Anti-GHHF propaganda by some social media activists

14 Dec 2022 1166 Views

It has come to the notice of the Global Hindu Heritage Foundation that some Hinduphobic social media activists are peddling misinformation about the donation drive of the non-profit Hindu organization. A series of tweets and retweets followed after a tweet by account named Raqib Hameed Naik.

Here is their tweet

Global Hindu Heritage Foundation (GHHF), a notorious US-based Hindu supremacist group, is organizing a fundraiser in Frisco, Texas, to raise money for demolishing churches in India, among other things.


— Raqib Hameed Naik (@raqib_naik) November 29, 2022


GHHF considers this particular tweet as misinformation and false propaganda to cater to their Hinduphobia. Reasons behind our assumption are as follows

  • They called GHHF as a "notorious" group
  • They called GHHF as a "Hindu supremacist" group
  • They tried to drive phobic sentiment by conveniently ignoring the word "illegal"

We shall elaborate each of the misinformation

They called GHHF as a "notorious" group

We are curious to know as to what notorious actions we have done or have been doing? Global Hindu Heirtage Foundation is a registered Non-profit organization and have been working towards uplifting Dalits and welcoming the Hindu abandoned societies back into the Hindu fold. We encourage propaganda peddlers to show us the instances of notorious activities that GHHF is involved in.

Is "illegal" activtiy notirious or action against illegal activities are notirious? People who don't fall for this propaganda have to instrospect. 

They called GHHF as a "Hindu supremacist" group

We are not sure if we are supremacist but we are truly Hindu, who believe and advocate freedom of religion. We are the only civilization on the planet who consider "all beings are equal in the eyes of Paramatma; everyone has their fundamental right to seek their own faith and/or other faiths to choose which one they wish to follow". The religious conversions have begun through and by the advent of invasions who indeed assume their own religions are "supreme". There was no concept of conversion otherwise in Bharat, i.e., in Hindutvam.

What we advocate is 'choose your faith with wisdom' and realize the false motives of those who convert aiming to political and demographic shift in Bharat. We educate and bring back to Hindu fold, those who have been brainwashed with hatred on Hindutvam. A gharwapasi is no conversion, rather it is mending a misdeed i.e., forced or allured conversions. If anyone considers conversion itself is notorious or supremacist, the correction course of such an action should actually be considered pious otherwise.

They tried to drive phobic sentiment by conveniently ignoring the word "illegal"

Why is this phobia?

Why is the anti-GHHF propaganda covering up the "illegal" acts of some churches?

Why should "illegal" churches mushroom up in first place, while it is against the Constitution of India?

Tirupati is the holy place of Hindutvam. Should there be any temple in Jerusalem or Mecca, shouldn't that be called illegal by the respective religious diaspora? Then why this dual course then only with Hindutvam?

The Tirupati Urban Development Authority (TUDA) has identified the afore mentioned church construction as illegal and formally ordered for demolition in Tirupati. We have filed a case against the the encroachment and the commissioner has ordered TUDA to demolish. We are educating our audience about illegal constructions. We are committed to stand against illegal encroachments especially in Hindu areas.

Please refer to our article GHHF - Press Release: Demolition of ILLEGAL Churches in Tirupati; TUDA orders the demolition of unauthorized Churches; Demolition Order Attached


Another Hinduphobic twitter account followed the suit

indian-american-muslim-council-retweeted indian-american-muslim-council-against-misinformation
Indian American Muslim Council has quietly retweeted the misinformation of another twitter account, who conveniently ignored the word "illegal" while mentioning "demolish churches in India" in his quote. Indian American Muslim Council was advocating against minsinformation.


GHHF considers "finding fault of actions against illegal activities" as nefarious and in this particular issue as Hinduphobic

We strongly condemn the acts of some activists who tarnish peaceful Hindu organizations, for their propagandist motives, and hereby express concern about their disturbance of harmony in the society. We encourage people to use their own conscience and respect others' religious freedom.


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