AP State will take total control of all mutts

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source: Deccan Chronicle, November 24, 2005

 Hyderabad, Nov. 23: The State government has decided to take absolute control of Hindu mutts. The proposal has been pending for four years. The State government is also considering bringing Hindu religious trusts under its control. The government is planning to amend the AP Endowments Act to enable the endowments commissioner to oversee the day-to-day administration of mutts


Once the Act is amended, 181 mutts will come under the control of the endowments commissioner. According to sources, the law department has vetted the proposed amendment. An ordinance amending the Act is expected after the winter session of the Assembly. Another amendment pertains to scrapping the clause which specifies that only officials above the age of 45 should be appointed as endowments commissioner.


This is being done in the wake of the High Court nullifying the appointment of IAS official J.S.V. Prasad as endowments commissioner, since he did not fulfil the age requirement. Mutts such as Hathiramji of Tirupati, Raghavendra of Mantralaya, Byragi of West Godavari and Gavi in Uravakonda in Anathapur, which have assets worth crores of rupees, would come under the control of the government.

This will strip many "financial powers" of the heads of mutts. For instance, "padu kanukalu" (offerings made to deities of temples run by mutts), will now go into a general account. Earlier, they were considered the property of the mutt head. Sources said the government was also keen on bringing wealthy Hindu religious trusts under its control but was yet to take a concrete decision on the matter.

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