[GHHF] Ghar Waapasi in Anantapur AP – Performed Shiva Parvati Kalyanam with pomp and gaiety  and about 25 Ex-Christians attend the wedding

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V Sundaram
"All the Roman Catholics have their own nations. All the Protestant Christians have their own nations. All the Muslims have their own nations. The Hindus have been the primordial citizens of Akhand Bharat from the beginning of pre-history and they cannot be denied a spiritual and physical space of their own in their own native land. The saddest part of the story is that the dastardly policy of pseudo-secularism has made all the peace-loving Hindus neglected, sidelined and discarded refugees in their own native land."
Global Hindu Heritage Foundation is extremely happy to inform the consistent and persistent at tempts to organize Ghar Waapasi in Anantapur town in AP. Sri Gopi Chary Garu from Anantapur and his associated visit the villages on a daily basis to update the activities and impress upon the glory of Hinduism to Hindu community and also to the Christian families.
 Sri Gopi Chary is a priest and manages two Temples in Kalynadurg near Anantapur, he performs daily pujas, Homas and also Abhishekams. On festivals, he conducts many pujas get many of the villagers involved and he will make sure all the villagers attend the festivals so that Hindu festivals are preserved. 
On Shiva Ratri Day, GHHF was very happy to organize a major festival. Shiva Parvati Kalyanam was performed for the welfare of the society. Almost all the villagers and about 25 ex-Christians also attended the Kalyanam.
Shiva Parvati Kalyanam
Shiva Parvati Kalyanam is the marriage ceremony of the divine couple. Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. As per the legend, Lord Vishnu performed Kalyna Daanam of Parvati  to Lord Shiva.
As per one legend that Parvati fell in love with Shiva and try to find a wat to marry him. She used to keep thinking of him all the time. She talked to Narada that Shiva is pleased with Tapasy only. She decided to do Tapasya by taking permission from her parents.  She gave up all her jewelry, and handsome clothes. She wore deer skin and went to Himalayas and started doing tapasya. Shiva adopted the form of an old Brahmin and went to Parvati’s hermitage. He wanted to test her devotion and started insulting Shiva by saying that Shiva is stupid fellow. He has three eyes and five faces. He smears his body with ashes and wears snokes as ornaments. He wears no clothes and  lives in the forest. I think you are making a big mistake by thinking of marrying him. 
    The old Brahmins words infuriated Parvati. She said that you are stupid and you do not know who Lord Shiva is. He is Lord of everything. She could not bear his insults. She decided to leave him alone and decided to depart from the hermit. When she was about to depart, Shiva adopted his own form and said where are you planning to go. I thought you wanted to meet me and why you are forsaking me. She was surprised and marriage was done as per the rituals
During Mahashivaratri, the Kalyanam or the wedding ceremony of Lord Shiva and Devi Parvati are organised in many temples and sacred spaces, the Vedic marriage mantras recited during the rituals generate a spiritual experience of that union. Why is it so important to understand this union? Because creation and birth of all matter, space and time in which you as life were born like the rest of this universe was an outcome of this union. Even now all living beings are wakeful and experiencing this world only because these energies are still in union within your body, but you are not conscious about it. Mahashivaratri is an auspicious time, where spiritual activities such as pujas and meditation done during this kaala with devotion, can make one or take closer to experience the boundless cosmic union of Lord Shiva and Mother Parashakti, which is known as Ardhanari or Ardhanarishvara.
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