[GHHF] Love Jihad Discussion in Assam – Talked bout the deceptive, brutal, and seductive methods of Muslim youth to trap Hindu girls.

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“Growing up he had learned to worship Namagiri, the consort of the lion god Narasimha. Ramanujan believed that he existed to serve as Namagiri´s champion - the Hindu Goddess of creativity.  In real life, Ramanujan told people that Namagiri visited him in his dreams and wrote equations on his tongue.” Srinivas Ramanujan (1887-1920) 

Global Hindu Heritage Foundation is constantly watching and taking positive steps to alert Hindu girls to be cautious of Deception, kidnapping, and seductive methods the Muslim youth use to convert them to Islam.

Sri Samrat Dutt, a member of the Board of Directors, explains the nature of Love Jihad and what it means to Hindu girls. He explained that Romeo jihad is an Islamophobic conspiracy theory that purports that Muslim men target Hindu women for conversion to Islam by means such as seduction, feigning love, deception, kidnapping, and marriage, as part of a broader demographic "war" by Muslims against India, and an organized international conspiracy, for domination through demographic growth and replacement.

Sri Samrat Dutt explained about the message circulated by ‘Students of Muslim Youth Forum’ which encourages Muslim boys to trap girls from other communities in love and tie the knot.

The message says: “If a Muslim youth marries a Hindu Brahmin girl, he would be awarded Rs 5 lakhs, similarly if someone gets hitched to a Sikh Punjabi girl, he would be given Rs 7 lakhs.”

“If the girl is from the Kshatriya Hindu community, the cash reward would be Rs 4.5 lakhs, Gujarat Brahmin girl Rs 6 lakhs, Punjabi Hindu Rs 6 lakhs, Christian Roman Catholic Rs 4 lakhs, Christian Protestant Rs 3 lakhs, Jain Rs 3 lakhs, Gujarati Kutch girl Rs 3 lakhs.”

What is Love Jihad? The concept of love jihad is neither as random nor as lucid as it is made to seem. It is a very well-organized, funded, and strategically managed jihad. The modus-operandi changes based on the place and situation, but the core concept of converting non-Muslim girls to Islam and then using them remains the same.

Love Jihad’s strategies change, from luring non-Muslim girls to Muslim boys using sham Hindu names, to the extent of kidnapping girls to convert them to Islam. However, the most sophisticated strategy of all is rarely talked about, which is known as the 5-point plan of Love Jihad. Executed through 5 carefully orchestrated steps, which are widely used to trap and convert Hindu girls mainly in Kerala and also in other parts of India.

Contrary to popular belief, love jihad is not carried out solely by Muslim men. In reality, Love Jihaad is a team effort, where Muslim Girls play a vital role.

Step 1. Contact: Muslim girls identify “weak” Hindu classmates or a neighbor mainly from low-income or distressed families. They then establish a friendship with her in order to get all of her personal information and family situations. The information is then passed to Muslim boys.

Step 2. Impress: Based on the information obtained through step 1, the targeted Hindu girl is then intensely pursued and enticed using the acumen provided by their jihadi app.

Step 3. Entertainment: Since predominantly Targeted Hindu girl is from a basic humble background. They are induced by taking to movies, restaurants, and expensive trips.

Step 4. Emotional Approach: The targeted Hindu girl is emotionally manipulated into a physical relationship and is secretly photographed or videotaped, and then blackmailed using the recordings.

Step 5. Conversion: The trapped Hindu girl is then made to convert to Islam and marry the Muslim guys by using various mind-altering techniques to permanently alter their psyche and personality into that of a blindly faithful Islamic slave.

While initially deemed a hoax by governments, the media, and court systems, the existence of Love jihad was legally confirmed based on evidence. (Source: https://kreately.in/5-step-love-jihad-role-of-muslim-girls-fate-of-hindu-victims/)

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