Tharoor’s book “Why I Am a Hindu” reveals his distorted views on secularism, Obama’s comparison of other religions, Taj Mahal evidence, cow vigilantes and Islamic Pride. Part 3

29 Mar 2018 2354 Views
In our earlier reviews part 1 and 2, we addressed some of the outrageous, twisted, warped, and dishonest statements Tharoor made in the last three chapters of his book. In fact, we could challenge almost all his statements with more facts, with more historical evidence and with more honesty. Only few statements will be selected and addressed for our review and assessment.

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Secularism is a Curse to Bharath: Time to Change the constitution 

  Tharoor says “Secularism in India, therefore, did not mean separation of religion from state.

Instead, secularism in India means a state that was equally indulgent of all religious groups, and favoured none.

Nor did it mean secularity in the French sense, or laicite.  The French concept keeps religion out of governmental institutions like schools and government out of religious institutions in turn, whereas Indian secularism cheerfully embraces financial support to religious schools and the persistence of ‘personal law’ for different religious communities.  The Indian system has created incentives for various religious denominations to start and operate ‘minority schools’ and colleges with substantial government funding, impart religious education, and be exempt from various regulations and stipulations the Indian government imposes on non-minority institutions.

Tharoor says state should be indulgent meaning equally favoring, kind and lenient to all religions. He knows well all the privileges that were showered on these to Abrahamic religions, especially Muslims. No such privileges were granted to Hindus denying their fundamental rights guaranteed by the Constitution. In fact, every decision taken by Congress part is only to favor Muslims and deny Hindus.  Tharoor wants to repudiate his own definition of secularism. Since he is an Islamicvadi, he will twist and distort the definition to suite the wishes of Muslims. In the process he will stab the Hindu religion by favoring several incentives to please the Muslims thus promoting the mediocracy, ignorance, and utter illiteracy. Basically, Tharoor and his party promoting and encouraging dependency and laziness on the part of Minorities. They do not have to plan their future, plan according to their means, plan to be industrious, plan their family size and plan for their education. Secular government will appease them. Tharoor would have no problem with this dependence. He also has no problem to deny the deserved opportunities for talented people for the sake of political gains.

He and his Congress Party along with so called liberals, intellectuals and media lost their sense of judgement and either they forgot the difference between state and religion or they intentionally stab and loot Hindu Temples. The governments divert Hindu Temple money directly to Christians and Muslims allowing thousands of Hindu temples to be shut down. The state treasury is used to send Muslims and Christians to visit their religious places; many Hajj houses were built across the India to consolidate the political power; and may special Hajj terminals be built to provide comfortable travel to Muslim pilgrims while Hindus are “sleeping like beasts on the streets” at their religious places.  I have not seen one statement to decry the government interference and appeasement of minorities as being anti-secular.

Yogi Adityanath, the Chief Minister of UP stated recently that, “I believe that the word secular is the biggest lie told since Independence. Those that have used this word should apologize to the people of the country. No system can be secular.” The political system can be sect-neutral. But if someone were to say the government must be run by one way of prayer, it is not possible.” Secularism is a concept doomed to failure for it is impossible for the state to not favor one set of beliefs over the other. Yogi Adityanath also stated that “distorting history was no less a crime than sedition.” For far too long, Hindu sentiments have been a subject of mockery for the entertainment industry and the perfumed elites. Few more examples of the abuse of Secularism:

- Secularism means first class facilities for Haj Pilgrims; make Hindu Pilgrims sleep like beasts

- Secular means drive away Kashmiri Pandits; make them homeless

- Secular means NO Action against Terror Training Camps.

- Secular means Insulting National Flag and National Anthem

- Secular means No Action against people who issue Fatwas?

- Secularism means Pamper Minorities; Few more Examples

- Secular means Loot Hindu Temples’ money and gift it to Muslims and Christians

- Would the government Appoint a Non-Hindus to Hindu Temple Boards?

- Secularism means fund madrassas, which are mainly espouse Quran

- Secularism means oppose Uniform Civil Code.

- Secularism means allow Muslim Personal Law

– allow two sets of laws.

- Secular means No Action against people who issue Fatwas?

- Secularism means do not criticize Muslims.

When  Taslima Nasrin is assaulted by MIM activists in Hyderabad, there was no outrage by the liberals. When Sudheendra Kulkarni is doused with black ink by the Shiv Sena, outcries were expressed by Liberals.

Secularism means disturb the peace by announcing Namaz five time on loud speakers with unbelievable increased volume as well as allow illegal use of loud speakers. Where is it written in Quran to use loud speakers? People, schools, hospitals and businesses do not have right to conduct their daily activity in peace.

Is this the secularism Tharoor shamelessly, dishonestly, fraudulently, deceitfully advocated to support Muslims who are waging a relentless war against Hindus in India, Pakistan Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia and many other Muslim countries? Does he advocate Muslims to follow secularism or they are exempt from secularism. Is he saying that Muslim can practice their religion by raping, destroying, burning, killing and torture in the name of secularism? According to Tharoor these Muslims are not goondas, hooligans, purveyors, idiots and so on.

The above partial list is enough the gauge the injustice the Congress government and Tharoor is inflicting on Hindus.  It has become fashionable to takeover Hindu Temples while give many incentives and grants to the Christians and Muslims. India is the only country where Christian feel proud of being a Christian, Muslim feel proud of being Muslim, a Sikh feel proud to be a Sikh while a Hindu cannot feel proud of being a Hindu because the secularists cleverly, knavishly call them communal and force them to become secularists without ever knowing the meaning.

It is time to change the constitution and scrap these sick, meaningless, undefinable words like secular and socialist and replace with words to reflect words where no religion is given preference in education and employment, where no religion is allowed to engage in conversion tactics, no religion will profess others as kafirs or sinners and where no able-bodied person will be given any preference based on religion. The words like “secular” was introduced as an amendment by a dictatorial regime in emergency to suite its appeasement policy.  And funding only a section of society with money snatched from other is not secularism. Constitution should not provide for any discrimination. Ananth Kumar Hegde, he Minister of State for Skill Development & Entrepreneurship said, “A few people say the Constitution mentions the word secular, so you have to agree. Because it’s there in the Constitution, we will respect it, but this will change in the near future. The Constitution has changed many times before. We are here and have come to change the Constitution. We will change it.”

Let us all remember that it is the secularists who were responsible for breakup of India into three countries. These secularists obstinate stand may result in further break up of India. These secularists don’t preach Indian Muslims, who have failed to integrate into mainstream stream of Indian society, to be industrious, responsible and productive. These so-called secularists pandered them and favored them to be irresponsible despite all the privileges accorded to them since Independence. All the incentives provided were supposed to be the spring board for them to jump onto a productive life. Instead they made them parasites on the society. Secularism has become a threat to the integrity, and security of nation. It is misused and abused for the political gains but in a longer term it will be a disaster for a nation. Secularism is becoming hurdle in rooting out problems such as terrorism, overpopulation because Secularism means appeasement in India.

Obama Was Outright Wrong and Comparing Hinduism to other Religions is absurd

Tharoor writes that when Barrack Obama, Former President of USA came to visit New Delhi in December 2017, he stated “A country shouldn’t be divided into sectarian lines and that is something I have told Prime Minister Modi in person as well as to people in America,’ Obama declared. ‘For a country like India where there is a Muslim population that is successful, integrated and considers itself as Indian, which is not the case in some other countries, this should be nourished and cultivated.’ (267)

Obama and Tharoor should know that India remained as so called secular favoring Muslims and Christians allowing them to enjoy the freedom to convert Hindus into their respective religions using deceptive, barbaric, terrorist, intimidating and insulting practices with the approval of the Christian dominated Congress party. They should know that when India was divided that India was supposed to be Hindu country while Pakistan was supposed to be Islamic country. Within a year Pakistan declared itself as Islamic country. India has refrained from it because we do not engage in unrighteous and wicked practices to establish our hegemony either with sword or Cross over the innocent people and thrust our ideology into their throats. Both Abrahamic religions have blood in their hands as they reigned over their illegally occupied countries across the globe.

It is worth remembering the former President of India, Dr. Abdul Kalam, about the rich heritage of India.

“In 3000 years of our history, people from all over the world have come and invaded us, captured our lands conquered our minds. From Alexander onwards the Greeks, the Portuguese, the British, the Mughals, the French, the Dutch, all of them came and looted us, took over what was ours. Yet we have not done this to any other nation. We have not conquered anyone. We have not grabbed their land, their culture, their history and tried to enforce our way of life on them. Why? Because we respect the freedom of others.”

Even the US press condemned President Obama for his interference in religious matters of India. Charles Krauthammer appearing on Hugh Hewitt’s Radio program said that he is insulting India.

“What the hell is he doing bringing India into this? I mean, it’s the first time I’ve heard India drawn into this discussion. Here he is essentially insulting, and it’s because it’s a Hindu country. It’s not Muslim. I mean, he’ll say in the name of Christ. He won’t say in the name of Muhammad and in the name of Allah. He won’t use those words. And then he goes after India, which is probably our strongest, most stable, most remarkable, democratically on the planet, considering all the languages and religions that it harbors. It has the second-largest Muslim population on Earth. And yet he goes after it as a way of saying hey, everybody here is at fault. They are not at fault.

” Enough is enough. Tharoor should open eyes and see what is happening around the world and the determination of other religions to invade India. Unless he is in the thick grand scheme of destroying Hindu culture by joining his hands with the brutal and barbaric religions who condemn others for not converting to their religions, he should apologize to all Hindus for his pettiness, smallness, and puniness.  President Obama is failing in his responsibility to clearly look at the horrific history of the Abrahamic religions and to equate them with Hinduism, the most tolerant religion the humanity has ever seen or experienced. He is distorting history, misguiding his shepherds, pleasing the Muslims, and trying to be in the good books of people who were successful in banning the US Visa to Narendra Modi in 2005.

Both Abrahamic religions have been professing from their inception that anybody who would not embrace their faith would be condemned to hell, death and torture. They can be destroyed, sacrificed and killed. Both Quran and Bible have hundreds of verses that allow the nonbelievers to be slaughtered and their places of would be destroyed.

In return what do Hindus do? As Swami Vivekananda said, “The difference is this. They had not the fanfaronade of the reformers of today; they had no curses on their lips as modern reformers have; their lips pronounced only blessings. They never condemned.” President is also failing to name the names. He has not called the thousands of ISIS and other terrorists as “radical Islamic terrorists” because he says they do represent Islam which is “peaceful.”

He refused to accept the Islamic terrorists who are engaged in these killings in the name of Allah. That means he is deliberately promoting the terrorism and ignoring more than 500 verses that describe in horrific details as to how to kill, how to maim and how to terrorize.

He is abrogating his responsibility to call a spade a spade. He is refusing to identify Islam as the source of violence, extremism, torture, beheading and radicalism. He is hiding behind the words such as radical terrorists, and Islamic terrorists.  You cannot defeat the enemy if you cannot identify the source. Thomas Friedman says that, “When you don’t call things by their real name, you always get in trouble. And this administration, so fearful of being accused of Islamophobia, is refusing to make any link to radical Islam from the recent explosions of violence against civilians.”

The administration officials acknowledge that they have list of individuals who cited Islam as the source of their violence. “But it is not good for us or the Muslim world to pretend that this spreading jihadist violence isn’t coming out of their faith community.” And Josh Earnest continues to say that “purposeless violent extremists rummage through the scriptures of great faiths, looking for some verses to cite to support their mayhem and often happen to settle on the holy texts of Islam.”

But Obama refuses to acknowledge that almost all terrorists are Muslims and cite Quran as the source of their terrorist acts.

Hindu Pakistan vs Hindu Rashtra

It is a disgrace, utter deception, ingenuous, ignominious, shameful, preposterous and ludicrous to compare Hindu Rashtra with Hindu Pakistan concept.  Even an illiterate would know that Pakistan has declared itself as an Islamic Country where Allah word is supreme. The official name of Pakistan is "Islamic Republic of Pakistan." If India is declared as Hindu Rashtra, there no one God who will guide the citizens the way Allah guides their citizens in Pakistan. It is dharma that would be guiding principle. Key points to remember before bigoted Tharoor dares to compare Hindu Rashtra. Let us look at the key elements of Islamic Pakistan:
  • Islam is declared as the state religion of Pakistan.
  • Individual and collective life, culture and customs are executed in accordance with the fundamental principles and basic concepts of Islam.
  • Teachings on Arabic, Qur'an, and Islamiyat to be compulsory in country's institutions and to secure correct and exact printing and publishing of the Qur'an.
  • Proper organizations of Zakat, Waqf, and mosques is ensured.
  • Prevent gambling and consumption of alcohol, printing, publication, circulation, pornography, and display of obscene literature and advertisements.
  • All existing laws shall be brought in conformity with the injunctions of Islam as laid down in the Qur'an and Sunnah and no law shall be enacted which is repugnant to such injunctions.

In “SECULAR” India, the Congress government extended large financial packages to the Muslim waqf boards, Buddhist monasteries, and certain Christian religious institutions. At the same time 1951 Religious and Charitable Endowment Law in 1951 empowered the State governments to take over, own and operate Hindu temples. All four Southern States, Maharashtra and others collect revenue from Hindu Temples and distribute that revenue to Christians and Muslims.

Tharoor says “The Hindutva brigade does not like this, and it is determined to do away with it as a significant step towards its project of transforming India into a Hindu state, or at least a state with a distinctively Hindu identity.” What he is implying in this statement is that he is ecstatic about the take-over of Hindu Temples and destroy the Hindu culture, Hindu prayers and Hindu Temple.

His vote bank politics make him giddy to think that no more fringe benefits are forthcoming to his favorite minorities and he is shaken and throttled.  It is high time that we heed the words of Deen Dayal Upadhyaya who argued against secularism. In his words secularism “implies opposition of Hindus and appeasement of Muslims or other minorities. We should get rid of this word as soon as possible. It is completely irrelevant in the Indian context”. In one of his hostile, wily interviews Tharoor says, “It is not the job of a Hindu to teach a Muslim to be Hindu.

A Hindu does not look to the holy book, does not look to the heaven. A Hindu looks within himself,” he said. Is Tharoor saying that Hindus should not protect themselves when their house is being attacked, their lives are being shattered and their faith is being wiped out? Instead Hindus should concentrate of self-development and look inward allowing the Muslims to attack mercilessly.  Declaration of India as Hindu Rashtra would ensure the freedom of speech, inclusiveness, pluralism, tolerance, and mutual respect.

Tharoor does not want any of it. He does not Hindus to defend and preserve the universalistic Hinduism. In his own words Hinduism is an inward-directed faith focusing on Self-realization. What a ploy? His cruel, cunning and crafty plan is that Hindus should concentrate on self-realization and encourage Muslims to rape, torture and convert India into another Islamic country. He does not recognize or willfully neglecting the reality that Muslims have dominated India for more than eight centuries because of Hindu philosophy of inward looking.

Consequently, Hindu philosophy dwindled from Afghanistan to part of Russia to most of Asia to India. That too only less than 80 percent. With his bastardly plan, he wants to reduce India into another Muslim dominated country in his life time.  We Hindus and many rational thinking people know that Hindu Rashtra ensures and guarantees the individual freedom and espouses universal values essential for human survival. Let us look at key points Hindu Rashtra will bring to humanity: 

Hindutva/ Hindu Rashtra – What it Stands for

1) Unlimited freedom is allowed to the individuals to excel in their talents to contribute to the society. Hindus never used their freedom to stifle or choke the life style of the other faiths.

2) Dharma is central Hindu philosophy that bring harmony, peace and love to the humanity without imposing any restrictions to the survival of cosmos.

3) Vasudaiva Kutumbam – the whole family is one family. It refers to the inclusiveness. It means the entire world must live by some rules where everybody is treated as a member of the family, enabling to live in peace and harmony.

4) Ahimsa – meaning not to cause pain to others. By this approach, all enmity, animosity and hatred cease.  If one practices ahimsa in thought, speech and action, societies live in peace.

5) Never believed in conversion. Conversion by allurement, deception and adharma (unrighteousness) is considered to destroy the culture and promote hatred toward other faiths.

6) Never condemned other faiths to hell or called the followers of other faiths as sinners.

7)  No fatwas are issued to curtail the freedom of others. Severe punishment should be enforced to anybody who issues fatwa directed at killing.

8) Emphasizes the self-improvement, self-assessment and self-realization

9). Practices tolerance, patience and understanding

10)     Believes that Yoga and Meditation improves the well-being of the humanity and help reduce the stress.

11)     Hindu Rashtra will not condemn anybody to either hell or inferno.

12} Promote spirituality, the backbone of our nation. It encourages compassion, allows one to enjoy life without being intimidated, encourages one to fulfill goals, and permits you to develop self-esteem.

13) Respect, revere and preserve Mother Earth, Cow,

14)  Bestow good health, happiness, peace of mind, auspiciousness and no suffering to all.

15) Respect and preserve the ecological system that enables the humanity to exist with the nature. Preservation of earth, mountains, rivers, animals, trees and birds should be the motto to be passed on to the next generation.

16) Uniform Civil Code should be passed to eliminate the artificial barriers created by the earlier governments for the sake of vote bank politics.  Everybody should enjoy the same privileges instead of denying the opportunities for the talented, skilled and innovators. Mediocracy should not rule the meritocracy. 

What is he proud of and Not proud of.

Tharoor give a list of things he is proud of and list of things he is not proud of. Let us look at some of the outrageous, selective, offensive statements about Hindus and how he deliberately, deceptively, cunningly omitted the atrocities committed by Muslims on Hindu population.

1)    I am not proud of my co-religionists attacking and destroying Muslim homes and shops.  I am not proud of Hindus raping Muslim girls or slitting the wombs of Muslim mothers. (P:281) But is he proud of Muslims who have committed even more gruesome murders, terrors and tortures on Hindus and humanity. In November 2017, a 13-year-old Hindu girl was raped and killed in West Bengal. The West Bengal police arrested Abdul Rauf Khan on Sunday for this crime in Bankura’s Lalbandh area in West Bengal. Where is Tharoor? Is he proud or not proud of this incident? In 2016, Aftab Alam Ansari alias Raju raped Hindu girl Twinkle and then murdered her in a very unbelievable brutal way. Twinkle’s family said Raju Ansari used to harass the victim frequently on her way to schools and homes. Is Tharoor proud or not proud of this incident? Since 2001, Muslims have carried out more than 32,700 attacks all over the world all in the name of peace. Is Tharoor proud or not proud of this incident?

2)    I am proud that India’s pluralism is paradoxically sustained by the fact that the overwhelming majority of Indians are Hindus, because Hinduism has taught them to live amidst a variety of other identities. Every Hindu is proud of their rich heritage where they espoused pluralism, diversity, variety and freedom. Has anybody seen Islam espouse freedom of speech, plurality, and diversity. Has Tharoor seen any diversity in any of the more than 50 Islamic countries. Have they ever granted any rights to minorities in these countries similar to the rights granted to minorities in India? Is Tharoor proud of these Muslim countries where pluralism is crushed and decimated? Why he is not talking about this exclusive religion which is incompatible with democracy, freedom and pluralism. Is he going to be proud to live in this exclusive religion?

3)    I am proud of those Hindus, like the Shankaracharya of Kanchi, who say that Hindus and Muslims must live like Ram and Lakshman in India.   Has Tharoor ever seen a Muslim leader say that Muslims and Hindus should live like Rama and Lakshman. Tharoor is a total degenerate who is determined to ignore all the ideology, mission and terrorism of Muslims. Has he ever heard Muslim leaders say that they would allow Idol worship in their Temples. Would they oppose what is written in Quran which says “God does not forgive idolatry, but he forgives lesser offenses for whoever he pleases. Anyone who sets idols beside God has forged a horrendous offense.” (Quran 4:48).    Does it mean he is proud of those Muslims who are waging a war against Hindus?

4)    I am not proud of those Hindus, like ‘Sadhvi’ Rithambhara, who says that Muslims are like sour lemons curdling the milk of Hindu India.  Sadhvi Rithambaradevi is absolutely right. Muslims in general have no intention of living under one India constitution. They do not want to adopt uniform civil code where every citizen of India will follow the same rules. India is probably the only country that allowed more privileges to minorities than any other country. Muslims have a separate Personal Law which enables Muslim men the right to practice polygamy. This must be scrapped immediately. The former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh even asserted that Muslims have first rights to all of India’s resources. Funding of Madrassas by the government is another outrageous act that divides India rather than unites.  Does he know that more than 100 countries prohibit polygamy and made it into a crime? Did he ever mention why India should allow it to happen? Is it because he is proud of Muslims practicing polygamy?

5)    I am proud of those Hindus who utterly reject Hindu communalism, conscious that the communalism of the majority is especially dangerous because it can present itself as nationalist.

Tharoor mentioned that Nehru warned of the dangers of communalism of majority. Tharoor should know that it was Nehru initiated the policy of communalism by initiating Hajj subsidy to the Muslims to visit their holy place Mecca.  He was also the one who discouraged the then President of India Dr. Rajendra Prasad going to the inauguration of Somnath Temple.  For chameleon Nehru attending a Hindu Temple function is communal while issuing Hajj subsidy is national. For setting quotas and special privileges for Muslims denying majority Hindus the same privileges are not communal. These communal acts special favoring minorities are separating Muslims from being integrated. Many Muslims strongly believe Jinnah’s assessment of the relationship between Hindus and Muslims.

Tharoor may not remember the words of Mohammad Ali Jinnah who declared: "Islam and Hinduism are not religions in the strict sense of the word, but in fact different and distinct social orders, and it is only a dream that the Hindus and Muslims can ever evolve a common nationality.... To yoke together two such nations under a single state ... must lead to a growing discontent and final destruction of any fabric that may be so built up for the government of such a state." He argues that these two religions have different ethics, values, morals, worship methods, festivals, food habits, marriage systems, and allegiances to the God.

There cannot be any more communal than what was advocated by Jinnah. They have no intention of living in peace with Hindus. The special privileges and the communal ideology will be used extensively by Muslims to create more dissention, disharmony, and disunity In India until they have the majority either by illegal infiltration from Bangladesh or by producing enough children with no respect for family planning. Then Muslims will try to fulfill their dream of completing their “unfinished business” of transforming India into an Islamic State.  

Tharoor Rebukes Supreme Court Decision on Gujarat Riots 

“But for the first time, India has elected a Prime Minister who was himself named for ‘severe violations of religious freedom’ in reports by US State Department from 2002 onwards, refused an American VISA and was banned from entering the United States before he became Prime Minister.

Mr. Modi wasn’t elected PM for condoning violence against minorities, but to fulfill an aspirational development vision he effectively articulated. Mr. Obama’s speech was a way of telling him he can’t do that without abandoning his old religious intolerance that earned him those American strictures. (268) US Department’s assessment is not worth even the paper they printout.

The US politicians are elected by people who want to push their “Born Again” Christian religion. During George W Bush time, the government pumped so much money to the missionaries in India they did not know how to use. Anybody who has knowledge about the influence of religion on these politicians in US they cannot ignore their constituency.

The US government listed Nelson Mandela as terrorist until 2008 who was imprisoned for more than 27 years for his stand of human rights violations in South Africa.  In fact, US government supported the dictator of Chili, Shah of Iran, Marcos of Philippines, and every despot from Middle-East, and Africa, whose hands were smeared with blood.

US has attacked and destroyed Iraq under false pretext without having any evidence of biological weapons. Almost all the Islamic countries have authoritarian rulers who receive funds from USA including Pakistan. It is shame that Tharoor would take USA as an example of moral leadership.  What kind of logic you can come up with to justify. There is a strong lobby, to which Shashi Tharoor may be part of it, consisting of Christians, Muslims and Congress Party sympathizers in USA lobbied heavily to see that his Visa is revoked.

There is a highly organized, biased, influential group in USA who do not want Narendra Modiji to come because his charisma would charm the US government and this biased group may lose its grip on the US politicians. So, you and this group will keep harking on the Gujarat riots.  But the same group did not say a word when nearly 60 Hindus were burned by Muslims in a railway compartment in Gujarat in 2002? Was it because they were color-blind, Muslim-blind and anti-Hindu? The decease of Anti-Hinduism is so rampant, so extensive, and so contagious, neither Tharoor nor any of his secularists, intellectuals, media and Congress party can be cured in their life time.

They cannot even look at the facts.  Why do these intellectuals keep harping on the Gujarat riots and charge Modi as being responsible for killing Muslims even after the Supreme Court absolved him of all charges leveled against him? Do these intellectuals believe that the Supreme Court cannot do any justice to these Muslims? It appears that they do not have any confidence, trust or faith in the justice system. To appease the Muslims these intellectuals will do anything to tarnish the image of Bharath, denounce the BJP government, and smudge the Hindu ideals, morals and ethos that have shaped this humanity for thousands of centuries. They seem to be allergic to these ideals and ready to dump them to please the minorities. If they have the power, they would be delighted to see the demise of Hindutva. Pushpa Bhargava wrote a letter to the President of India: “No one would be more aware than you that, de facto, BJP is the political front of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), and functions under the leadership of RSS that is fully committed to the ideology of Hindutva, which I find divisive, unreasonable and unscientific.” US media recognized the double standards imposed on Modi by US government.

“India’s Narendra Modi went from international outcast to invited guest, as the U.S. and U.K. saluted his opposition bloc’s triumph in national elections.” Jonathan Allen and Rajesh Kumar Singh of Bloomberg News observed. The Wall Street Journal stated that “Narendra Modi is the only person ever denied a U.S. visa based on a little-known law on religious freedom.” Thus, Modi was shunned by USA and many European nations on a manufactured charge that he failed to stop the outbreak of religious riots in the State of Gujarat in 2002 when he was a Chief Minister. Reuters recognizes, “a seismic political shift that gives the Hindu nationalist and his party a mandate for sweeping economic reform.”

Tharoor is having tough time to accept, digest and respect the news that Modi was elected with thumping majority. But many foreign countries to his chagrin welcomed him. He is incapable of being rational, reasonable and objective. So be it. 

Distortion of Taj Mahal Evidence

Tharoor is deprived of the history and can’t resist the temptation to distort the facts. Either he is incapable of going back to the history, purposefully mislead the readers to hate Hindutvavadis or determined to please the terrorists and rapists for his selfish interest. He argues that Taj Mahal was “Built nearly four centuries ago by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan as a mausoleum for his beloved wife, who had borne him thirteen children and died in the process of producing the fourteenth, it attracts tens of millions of tourists and is by far the country’s most photographed building.” (242)

He goes on to criticize Yogi Adityanath, the Chief Minister, for handing out copies of the Hindu holy book, the Bhagavad Gita, instead of giving models of the Taj as gifts to visiting foreign dignitaries.

His  account that Taj Mahal was built by Shah Jahan reflecting his love for his wife Mumtaj is refuted by many scholars and academicians.  This story has been challenged by Professor P.N. Oak, author of Taj Mahal: The True Story, who believes that the entire world has been duped. He claims that the Taj Mahal is not Queen Mumtaz Mahal's tomb, but an ancient Hindu temple palace of Lord Shiva (then known as Tejo Mahalaya), worshipped by the Rajputs of Agra city.

Taj Mahal is, P N Oak claims, a corrupt version of Tejo Mahalaya, or the Shiva's Palace. Oak also says that the love story of Mumtaz and Shah Jahan is a fairy tale created by court sycophants, blundering historians and sloppy archaeologists. Not a single royal chronicle of Shah Jahan's time corroborates the love story. (BBC Report). Professor Marvin Miller of New York took samples from the riverside doorway of the Taj. Carbon dating tests revealed that the door was 300 years older than Shah Jahan. The writings of Peter Mundy, an English visitor to Agra within a year of Mumtaz's death, also suggest that the Taj was a noteworthy building long well before Shah Jahan's time.

Well known Western authorities on architecture like E.B. Havell, Mrs. Kenoyer and Sir W. W. Hunter have gone on record to say that the Taj Mahal is built in the Hindu temple style. Havell points out the ground plan of the ancient Hindu Chandi Seva Temple in Java is identical with that of the Taj. Oak also points out several design and architectural inconsistencies that support the belief that the Taj Mahal is a typical Hindu temple rather than a mausoleum.

The Taj Mahal has seven stories. Five of them lie sealed and barred concealing rich evidence. Government refuses to open the doors for these five stories. On top of the dome, on finds a Hindu horizontal crescent and the coconut top together look like a trident from the garden level. Red lotus and white trident are also found on the four sides the walls. There are at least 75 such images that are of Hindu faith, that were photographed by Stephen Knapp can be seen in his website.

We only wish that Tharoor would go back to visit Taj Mahal and find the true story rather than a fictional imaginative narrative of his own caricature imprinted on the anti-Hindu mind set.  He even goes to the extent of saying that “after all, why would anyone undermine a universally admired architectural marvel that is such a revenue generator?” What he is saying is forget about the history, overlook the evidence, neglect the chronological evidence, throw out the Archeological Survey assessment, dump the scientific evidence produced by scientists across the globe, ignore the Sha Jahan Courts papers and accept his word for it.

As a Islamicvadi, Tharoor wants to deny the history and become a champion for Muslim atrocities. Look at this statement. “The ruling party’s campaign against the Taj Mahal might seem bizarre; after all, why would anyone undermine a universally admired architectural marvel that is such a revenue generator?” Tharoor is proclaiming that since Taj Mahal is universally acclaimed, he is ready to bury the history, he is ready to malign the history, he is ready to fool the world, and he is ready to negate the history for his political vantage to please the Muslims. Can any one question about his credentials to be an Islamicvadi? 

Cow Vigilantism; Is Tharoor a hired Gun for Muslims?

Tharoor argues that, “for the first time, India has a central government that refuses to disapprove of cow vigilantism.  The Minister for Social Justice, whose principal responsibility is to promote the welfare of India’s Dalits, regretted not the vigilantes’ violence but the fact that they had perpetrated it based on ill-founded rumors.  In other words, their mission was so transcendently just that their misbehavior could be condoned if their targets really had killed or eaten a cow.” (252)

Tharoor has the habit of misguiding, misleading and ignoring the facts. His selective mind and biased opinions along with his predisposed Muslim leaning, he diligently bypasses the statements made by Prime Minister Modi. As much research as has done to justify his narrow minded hateful position toward cow and Hindutva, he conveniently neglected the statements of the Prime Minister.

On June 29, 2017, in Ahmedabad Prime Minister Narendra Modi today spoke up again on the violence that is being conducted by cow vigilantes. "Killing people in the name of cow protection is not acceptable, the Prime Minister said as part of a blistering criticism. The Prime Minister's address, delivered on at the Gandhi ashram on the banks of Sabarmati river in Gujarat, comes a day after citizens protest the violence by cow vigilantes was held across the country.

In India, Congress Party with their cronies such as Muslims, Christians and paid demonstrators has perfected the demonstration machineries. They do not have to have any reason to demonstrate. The Congress Party knows that they need their support for the elections allowing them to shape their ideology of favoritism, secularism and pampering them with numerous incentives.

Tharoor never acknowledges these statements by Prime Minister and projects Modi as one who did not disapprove vigilantes. These are the statements made by Narendra Modi:

Killing people in the name of "Gau Bhakti" (reverence for cows) is not acceptable. This is not something Mahatma Gandhi would approve.

No person in this nation has the right to take the law in his or her own hands in this country.

Violence never has and never will solve any problem. We are a land of non-violence. We are the land of Mahatma Gandhi. Why do we forget that?

No one spoke about protecting cows more than Mahatma Gandhi and Acharya Vinoba Bhave. Yes. It should be done.

The last three chapters showed his real colors and his latent intent to write this book. The book is written only to show his hatred toward Hindu leaders and Hindu Rashtra, his fixation with secularism to deny equal opportunities for Hindus, his unwavering support to Obama’s comparison of Hinduism with other religions, his mania to hide the truth behind Taj Mahal (Tejo Mahal), his odium toward Modi and Supreme Court judgment, and his staunch support of Islamic rights at the expense of Hindus. The title of the book could have been “Why I Hate Hinduism”  




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