GHHF Case filed in Court against Police brutality inflicted on Hindus

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Ever since the religion of Islam appeared in the world, the espousers of it…have been as wolves and tigers to all other nations, rending and tearing all that fell into their merciless paws, and grinding them with their iron teeth; that numberless cities are raised from the foundation, and only their name remaining; that many countries, which were once as the garden of God, are now a desolate wilderness; and that so many once numerous and powerful nations are vanished from the earth! Such was, and is at this day, the rage, the fury, the revenge, of these destroyers of human kind.” John Wesley

As we start celebrating the Hanuman Jayanti across the globe, let us remember the incident that happened on April 8, 2012 at Hanuman Temple in Hyderabad and how Hindu youth were falsely accused, arrested, imprisoned and tortured. There is no limit to the Muslim appeasement by the current government. It would sacrifice the Hindus at the jaws of Muslim terrorism and is either wittingly or unwittingly paving the way for theinstitution of Islamic country in Bharat. We have all these politicians who have no knowledge of atrocities committed against Hindus for nearly 13 centuries, who refuseto learn from the history, who refuse to negate the bloodiest Islamic rule in India, and who are committing the entire India to the Muslims who have vowed to make India an Islamic nation by ruthless rule. Most of the politicians are suffering from Muslim atrocities denial syndrome (MADS). They plug their ears, close their eyes, shut their mouths and numb their brain when it comes to recognize the Muslim atrocities and bombings inflicted on Hindus.

Hindus are being treated as second-class citizens as if they do not have any freedom to exercise, no rights to execute, no liberty to celebrate their festivals, and no rightful opportunity even to complain about the atrocities committed against them by Muslims and Christians. Muslims as well as the present government are targeting Hindus in Hyderabad areaby denying their fundamental rights to live in peace, and live without fear, anxiety, panic and hatred. The present government and Police departments have joined hands to insult and deny Hindus their right to conduct their activities peacefully. Survival of the government depends on the vote bank politics. Muslims have totally dominated, manipulated and controlled the government. Their support is crucial for the survival of the government. At the wink of Muslim complaint, the government would ban the ringing of the bells in Hindu Temples, ban the Maha Aarthi, deny Hindus to conduct their festivals, impose curfew on festival days denying Hindus to visit their places of worship, refuse permission to go on to the streets where there are Mosques, and falsely accuse Hindus for inciting hatred in the community.

Following the grand success of Sri Rama Navami celebrations and Lord Hanuman Jayanti in Hyderabad in 2012, and in order to please the hateful Akbaruddin Owaisi, whose denigration of Hindu festivals, belittling the Gods and Goddesses of Hindus, demanded the ban of Hindu festivals. Muslim community members who hate Hindus and who want to make India an Islamic country cooked up a plan to create tension in Hyderabad. On April 8, 2012, they threw two legs of cow into Hanuman Temple and splashed green water against the Temple walls. Instead of apprehending the culprits, the police department falsely accused four Hindus, imprisoned them and inflicted severe injuries by beating them for five days.

Please read the entire story of the incident, how Hindu youth were implicated, arrested and tortured. Please click on the link:

As we celebrate Hanuman Jayanti across India and many countries across the globe, let us remember the Hindus who are sacrificing their lives to protect Hindu way of life so that the rest of Hindus can enjoy the freedom of living in peace.

There is an adage that you rob the Peter to pay to the Paul. Once you start paying to others, they expect you to pay more and more. Also you depend more and more on them for their support, appreciation, and backing during the hour of the need. The government robs all the resources from Hindusand pays the Muslims for their favor, votes, support and even survival. Once you try to please them, it never ceases. It is contagious. It is a vicious cycle. You cannot break it. Once you start receiving with no effort, it becomes a habit. To sustain vote bank politics from Muslims, the government heeds to the demands of the Muslims, however unrealistic they may be. Government would turn it’s blind eye to all the Muslim atrocities, increasethe minority quotas for them, allow them to insult Hindu Gods, tolerate destruction of Hindu Temples, ban Hindu Festivals at their request,impose restrictions on the freedom of speech and gatheringsand arrest them on false charges to please the Muslims.

Similarly there is a close relations hip between government and police department. Corruption breeds corruption. Incompetence, abuse, arrogance, manipulation, mismanagement, corruption and delay tactics are the hallmark of police departments as well as the government. No unit can point a finger at otherunit for fear of backlash. There is subtle symbiotic hidden relationship between them. In this relationship, Hindus have become scapegoats, victims of the power politics, and corrupt system.

Police manufactured FALSE evidence

In order to appease the Muslim community, the police turned their blind eye to the reality and the mission of Muslims. Instead of doing thorough investigation, the police devised a plan to frame Hindus youth as culprits of the heinous crime of throwing Beef into Hanuman Temple and splashing green color water against the Temple walls. The Police apprehended and imprisoned four Hindus declaring that they have done this crime to create tension between Hindu and Muslim communities. After they were imprisoned, the Hindu youth were beaten and tortured. During their five-day custody, Police paraded them through the streets. Police took the Hindu youthto a Hotel where they were accused of hatching a plan to do the crime; to a wine place where they were accused to have bought and drank before the crime, toa beef shop where they were accused of buying beef, and to a Paint shop where they were accused of buying paint and thinner. In addition, the police drove them to their respective houses to falsely charge them with the crime.

The police drove to Nagaraj’s house where his motor bike was parked with locks. The idea of driving the accused to the above mentioned places was to collect all the accurate addresses to file case against each of the accused. Later, the police went back to Nagaraj house, broke the lock, and put paint and thinner in the motorcycleto concoct evidence to accuse him later. The fact, Police stole the bike. When Nagaraj’s family members went to the police station to file FIR for the missing motor bike, the police refused to register. Thus far, police have been unable to produce any credible and solid evidence. Hindus are easily framed and imprisoned. If Hindus are not united, if they do not fight for their existence, do not shed their blindness to the party affiliation and do not realize their potential extinction in the hands of Muslim appeasement politicians, their future will be bleak and gloomy. If Hindus do not realize soon, there would not be any place for Hindus to hide, and place to go.

Case Filed in the Court

On May 2, 2012 Sri Karuna Sagar Kashimshetty, the lawyer representing Mr. N Nagaraj filed a case against the Police Station of Madannapet in Hyderabad. Following is the Affidavit submitted by N. Nagaraj:

“I am the deponent herein and as such I am well acquainted with the facts of the case and able to depose as under:

That I have been arrested by the task force police on 23-04-2012 at about 3PM from my residence and taken to task force office at Secunderabad and my hands were tied with a rope to my back and hanged me to a hook and beaten brutally by 8 to 10 task force police with sticks and hands all over my body for 5 days with intervals and the police tied bricks to my penis also and further they inserted a rod into my anus and forced me to admit the false confession that I along with Kiran, Ramesh & China and Dayanand Singh on the Instigation of Srinivas and Niranjan committed the offence of keeping beef in the Hanuman temple at Kurmaguda. I was not even given food for three days and due to the torture meted in the hands of the task force police, I received injuries all over my body and I am not even able to walk, eat, or even go to bathroom on my own, blood is coming when I urinate or go to cum, I was not even allowed to inform my family members about my whereabouts and tortured me physically and mentally.

I further submit that the taskforce police produced before the Hon’ble court only after my family members approached Honorable state Human rights Commission on 27.04.2012, to know my whereabouts.

I further state that I was unable to reveal about the ill-treatment of police before the doctor who checked me at the Gandhi hospital and also before the Honorable court due to the fear of the police, as the police warned me not to tell anybody about the ill-treatment or else they would foist false cases against me, and now I am unable to bear the pain, and the medical facility in the Central Jail, Chanchalguda is not sufficient and I request this Hon’ble court to kindly refer me to any Govt. hospital; for treatment.”

Medical Examination ordered by the Court

After the case was filed in the Court of XIV Additional Chief Metropolitan Magistrate in Hyderabad, based on the request of the lawyer Sri Karuna Sagar Kashimshetty, the court ordered the Police department to get proper diagnosis and treatment of the accused. Medical examiner of the Osmania Hospital observed that a medical screening was done which revealed that the police of Begumpet Police Station beat him up. Contusions and bruises were seen over both forearms and the prisoner complained of pain in left shoulder. The prisoner was admitted in Jail Hospital and appropriate treatment was given.

N. Nagaraju was examined by physician of medical unit IV at Osmania General Hospital and later referred to orthopedic surgeon. X-rays of both limbs reveal no fractures. Soft tissue injuries were noted. The Orthopedic surgeon noted that no active surgical intervention was needed. Appropriate medications were prescribed. General Surgeon also examined and noted that soft tissues were injured. They gave medications for the pain in both forearms and left shoulders and right hand.

The other three falsely accused named K Kiran Kumar, N. Ramesh and Dayanand Singh were also treated at Osmania General Hospital. Injuries were noted on both hands, and feet. All of them were treated with antibiotics, pain killers, and antacids.

Hindus may be endangered soon

One is reminded of Groucho Marx’s observation that “Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly and applying the wrong remedies.” The citizens of Bharath are facing atrocities, bombing blasts, torture, displacement, brutalities, killings, and massacres on daily basis in one place or the other across this sacred land. The politicians diagnose Islamic dominant ideology incorrectly and reward them with appeasement, which is a wrong remedy. Further more, Muslim atrocities denial syndrome (MADS) displaces the wrongdoings on wrong group of people – Hindus. Hindus are falsely accused and tortured wrongly. It is time for Hindus to stand up for their religion that champions freedom, independence and peaceful coexistence. Different kinds of termites are eating up the Hindu edifice from all directions. Let us work together to show our strength by discarding party affiliation and refusing to be treated as marginal. It is time for Hindus to be assertive in protecting their faith before their own existence is being slowly eroded before their own eyes.

Let us all celebrateHanuman Jayanti and remember how Hanuman won over the evil and hoisted the victory flag. Let Him be our model as we work toward protecting the Sanatana Dharma.

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