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21 Nov 2007 2401 Views

source: The Hindu, November 21, 2007

Panel welcomes proposed amendment to Endowments Act

Plea to plant horticulture crops in vacant lands

Reforms demanded in Endowments Department


HYDERABAD: The city-based Temple Protection Committee while welcoming the adoption of the Bill to amend the Endowments Act by the Assembly on Monday, demanded reforms in the department, particularly with regard to exploitation of vacant waste lands under temples across the State.



M.Kamal Kumar, general secretary, who took part in the ‘maha padayatra’ being conducted by the committee across the State to press its demand for abolition of the Endowments Department, said plantation of either eucalyptus, vegetables or horticulture crops should be taken up in the vacant lands. Such plantations would improve the temples’ income, besides creating job opportunities.

Mr. Kumar, who visited several temples in the city as part of the padayatra along with Vratadhara Srinivasa Jeeyar Swamy, demanded land for land as compensation for lands taken over by the Government, including those for irrigation projects.

He said the padayatra, which touched six Telangana districts covering 1,450 km, had completed 65 days since September 16, when it was launched in Basar.


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