Ambushing Hinduism: Attacking Hinduism from diverse powerful enemies (This is the inmtroduction to the forthcoming book: AMBUSHING HINDUISM)

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"Whenever I have read any part of the Vedas, I have felt that some unearthly and unknown light illuminated me. In the great teaching of the Vedas, there is no touch of sectarianism. It is of all ages, climbs, and nationalities and is the royal road for the attainment of the Great Knowledge. When I read it, I feel that I am under the spangled heavens of a summer night." Henry David Thoreau, American Thinker and Author

The Sanatana Dharma that stands for non-sectarianism, the attainment of Great knowledge, and illumination is incessantly under the attack and is being suffocated, choked and stifled.  It is being ambushed from different directions. Hindu survival is at a critical point where every aspect of Sanatana Dharma is challenged, demeaned, duplicated, negated and abused by Hindus, Christians, Muslims, governments at state and central levels, intellectuals, secularists, Indian as well as Western Media, Western Universities, and activists. Many of these malicious elements are being fed by foreign money and special favors. 

Hindu tree is being attacked from different quarters pulling the roots by some groups, cutting the branches by others and nibbling the limbs slowly day by day to make sure that other religions entrenches at the expense of Hinduism. Its array of beliefs and traditions are attacked and demeaned by Hindu haters. Its plethora of forms, names and powers of multitude of deities are being demeaned and insulted. Not only politicians, secularists, Christians, Muslims and Hindus, even the justice system has become anti-Hindu in making certain decisions. Supreme Court is dragging its feet for nearly 70 years without making any judgement on Ayodhya issue. No country in the world would have taken this long to make decision on issue like this as the Supreme Court appear to surrender its constitutional responsibility to politicians and other corrupt practices.

The case in point is Sabarimala. The Supreme Court decision on Sabarimala is an insult to an age-old practice that existed for many centuries. It appears that either they are too aloof to the customs and traditions of the country or influenced by special interests. Understanding of the traditions, practices and beliefs is lacking. The devotees’ sentiments are dashed and abrogated. The impartiality and rationality based on the customs of the devotees is missing in the judgement.

Ambushing Hinduism consists of 24 articles that were written over 8-9 years addressing the issues prevalent at the time. Since they are written at different times, readers may some material repeated depending on the issue that was addressed.  Some articles are written in reaction to a single incident such as cancelling the appointment of Dr Subramanian Swamy from Harvard University, some are written to rebut the book, some are written to government officials suggesting course of action to abstain from granting favors based on either religion or caste, some are written about the deceptive practices of Christians and terrorist activities of Muslims, while others are written on the trampling of Hindus by denying their fundamental right to speech and assembly. 

                The first section on Secular Threat has three articles. The first chapter dealt with the dangers of secularism and how it is chipping away the fundamental rights of Hindus and secular elements are piercing the very existence of Hinduism. Secular meaning of separation of religion and government has been distorted to mean grating unlimited freedom to Christians and Muslims. Muslims are supposed to get first preference all the opportunities and share the riches of the nation denying equal opportunities for Hindus. The second article is about the Endowment Department which controls all the major rich Temples in the North and all the Temples making more than 50,000 rupees in the South. A Hind has no fundamental right to ask the government to submit even the audit report. Corruption is rampant and looting the Hindu Temple money is widespread. The lands of Hindu Temple lands are either occupied by the government, allowed the party officials to encroach, sold the lands at lowest possible rate or illegally transferred to minority institutions. Even the courts have collaborated with government without ever asking the rationale for takeover of Hindu Temples denying Hindus freedom to manage them. On the contrary, Muslims and Christians not only manage their own institutions, but they receive large sums of money for construction, renovation and maintenance of their Mosques and Churches. The third article dealt with the atrocious attempt by the US congress to disgrace the potential Modi government by holding hearing on “The Plight of Religious Minorities in India” just one month before the general elections in 2014. It was abundantly clear that the purpose of the hearings was to influence the elections in favor of Congress party and create doubt about Modi’s chances. People who were invited to testify at the hearings were one-sided anti-Hindus, who not only demeaned Modi but attempted to tarnish the image of Indi in the world governments by arguing that the minorities would suffer greatly because of Hindutva policies that may be enforced if Modi is elected. 

                In section two on Academic Irrationality, three articles were written about the ludicrous steps taken by Harvard University and Wharton College to infringe on the academic freedom, deny the freedom of speech, and embrace the terrorist activities espoused by Muslims. The Fourth article focused on the decision of Harvard University to remove the two courses he teaches so that he would have no contract to teach at the university. The uproar is about the article Dr Swamy had published on “How to Wipe Out Islamic Terrorism.” After Dr. Swamy’s controversial piece appeared, a group of Harvard students known as ‘Coalition Against Bigotry at Harvard’ had initiated a petition drive calling on the University to sever ties with him. The petition was signed by so called intellectuals, academicians and ex-students. But they would not acknowledge the construction of Babri Masjid by demolishing of Rama Temple, Building of Mosque on top of Krishna Janmasthala and erection of Mosque in front of Kasi Vishwanath Temple. They would not ask the Muslims to give up their terrorist activities. The Fifth article articulates the decision to remove Dr Swamy from teaching two summer courses. Initially, the University stood by the side of Dr Swamy. Finally, the university, which is known for championing the free speech, has yielded to the malicious propaganda perpetuated by the petitioners and become a pawn of self-professed liberal academicians who feel that Dr. Swamy's speech was "hateful."  These academicians appear to not know about the atrocities committed by the Islamic terrorists, Islamic war on Hinduism, daily infiltration of Bangladeshi Muslims into West Bengal, professed killings of non-believers, and satanic verses demanding the destruction of Temples and Hindu Gods. Three letters were written to the President of Harvard University with no response. The Sixth article is about the cancellation of Modi’s speech by a group of Professors and students on the ground that he, as Chief Minister, did nothing to prevent a series of orchestrated riots that targeted Muslims in Gujarat. Although Supreme Court absolved of all the charges against him regarding the riots, the Wharton India Economic Forum shamelessly yielded to the pressures of petro-dollars and cancelled the Keynote speech via Videoconference. Freedom of speech is muffled and muted brazenly.

                In section on Media Madness, three articles are written about the bias, hatred and prejudice of both Indian and Western media with a sole mission to discredit Hindu leaders both spiritual and political. The seventh article was about the efforts by TV9 from Hyderabad to mislead, distort and deceive the perception of the public about Sri Chaganti Koteswara Rao’s statement about Yadav community. He made a statement about the community Lord Krishna belongs to shows that he came from a community that is so innocent, non-harming, gullible and loving, raised the holy cows for their livelihood in those days, yet has produced the greatest Avatara of Hindu religion. Unfortunately, TV9 purposefully translated the statement by twisting the intention to make Yadav community feel hurtful, insulted and disrespected. The aim of TV9 seems to be pitting Yadav Community against the rest of Hindus. Our condemning the TV9 angered two journalists who questioned our assessment. The article clearly pointed out the outrageous coverage to create divisions within the Hindu community and made several recommendations to be fair, balanced and sensible to the issues on hand.  The eighth article exposed the Western hatred toward Narendra Modi and Yogi Adityanath.  Western media have mostly painted a negative picture of India and cherry-picked the topics that discredit the Hindu way of life to please the minorities. These media have been supported by many Muslim countries. They always sided with Pakistan to break India even further. The Economist, the Guardian, BBC, The New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN and other news outlets have portrayed Modi and Yogi as criminals and their voracious attacks deprecating them were relentless and vicious. One of the Guest speakers on BBC program said, “India's dreamed itself a dream with a mass murderer as its main character." The Guardian described the election of Yogi Adityanath in their editorial as "victory for anti-Muslim bigotry." The ninth article is about the New York Times article of Narendra Modi even before he was announced as Prime Minister candidate for Bharatiya Janata Party. GHHF had written a letter pointing out so many nonconsistency’s and cooked up stories.  It published an article entitled “Campaign for Prime Minister in India Gets Off to Violent Start.” In our letter we pointed out how the article was biased, unfair and prejudiced. The New York Times representative called us and asked us to meet to discuss our concerns. Four of us met and showed the inaccuracies in the story through the power point presentation. They appreciated our efforts and promised to review all the article before they are published. Of course, they never kept their word and never stopped their tirade against Hindu leaders until today.

In the section on Anti-Hindu Lizards, the tenth article was a rebuttal to Shashi Tharoor’s book on “Why I am a Hindu.” His hatred, animosity and bitterness toward Hindu leaders, Hindutva and Hinduism is unparalleled and was as worse as Muslim hatred toward Hinduism. His intention of writing this book was “to show that the intolerant and often violent forms of Hindutva.”He never found fault with either the Christians or Muslims, liberals, secularists and intellectuals. Thus, he came an Islamicvadi by mitigating their atrocities and denouncing the Hindutvavadis. His last chapter talks about “Taking Back Hinduism.” He used the words “goondas,” “intolerant,” “hooligans,” “purveyors,”lumpen elements,” and “hateful Hindus.” in describing the patriotic Hindus who gave him the opportunity to avail the freedom of speech by sacrificing their lives to lift the emergency declared by his party leader Indira Gandhi.

By defying the facts and the reality, Tharoor refused to see the Muslim atrocities and hear about their endless, relentless torture and killing of Hindus. He is criticizing the Hindu religion which is inclusive and exonerating the exclusive religions like Islam and Christianity who never hid their feelings to convert India into either an Islamic nation or a Christian nation. The eleventh article was about the rebuttal of Varadarajan’s article on “The Holy Cows that weren’t.” He stated that India has witnessed numerous gruesome murders of men suspected of eating beef or transporting ostensibly sacred cows for slaughter.” He tried to magnify the numbers by probably hundred times by using the word “NUMEROUS” to imply great in number, countless, numberless, and innumerable. Even when there are no more than 5-6 cases to the date, the media went berserk to magnify the figures and paint the picture the most vicious way possible only to please the Muslims. He contradicted himself in order to appease their Muslim buddies. On February 28, 2016 he said that “India is not a Hindu Rashtra. It never has been and — by the grace of my ancestral deity — it never will be.” He does not even refer to the Article 48 in the Constitution of India which required all the states to take steps in “prohibiting the slaughter, of cows and calves and other milch and draught cattle.” He did not ask the beef eaters stop eating as per the Constitution and demanding them to obey the law.  The twelfth chapter is about Wendy Doniger’s built up hatred in fashioning Hinduism in the darkest possible way by impugning, misinterpreting, and attributing false justifications in her new book. Her hateful, sexual, maligned, evil, and repulsive presentation of Hindu scriptures such as Bhagavad Gita, Ramayana, Mahabharata, Vedas and Puranas was an insult to the academic community and Hindus. Dinanath Batra filed a case against the book and was successful in banning the book in India. We all recognize the importance of freedom of speech. But the constitution says that in the interest of the public, reasonable restrictions need to be applied. Many liberals and secularists are not able to fathom the intent of reasonable restrictions. It is her own condition of character that represented in the book rather than the factual presentation.

In Hindu Scorpions section, the thirteenth chapter exposes the hypocrisy and double standards of the secularists about the conversion from one religion to another. For centuries, Christians have been converting the people all over the world with deception, allurement and false technics to eliminate the faiths of native locals. The entire continents of Europe, South America and Africa were converted to Christianity. In the Middle East, more than 58 countries were forced to become Muslims. The missionary menace entered India nearly 2000 years ago and started to dismantle Hindu faith. Day in and day out these missionaries armed with huge sums of money and support of US government have been converting Hindus into Christianity. When RSS leaders started welcoming back (Ghar Vapasi) program to bring back nearly 200 Muslims into Hindu fold, the leftists, the media, the congress party, the Communist Party, the Mamata party, western media gone berserk, crazy and irrational and shouting to their highest pitch demanding explanations from the Central government about the conversions. These groups have closed their eyes, padlocked their ears, sealed their mouths, blunted their brains and blocked their senses. So much furor over reconversion but none over the deceptive and terrorist practice of Christians and Muslims. The hypocrites have no shame, no principles and no ethics.  The fourteenth Chapter is about the political scorpion who wanted to deny the freedom of speech and freedom of assembly. The case in point is that of Swami Paripoornananda Swamiji who was house arrested and externed from Hyderabad for exercising his civic duty to march from Hyderabad to Yadagiri Gutta by chanting the Lord Rama’s name to high light the importance of building Rama Temple in Ayodhya. He was taken to Kakinada in the early morning and harassed him on the way. The Police Department charged Swamiji with more than 15 dubious statements that were supposed to have caused unrest and enmity between Muslims and Hindus. None of the statements is considered insensitive or incite animosity. All the statements made by Swamiji were facts which can be verified by any objective person. The police Departments shed its independence and became a stooge to the Chief Minister.

The section on Christian Ambuscade, the fifteenth article reveals the Christian obsession to obey the Bible and deny the opportunity to apply for loan for one of the Hindu Temples in USA. The Christian loan officer wrote a letter saying that he cannot process the loan application because the Hindus believe in idol worship which is considered a demonic worship. We responded by asking whether he would accept and follow the statements found in the Bible. For example, on Sabbath day anybody who works should be atoned to death. A rebellious son, who disobeys his parents, should be taken to the elders of the town to be killed by throwing stones. Women should not be in authoritative position and should always be submissive and silent. She cannot speak out publicly. Similar such cruel and demeaning statements were included in the letter asking him when he would start implementing what is written in the Bible. Since he also believes in the infallibility of Bible, how can he disobey the Bible except follow to the letter of the Lord. No response was received from the loan officer.

The sixteenth chapter was about Mother Teresa who swindled the money from India and converted many people, even dead people before they were buried. With the motto that "the most beautiful gift for a person that he can participate in the sufferings of Christ" she tried to make them suffer and did not give proper medication. She used the same needle for several patients without sterilization. Once she tried to comfort a screaming sufferer: "You are suffering, that means Jesus is kissing you!" The man got furious and screamed back: "Then tell your Jesus that he should stop kissing me!" It is worth knowing the assessment of one of the Western writers. Christopher Hitchens said that Mother Teresa “was not a friend of the poor. She was a friend of poverty. She said that suffering was a gift from God. She spent her life opposing the only known cure for poverty, which is the empowerment of women and the emancipation of them from a livestock version of compulsory reproduction.” She was able to manage the politicians and media so effectively, that everybody was fooled to think that she was an angel when in fact she only came to India to convert rather than serving the needy.

The seventeenth chapter documents the hatefulness of Kancha Ilaiah toward Hinduism and his so-called championship of Dalit Community. He is described as a traitor, hypocrite, philistine and a brute. With financial support from USA he became rich by denouncing Hinduism. He received all his education from majority Hindu teachers, received all kinds of support from Hindu institutions, earning his salary from the majority Hindus, and teaching to mostly Hindu students while attacking and stabbing the mother that nurtured him. He has been barking about Dalits being discriminated and suppressed by the Hindu community. Sadly, he never recognized or admitted that even in Dalit Christian Community. But Dalit Christian Liberation Movement acknowledges that "There are separate cemeteries for Dalit Christians. Even in the church, there are separate seating arrangements for those from the Dalit community and others. The festival choir processions do not enter the streets where Dalit Christians live". Where is this Kancha Ilaiah who is supposed to Champion the Dalit community? We find him nowhere near the Dalit Christians who need help from this so-called champion. Why is he silent on this issue? Why did he not take up the discrimination practices in Christianity? Hypocrisy has no limits.

In section Christian and Muslim Menace, the eighteenth chapter on the meaning and relevance of Christianity to Hindus. Do Hindus need to participate and celebrate Christian festivals like Christmas. Jewish community where Jesus came from do not celebrate. Hindus are considered pagans and are heathens needing Jesus as their savior. Hindus are supposed to be swimming in the darkness that no amount of illumination can bring them to light except through Jesus. Many Christians believe that any body, who does not believe in Jesus, would go to hell and he will be tormented and tortured. Jesus is the only savior and He is the only begotten Son of God the Almighty who can lead them to heaven. He would not save you from going to hell if you do not believe in him. They believe that Jesus gave them the right to deceive, convert, subjugate, conquer, and proselytize any nation or religion, by any and all possible means. They are entitled to such methods as allurement, fraud, coercion and violence in converting but they criticize Hindus even if they to talk about their atrocities of conversion. They do not even accept our right to convert. How many Hindu know about what the Christians think about Hindus. By celebrating Christian festival, are we accepting their assessment of Hindus being heathens, idolaters and infidels.

The nineteenth chapter describes the Portuguese atrocities committed on Hindu in Goa during 16th century. Known as Goa Inquisition, Dr. T. R. De Souza observed that All the Hindu idols disappeared because all the temples were destroyed, their sites and building materials were fully utilized to erect new Christian Churches and chapels. Many decrees were issued banishing the Hindu priests from the Portuguese territories.  The public practices of Hindu rites including marriage rites, were banned; the State took upon itself the task of bringing up Hindu orphan children to raise them as Christian; the Hindus were denied many types of employment unless they are converted. The Hindus were forced to assemble in Churches to listen to preaching or to the refutation of their religion. Konkini speaking was banished. They used to take hundreds of Hindus who refused to be converted to Big House and kill them while screams spreading to nearby places and blood flowing through the doors on to the streets.  The twentieth chapter highlights the atrocities of Muslims, destruction of Hindu Temples, torching the villages, killing of kafirs, abducting and raping Hindu women.

Will Durant observed that "The Mohammedan conquest of India is probably the bloodiest story in history. The Islamic historians and scholars have recorded with great glee and pride the slaughters of Hindus, forced conversions, abduction of Hindu women and children to slave markets and the destruction of temples carried out by the warriors of Islam.” They have destroyed Rama Temple in Ayodhya and built Babri Masjid on top of it, destroyed Krishna Janmasthala in Mathura and built Mosque on top of it and constructed Mosque in front of Kasi Vishwanath Temple. The three most sacred places for Hindus have been ruined and refuse to acknowledge even to this date. The Muslims have vowed to complete the “unfinished business” of converting India into Islamic Country. It is high time that all Hindus would not repeat the mistake by ignoring the history and make sure that Hinduism is protected from being destroyed by Muslims again.

In Government Abuse section, the twenty-first chapter was about the pilgrims of Sabarimala who were sleeping on the streets like beasts as the Kerala government repeatedly failing to provide adequate facilities. They were forced to drink contaminated water.  The pilgrims going to Mecca are provided air tickets and provided air-conditioned accommodation for Muslims. The Kerala government even levying tariffs on the use of water and electricity by the Ayyappa Temple in spite of nearly 2000 crore income to Sabarimala during the season. The pilgrims are being constantly fleeced by the restaurants, government buses and even airlines. Water bottles were over charged. Several water-borne diseases and multi-drug resistant diseases were on the rise in Kuttanad region, which was attributed to the increased contamination and pollution of the river Pampa during the pilgrimage season. Medical facilities were awfully inadequate. The existing facilities are not enough to handle such serious cases.

The cardiology centre at Neelimala is functioning in a temporary shed, which does not even look like a hospital at all. Similarly, there is no medical facility on the parallel trekking path, ‘Swami Ayyappan Road’, which is essential as many pilgrims take this route during the season. The twenty second article was about the plight of Hindus in West Bengal. With so much influx of Muslims from Bangladesh coupled with government’s hatred toward Hindus and appeasement of Muslims, Hindus are facing their extinction in the state. What is happening to Hindus in West Bengal is horrible, inhuman, atrocious, demoralizing, and brutal. Day in and day out Hindu women are raped, tortured, and killed. Muslims in West Bengal have been planning to destabilize the state, encourage Bangladesh infiltration into the Border States, drive away Hindu from their houses with their blood thirst measures, torching the Hindu houses, pillaging the Hindu Temples, looting the Hindu shops at the Temples, desecrating the Hindu temples, kidnapping and raping the Hindu women, forcefully getting Hindus married to Muslims, blocking the streets where Hindu live, bombard Hindu areas with loud minarets, attack Hindu men and kill, and stop the Hindu festivals.

The twenty third chapter addresses the control of Hindu Temples by Andhra Pradesh government under the leadership of the then Chief Minister Sri Y S Rajasekhara Reddy. Met in Chicago in 2007 and submitted Memorandum of concerns affecting Hindu Temples, TTD and anti-Hindu activities. Since the passage of Hindu Endowments Act, thousands of acres of Temple lands have been sold, and crores of Hindu Temple monies have been used for non-Hindu Temple and non-Hindu activities.  Large number of Temples have been neglected from being renovated.  A high percentage of Temple earnings have been forced to be donated to the state treasury. Thousands of Hindu Temple lands have been encroached upon, although 77,000 endowment officials are employed to protect them.  Many Archakas were not paid their salaries or have been underpaid.

Requested to release all Hindu Temples from the government control and allow Hindus to manage their religious institutions like Christians and Muslims. The twenty-fourth article highlights the anti-Hindu activities of Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Sri Chandrababu Naidu. In the Memorandum of Concerns submitted to him mentioned about the demolition of more than 40 Hindu Temples in Vijayawada and he promised that “All demolished temples would be relocated in the city after Krishna Pushkarams.” Owing to time constraints with the Pushkarams nearing, the officials did not follow Agamana Sastram while removing the idols and the sanctum sanctorum." You also agreed that “the religious procedure to replace idols was not followed.” He has not fulfilled the promise to rebuild these Temples as of January 2019.

We mentioned that it was inappropriate and mindboggling for him to make promises to build Christian Bhavan, offer more than 340 crores as Chandranna Kanuka, praise of Mother Teresa when in fact when she said publicly that she came here to convert Hindus, spent 57 crores for the welfare of Christians, increase travel fund to 40,000 rupees for Christians to visit Jerusalem, and establish Board for Church Properties to protect their assets while occupying the Hindu Temple lands or selling them illegally. He even promised to build burial grounds for Christians wasting the land for centuries to come. He vehemently opposed two GO’s issued by Rajasekhara Reddy – GO 746 and 747. He said that he would repeal them by allowing Christians to do missionary work on all 20 Punyakshetras. Additionally, the government has not submitted the audit reports of Hindu Temples for decades to hide the illegal usage of Temples money either for Christians or for the party.

These articles published in the book should awaken all Hindus to the vicious efforts to ambush the Hindu edifice by state governments, both Indian and Western media, Academia, Western educational Institutions, Christians, Muslims, secularists, liberals and anti-Hindu elements in all directions. Everybody is trying to dismantle the Hindu house.Hindus must wake up and stand up for the preservation of Sanatana dharma. Silence, indifference, and apathy are the worst enemies. Hindus should shed their selfish interests for the welfare of not just Hindus but for the humanity. From all directions Hinduism is being attacked, sometimes silently and secretly while other times openly and publicly. Sooner we realize, sooner we can protect and preserve our Hindu dharma.  If we do not protect it, who will? If we not preserve it, who will?

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