[GHHF] Assam Team’s remarkable achievements over the last ten days to awaken Hindus and inspire them to encounter aggression from other religions.

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“Indian students should value their religious culture and of course, the classical Indian culture bears importantly on the meaning of life and values. I would not separate the two. To separate science and Indian culture would be harmful. …I don't think it is practical to keep scientific and spiritual culture separate.” Charles H. Townes.
Global Hindu Heritage Foundation is extremely happy to announce the progress report of various activities conducted by Assam Brach headed by Sri Samrat Dutt. 
    Sri Samrat Dutt, one of the members of the Board of Directors of GHHF, is a very dynamic, passionate, dedicated and determined individual who spends hours every day coordinating our activities in Assam. He travels widely to different areas in Assam and travels to the Manipur border to awaken our Hindus and encourage them to get united and work toward the preservation and protection of Hindu Dharma.
1. Stopped Good Friday celebration and installation of Cross in village Nagarpattika for the first time in the past fifteen years and approached the Christian village leader to embrace Hinduism. He agreed and documentation is under process.
2. Christian girl embraced Hinduism. Though Gharwapsi rituals were done by other organization but couldn't give security and shelter to the newly married couple. Approached us and we are providing residential accommodation and security.
3. One Muslim girl married to Hindu boy came to his house but due to quick intervention from Muslim community and Muslim leaders they are facing legal problems. Hindu Advocates Forum extended legal help.
4. Saved one Hindu widow lady and her 5 bigha land.  GHHF Assam worker Swapan Das came to know that one Muslim guy MD Sirajul staying in a house of Hindu widow lady but before taking steps a few villagers raised protest, but Muslim guy threatened them to kill. Villagers came back and informed the matter to GHHF Assam worker Swapan Das. Swapan and his team went to the village and forcefully taken him out from the house of the widow. Sirajul complaint before the village elders that Swapan and his team assaulted him.
5. Bala Samskar Kendras of Assam introduced a new concept of one day religious training camp. Apart from weekly Sunday classes, the Sadhus, Saints have graciously agreed to take a special class once in a month where they will give religious intellectual training to our youth and parents. This month Prajapati Brahmakumaris had a session with the students and parents of Bala Samskar Kendra of Govindanagar. Next month ISKCON will conduct a class in Kachudaram and Bholagiri Ashram will take a class in Basertal.
6. GHHF Silchar youth unit collected 101 discarded idols from various places and gave them respectful immersion to the local river.
7. One Hindu girl kidnapped from village Jirighat. Villagers caught the culprit and set his vehicle on fire. Hindu Advocates Forum extended legal help to the victim family and to the boys who set blazed the Car and assaulted culprit Sajid Hussain.
8. Bhajan Mandali took out Nagar kirtan in the auspicious occasion of Holi.
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