[GHHF] Bhajan Mandals in Assam – Sri Goswamy conducted marathon 3-hour long Sri Krishna Keetan to more than 1000 Adivasis.

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"India is eternal. Though the beginnings of her numerous civilizations go so far back in time that they are lost in the twilight of history, she has the gift of perpetual youth. Her culture is ageless and is as relevant to this present 20th century as it was to the 20th century before Christ." Nani Ardeshir Palkhiwala
Global Hindu Heritage Foundation of Assam organized this special program of conducting Sri Krishna Leela Keertan by Sri Goswami. He is a very dynamic Guru who chants the Sri Krishna Leelas for hours creating bhakti among Adivasis, making them understand the divine personality of Lord Krishna, reciting so many couplets starting from the birth to the end of Sri Krishna Avatara. He made these Adivasis feel proud of our heritage., encourage them to thwart the efforts of Christians, make their children proud of their heritage and made the applaud several times.
    GHHF is grateful to Sri Goswamyji for being readily willing to support the activities of GHHF. Sri Samrattji, one of our Board of Directors approached him and talked about our efforts to revive our Sanatana Dharma. He volunteered his services to conduct and teach the Keertans in several village. He is creating a sense of pride. 
    The Adivasis came walking several kilometers to attend the Keerthan program. In fact, we saw them walking by the side of the road a few kilometers away from the venue. Usually, they work for the whole day, come home after dusk, take bath, and prepare for these kinds of devotional programs.
    A convoy of 8 motor bikes and a car received us about one kilometer away from the venue and escorted us with Jai Sri Ram slogan chanting. About 6:00pm we reached the venue. We were received by several volunteers. 
    By the time we reached Sri Krishna Leela Keertans was already in progress. We saw the local Adivasis sitting and clapping their hands as Guruji started narrating the story. It is a very popular keertans where they identify with the child hook pranks of Lord Krishna. 
Prakasarao Velagapudi talked about his earlier experience of listening to this kind of keertans and he remembered his childhood. Bhajana and keertans are invaluable in developing Bhakti among people. The emotions and the vibrations created by these Keertnas encircle our whole body and drench us into bhakti. He asked all the Adivasis to protect Sanatana Dharma and encounter the conversion threat. They should be our protectors of Sanatana Dharma.
    Srinivas Pinnamaneni spoke about the need to conduct similar activities to protect the rich traditions of Sanatana Dharma. He asked all the attendees to raise their hands and take a pledge. He asked them to say, I am proud of being a Hind, I will remain a Hindu, I will practice Hinduism, I will protect Sanatana Dharma.” He ended his speech by saying Jai Sree Ram three times. 
    Sri Samrat gave an inspiring speech beseeching the Adivasis to follow Sanatan Dhara, remain as Hindus and protect our culture and tradition.  By talking about the virtues of Sanatana Dharma, the greatness of Hinduism, the quality of being non-violences, he requested all the Christian rejoin Hinduism.
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