GHHF - Activities and Accomplishments till August 2023

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Global Hindu Heritage Foundation (GHHF) was established in 2006 to preserve, promote, maintain, and protect Hindu culture, and free Hindu temples.  GHHF has taken appropriate actions against all laws, policies, and activities undertaken by any government that undermines the existence of the Temples. The goal is to ensure all the Hindu Temples and other Hindu institutions become independent of state government control. Organized two pada Yatras for one full year in 2007 and 2008 in Andhra Pradesh to make Hindus aware of the injustice done to their Hindu Temples.

Managed to obtain G.O.  declaring Karthik Purnima as Nadula Aarthi Day – which resulted in Godavari Arthi, and Krishna Aarthi daily - like Ganga Arthi

Organized International Short Film festival on the importance of the Hindu Temple where more than 120 videos were screened.

Krishna Janmashtami is declared as Gau Dinotsva Puja Day – where all the temples are required to do puja to Gau Mata.

Since 2020, GHHF has undertaken several projects to protect Hinduism:
1 Bala Samskar- conducting 200 schools in Indi and 10 schools in Bangladesh to educate our children
2) Reviving Grama Devatas by renovating the temples
3) Dhupa Deepa Naivedyam – providing necessary Arthi material to the needy Temple;
4) Sponsor a priest – employing priests to reopen the closed temples;
5) Annadanam – so far provide more than 2 Lakhs and
6) Reviving Hindu villages by making them proud of their culture.
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