Rene Lynn’s Plea to AP Chief Minister to stop the destruction of Hindu Temples

05 Mar 2021 1144 Views

A Must watch videos. Rene Lynn is an American Author, Activist and Founder of Voice for India.

Chief Minister, Jagan Mohan Reddy:

I love India as much I love my own motherland. Please stop the attacks on Hindus and Hindu Temples. You are putting Hindus in danger by repeated attacks on the Hindus community and by forceful conversions. You are taking money from Hindu Temples and building churches, pay large salaries to the Pastors, while in the inner arm tearing down Hindu Temple. We are not tearing down Hindu Temples here in the USA. You are in India. How dare you? Please stop this immediately and leave the Hindus alone. They are not bothering anybody. Hindu community is the most peaceful community in India and anywhere around the world.

 If Jesus is here,  he would rebuke you. Because Jesus's message was peace, love, and especially loving your neighbor. Please stop these attacks on the Hindu community. Thank you.  Ram, Ram



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