[GHHF] Triple Talaq victim sought our legal help - finally converted to Hinduism and married a Hindu boy arranged by our Board Member and Tejaswini team.

03 Apr 2024 79 Views

Global Hindu Heritage Foundation is extremely happy to describe the tale of a Muslim girl, her conversion to Hinduism and marriage to a Hindu boy. Sri Samrat Dull who is a member of the Board of Directors of GHHF provided all the legal help in this matter.
This is the summary of Sri Samrat’s efforts in this matter: 
“Last month, just like other clients one lady by the name Rehena Begum Laskar came to my chamber and appointed me to conduct her case. I filed case but for the last month I am counseling her continuously about the status of women in Islam and Hinduism. I told her that problem and solution both lies with the acceptance of the fact that if she again marries a Muslim boy then same thing will happen. I gave her the book on love jihad which I have written, where I specifically described the difference between Hindu law and Muslim law in connection with that status of women. When she started questioning about Islam with the family members they started torturing and lastly, she Turned to Bhagwat Geeta for succor after her community refused to support. I gave her Bhagvat Geeta to read for her mental peace. Rehena lastly agreed with me and told me to marry a Hindu boy, but she was confused, afraid whether Hindu community will accept a Muslim girl who has already been given Talaq. I assured her that I would do everything.  Finally, me and my Tejaswini team succeeded, and Rehena got married to a Hindu Boy Sandip Das. She has given an affidavit of conversion to the authority and declared her new name as Rupa Das.
Newly married couple came to Court to meet me. At that time this photo was taken. She was looking beautiful in Sindhoor, now she doesn't need to cover herself under the Burka. She is free to lead life with his new husband Sandip Das. Sandip is working in a shop and soon we shall help him to start his own business. Today I gave them rs.10,000/- as token of gift which will help them to start their newly marital life.”
In spite of all the pressure she had endured, with the social and legal help provided by Samrat, Rehena was welcomed with open hands. Now she is enjoying the freedom she never had.
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