[GHHF] Bala Samskar Kendras (Sunday Schools) – Update as of the week of December 19.

21 Dec 2021 1518 Views

Dr.Koenraad Elst 
"The worst torment for Hindu society today is this mental slavery, this sense of inferiority which Leftist intellectuals, through their power positions in education and the media, and their direct influence on the public and political arena, keep on inflicting on the Hindu mind."

Global Hindu Heritage Foundation is extremely happy to inform that Bala Samskar Kendras (Sunday Schools) were started in October 2021, 
What is Bala Samskar?
GHHF has started classes in the Kakinada area, Tirupati, Visakhapatnam, Pendurti, Madanapalli and Eluru Palem in Prakasam District in Andhra and Hyderabad in Telangana.  In Agency area, Bala Samskar Kendras conduct classes 7 days a week instead of one Sunday a week. Thus, the students are exposed to the depth of knowledge to counter any threats from Christian Pastors. 
Our children are our strength. They are our future. They are going to be our Ambassadors to Hindu Dharma in preserving, protecting, and propagating our ancient civilization. For centuries, we as Hindus failed to transmit the knowledge to the next generations. With no knowledge about our faith and with no pride in the universality and non-violence of Sanatana Dharma, our children, as well as adults, have become targets for Christians to convert. They have used a plethora of deceptive tactics to woo our Hindus to Christianity as we are not able to defend our religion and also not able to question the barbaric nature of the Bible. We have become defenseless and not equipped with any knowledge about our heritage.
    As Dr. Elst said the leftists with help of media has inflicted the inferiority complex among Hindus making them think inferior and also make them feel that their religion espouses terrorism, and we are intolerant toward other religions. In fact, nothing more is absurd as that . Some people even called Hindus as saffron terror. When any body who is fair and open minded and who is not bought by Christians and Muslims as their spokesperson, they know the value of Hinduism. That is the richness of our culture we want to transmit to the next generation.
Similarly, we are still ill-equipped with the true nature of other religions. Violence, terror, killings, rapes, and destruction are advocated by Christianity and Islam. Hindus are the only ones who say that all religions are the same while the other two Abrahamic religions abhor Hinduism and do not have any respect. Both these religions have committed to wiping out Hinduism from the planet. It is time to realize the potential danger to Hinduism and start getting reacquainted with the richness of our heritage and understand why ahimsa, tolerance, inclusiveness, respect for others, and truth can save humanity from extinction.
How Many Kendras do we have now? 
    As of December 119, 2021,  GHHF has conducted Bala Samskar Kendras in 55 Villages/ location. An average  of 22 students attended that week. Our goal is to increase the number to 75 by the end of December.


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