her Husband’s Hindu background and started knowing more about Sanatana Dharma. 
In the Affidavit, Rumi Begum Laskar mentioned that she is a mother of two children. She indicated in the Affidavit that “I have been influenced by the teachings and preachings and customs (Sanatana Hindu Dharma). I have been practicing Hindu way of life since after came and contact with my husband Dipak Chowhan and now I feel I should leave Islam legally along with my children and thus adopted Hinduism, we shall be leading our life as Hindu persons, and we shall be remained as Hindu having full faith in Hindu Religion.”
Names Changed
They also changed their names legally as follows: Rum Begum Laskar as Dipika Chowhan, Yasin Sultana Barbhuya as Dipak Chowhan, Pompi Begum Laskar as Dipti Chowhan, and Intaj Hussain Laskar as Dipu Chowhan.
Applied for New Adhar Card, Pan Card, and Voter Card.
Our Board member Sri Samrat Dutt helped them to surrender their Adhar Cards, Pan Cards, and Voter Cards. Now he helped them to apply for new cars. 
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