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on Hindu Temples and Gomata are presented;
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Global Hindu Heritage Foundation and Savetemples is very happy to share the top 40 videos on different aspects of Hindu Temples and Gomata. The First International Short Film Festival that was held on August 22-24 in Prasad Labs in Hyderabad was great success. The three-day program was meticulously planned and executed by Dr. Ghazal Srinivas and the staff at Savetemples Office. As many of you know that the invitation was sent about two months ago requesting interested people to submit short films any aspect of Hindu Temples such as the Temple architectures, dilapidation of Temples, problems facing Priest, neglect of the Temples by the government, Goumata, Hindu Community’s indifference, Political leaders apathy and so on.

Response to the invitation to submit Short Films was overwhelming and gratifying. GHHF received 113 such films on various aspects of Hindu Temples from various cities in India and also from foreign countries. Submissions were received from Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Kadapa, New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Vishakhapatnam, Tirupathi, Kurnool, Guntur, Rajahmundry, Eluru, Samarlakota, Coimbatore, and from Mauritius and UK.

Selection of top 40 videos. The Jury Committee was formed to view all the entries and select the best 40 videos. The Committee members spent countless hours viewing these 113 films over a period of ten days and selected the top 40 films.  Jury Committee members are: “Lakshmana Rekha” Sri N Gopala Krishna, Chairman-Film Festival; Sri D S Dixit DS, Trainer and Film, TV, Theater Communication; Sri Sirasri, Famous Lyricist and Critic; Sri V N Aditya, Famous Film Director; Madhura Sridhar, MD of Madhura Audios and Film Director; and Dr. Santosh, RSS Pracharak. Many political, religious and Film personalities attended the function.

Topics covered in these Videos:Please see the richness of our Temple culture, the mathematical models of the Temples, the comparison of Temple architecture with the towers that send signals to the cell phone, the problems facing the priests, meager salaries that are depleting the number of Priests, problems of priests not getting suitable matches because of low income, dangers of Gupta danam (Secret treasure found under the Deities), the greatness of Gomata as extolled and exalted in numerous scriptures, innumerable advantages of Panchagavyas of Gomata, efforts to rebuild Temples that were neglected over the centuries, an NRI’s agony to see the dilapidated temples and efforts to unite the community to renovate the Temples, and many more.

What is the function of these documentary Films:  Eric Barnowstated that “A documentary film can be seen to function as a prophet - explorer - painter - advocate - bugler - prosecutor - observer - catalyst - guerrilla - performer - therapist - spin doctor.” These films will undoubtedly make an impact on the viewers, allow them to reflect, enlighten their thinking, involve them in discussion, engage them in dialogues, and allow them to share with others.

Videos are attached:  GHHF is pleased to share these videos to all our readers and followers of our activities. Please pass on this heritage to all our friends and relatives. They have been uploaded onto YouTube. Please click to view the videos. Each one is approximately 10-12 minutes.

Short Film Festival Screened Movies

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Individual YouTube Links

Ch V Ramana "Sri Vishnu PanchayatanaDivyamahaKshetram" - Savetemples Short Film Festival 2014

Sanjiva Narasimha Appadoo "Protection of Cows in Mauritius" - Savetemples Short Film Festival 2014

Sanjiva Narasimha Appadoo "Ayam Devaalayah" - Savetemples Short Film Festival 2014

NoozillaSuribabu "Ambaa" - Savetemples Short Film Festival 2014

HJS "HinduokeMandirokiSurakshakaMahatva" - Savetemples Short Film Festival 2014

Bhanu Prakash "DevaalyaRakshane-Sanatana Dharma Rakshana" - Savetemples Short Film Festival 2014

Isha Foundation "Temples - Consecrated Spaces for Well Being" - Savetemples Short Film Festival 2014

Changamma Charitable Trust "Duties of Priest" by Renuka G - Savetemples Short Film Festival 2014

INTAC, Kadapa "Aalaya PariRakshana Sanatana DharamaRakshna"-Savetemples Short Film Festival 2014

A Babartist Studio "DevaalayaPrarirakshana" by Sateesh BP - Savetemples Short Film Festival 2014

SubhapradhaChithraMaalika "Jeevanadhaaralu" by Chowdhary BA - Savetemples Short Film Festival 2014

V Ramachandran "Salvaging Divinity" - Savetemples Short Film Festival 2014

Television Program Company "Temple Treat" by MatiurRahman - Savetemples Short Film Festival 2014

Rishi JeevanSamaj "Vande Gou Mataram" - Savetemples Short Film Festival 2014

Shareeff Media House "Jai Gowmatha" by Shareff Mohamed - Savetemples Short Film Festival 2014

Ramaneeyam Movies "IntiKanna Gudi Padhilam" by J V R Murthy - Savetemples Short Film Festival 2014

H Productions "Nidarshanam" by Hanumantha Rao Uppe - Savetemples Short Film Festival 2014

Icon Production "SilpaVilaapam" by Sai Srivasthava K - Savetemples Short Film Festival 2014

Shiva Manjari Creations "Shankara" by ManjulaSooroju - Savetemples Short Film Festival 2014

Srikoormam Films "Deva Devam" by K Laxmi Prasanth - Savetemples Short Film Festival 2014

Bhasker Hanuman Creations "Velugu" by P Sai Dasaradhi - Savetemples Short Film Festival 2014

Alka Media "Nidhi" by A LohitKumar - Savetemples Short Film Festival 2014

Alka Media "Viluva" by A LohitKumar - Savetemples Short Film Festival 2014

Maruthi Movie Makers "NadicheDevaalayam" by K Rudra - Savetemples Short Film Festival 2014

Geetha Krishna Entertainments "Sankalpam" - ParameswaraSarma-Savetemples Short Film Festival 2014

BalakrishnaArchakam "Devaalayam" - Savetemples Short Film Festival 2014

All Time Entertainers "Vighatham" by K Kranthi Kumar - Savetemples Short Film Festival 2014

Cool Creatives "Maa" by Meera N SK - Savetemples Short Film Festival 2014

Cine Style Videos "Gopuram" ShashankRamanujapuram - Savetemples Short Film Festival 2014

NruthyaDarpana Presents "Nrityaarchana"-M Venkateswara Rao - Savetemples Short Film Festival 2014

Dileep Kumar Kandula "Vedaalayam" - Savetemples Short Film Festival 2014

AVN Flower Flow Films "DehameDevaalayam" by A Naga Seshu - Savetemples Short Film Festival 2014

Mahalakshmi Films "PunahPratista" by P Lakshmi Ganesh - Savetemples Short Film Festival 2014

Tejo Film & TV Institute "VaaranikiOkkaRoju" - Y Durga Prasad-Savetemples Short Film Festival 2014

Bhavyasri Productions "JeevanaVedham" by Rajashekar Babu V - Savetemples Short Film Festival 2014

K S R Murthy "Mana Devaalayaalu" - Savetemples Short Film Festival 2014

Lucky Enterprises "Revolution" by Gopi Krishna - Savetemples Short Film Festival 2014

Vaishnavi Creations "Gopraasastyam" by Vaddepalli Krishna - Savetemples Short Film Festival 2014

GVS Srinivas "Devaalayam" - Savetemples Short Film Festival 2014

Moral Productions "Aatma the Soul" by KottapaliSeetaram - Savetemples Short Film Festival 2014

JR Films "A Aa Lu" Directed by Krishna Prasad Ganta - Savetemples Short Film Festival 2014



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