Sahasra Chandra Darshana celebrations concluded on 5th Day.

05 Feb 2023 967 Views

A number of homas including Pavamaba Homa, Ayush Homa, pujas, chanting of various shanti mantras and other rituals were conducted. Also Sri Swamij and Sri Bala Swamiji performed Venkateswar and Hanuman Abhishekams.
Every morning Sri Swamiji fed the cow with fruits and vegetables and offered purahuti to several homas.
Yesterday, he gave a very powerful speech on visiting the temple and what happens when we enter the temple and how wishes are conveyed.

What is Sahasra Chandra Darshana Mahotsavam.

 In general who ever completes 80 years and four months is supposed to have experienced the moonlight of Chandra.

In South, especially in Tamil Nadu, this function is very popular. It is customary for people to have a darshan of the person who celebrated Sahasra Chandra Darshan and it is believed that the witnessed reap many benefits and get the blessings.
No body has to invite to this function. Any body can go and receive the blessings.

In SGS Ashram in Musuru Sri Swamiji is celebrating at a grand scale. The whole Ashram is decorated for the occasion. Sri Swamij started the day by attending Sri Narasimha Swamy kalyanam, went to attend bless the devotees who were getting married at Sri Venkateswar 
Temple, received Arthi in Sri Venkateswara Temple and came in a precession with many gods images. 80 ladies carried Kalasam on their heads by leading the precession.

Many homas and Puja are being conducting daily. In the afternoon Pavmana Homa was done.


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