[GHHF] 38th Day of serving Water and Buttermilk for people to stave off heatwave via Chalivendralu (Water Pandals); Sponsorship Requested.

19 May 2024 167 Views

Global Hindu Heritage Foundation is happy to inform that we are continuing our Chalivendralu in many centers. This is the 38th day of providing Water and Buttermilk in about 20 centers where the heat wave is rampant. May of the members and friends of GHHF are sponsoring these centers to ensure that water and buttermilk are provided to the thirsty villagers and travelers.
 Sponsors: We thank Manohar Maramaraj, Dipak Patel, Vishnu Percha, Priya Nagendra, Venugopalan Nair, Vasudevan K Iyengar, and Bhargava Pillalamarri for sponsoring the distribution this week. We have another SIX donors who are helping with the distribution, we will recognize them as we continue the distribution in the next few weeks.   
SPONSORSHIP: One can sponsor one day distribution of water and buttermilk for $116 
 With all the economic development, there are millions in India who cannot afford to buy a drink or even a bottle of water. Not even 0.01% has public taps to quench their thirst. Global Hindu Heritage Foundation has taken up this task in about 20 centers in hour cities providing drinking water for the poor and other living beings also. Foundation believes this task to be very divine. We have witnessed so much life perishing on the streets due to scorching heat and lack of water and trying to save as many as we can. We saw many people faint on the streets as they could not get a glass of water. 
Thanks to hundreds of volunteers and donors who directly or indirectly contributed to the cause. We are trying to quench the thirst of as many as possible and save a few lives at least with all your help. May God bless you all those who are helping in providing water to all living beings. 
The belief that supplying water to the needy people added merit to one's life encouraged people to create water pandals and supply free drinking water to humans and animals in the country. Such practices can be seen on all days, round the year at important places especially in the temple arenas. Historically, many Temples used to arrange Water Pandals for visitors in the villages, on the side of the roadways, near Temples and so on. 
Importance of Water in Hindu Dharma
Water is very important for all the rituals in Hinduism. For example, water is essential as a cleaning agent, cleaning the vessels used for the poojas (rituals). In fact, water is used for achamana, Abhishekam, Poorna kumbha, sandhya Vandana, tarpan, and for preparing Teertha.  Water is the most common medium of purification. It is considered to have an intrinsic purity and the capacity to absorb pollution and carry it away.
Several items used for the purpose of bathing the deities and after use of each item/dravya. Water is used for cleansing the deity. Water offered to the deity and the water collected after bathing the Deities are considered very sacred. This water is offered as “Theertha” or blessed offering to the devotees.
Water is an essential element of your survival.  In Vedic texts, water is referred to as Apah, or literally the Waters. The Waters are purifying in a spiritual context. ‘Hail to you, divine, unfathomable, all purifying Waters…’ (Rig Veda). The Rig Veda identifies the Waters as the first residence or Ayana of Nara.
Religion validates the timeless human connection with water. ‘In the beginning, when there was darkness, the world was covered by water; there was water alone’. 
In India, where both droughts and floods are common, water is regarded by many cultures as the manifestation of divine will. Religious centers are built around or near waterbodies like tanks, stepwells, rivers, and seas. For centuries, these have served ritualistic, spiritual as well as social functions.
Rivers are revered as goddesses in India and many faiths hold the belief that they can wash away all sin. The Sanskrit treatise Hari Bhakiti Vilasa describes the power of the great Indian rivers in this way: “River Saraswati purifies one after three days, Narmada River purifies one after seven weeks, Ganga purifies one immediately and the Yamuna purifies one who beholds it.”
Your donations are appreciated;
By Zelle: ghhfusaorg@gmail.com
By PayPal: savetemples.org
By Check: Or you can send a check payable to GHHF, 14726 Harmony Lane, Frisco, TX 75035.
It is tax-deductible.
By Rupees: call 601-918-7111; +91 83096 43979.


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