AP Govt. move to demolish ISKCON Temple

18 Nov 2008 2485 Views

AP Govt. move to demolish ISKCON Temple
17/11/2008 16:38:49  Courtesy: Samachara Bharati

Secunderabad: It has been confirmed that Samuel Reddy's Congress
Government has issued memo to demolish the famous ISKCON's Krishna
temple in Secunderabad.


Temple authorities received memo No. A/1391/2008, Dated 05-11-08
stating the Government directive to demolish the Temple and to take
2890 sq.yards of land.
Hindu organisations called for massive protest against this Anti Hindu
drive, Protest meet will be held on 19-11-08 at 9.30 am in front of
Hyderabad Collectorate, Chirag Ali Lane, Abids.

Organizers of protest requested world wide Hindus to show their
solidarity and called for the participation of all devout Hindus in
and around the area to take part in the protest against this
injustice and protect Hindu rights.

For further information,

Please Contact 9246100622, 9849005990


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