[GHHF] On the occasion of Hanuman Jayanti Celebrations.

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[GHHF] On the occasion of Hanuman Jayanti Celebrations.

Global Hindu Heritage Foundation took the opportunity to celebrate Hanuman Jayanti by organizing a procession of Utsav Murthi through all the streets of Kalyandurg today.
We formed a bhajan group on behalf of our organization and performed bhajans to the delight of the devotees, chanting Jay Sriram, Jay Jaya Sriram and successfully completed the program and received the grace of Swami. No other organizations participated, only we participated on behalf of GHHF and made the program a success.
Why we Celebrate Hanuma Jayanti?
Hanuman Jayanti is celebrated with great pomp and grandeur in various parts of India and around the world. Temples dedicated to Lord Hanuman are decorated with flowers and lights, and special prayers and bhajans are conducted throughout the day. Devotees observe fasts and offer fruits, sweets, and other offerings to Lord Hanuman to seek his blessings for strength, courage, and protection.
In some regions, processions are organized where devotees dressed as Lord Hanuman march through the streets, carrying flags and chanting hymns in praise of the mighty monkey god. These processions are a sight to behold, with devotees expressing their devotion and devotion to Lord Hanuman in a grand and colorful manner.
Hanuman Jayanti is an annual festival that celebrates the birth of Lord Hanuman, the devoted disciple of Lord Rama. It is believed that Lord Hanuman symbolizes strength, courage, and devotion, making him a revered figure in Hindu mythology. The festival is celebrated to honor his virtues and seek his blessings.
Learn from Lord Hanuman
On this birth anniversary of Lord Hanuman, it’s time to become aware of our senses and practice discipline. Train our senses so that they help you devotedly follow your life purpose or dharma.
Lord Hanuman, in his incarnation as Panchmukhi Hanuman, extinguished the five lamps in five different directions to kill Ahiravan. Again, the five lamps symbolized the five senses.
Mastering these five senses through the control of breath (pranayama) or through meditation, mantra chanting and wearing of the 14 mukhi Rudraksha helps one attain self-control, knowledge and power, while adhering to one’s life purpose.
Celebrate the marriage of Hanuman and Suvarchala
According to Parasara Maharishi, Hanuman had worshipped Surya Bhagwan (the Sun god) as his Guru and studied the Vedas and mastered the Nine Vyakarnas. Being an Aajanma Brahmachari, Lord Hanuman was not eligible to study the Nava Vyakarnas (nine grammers) for which the status of being a grihastha (married man) was essential.
In order to facilitate the completion of his education, the Trimurtis approached Surya Bhagavan and created a beautiful Kanya, Suvarchala Devi, an Aajanma Brahmacharini, from the Sun's Kiranas (rays) and arranged a marriage with Hanumanji to make him a Grihastha without Brahmacharya being affected. Whereby he learnt and became a genius in the nine vyakaranas (sanskrit grammar). These details can be found in Parasara Samhita.

There is also a sloka called 'Hanuman Mangalashtakam' depicts the Lord thus and runs as follows:

suvarchalaa kalathraaya chaturbhuja dharaaya cha
ushtraa roodhaya veeraya mangalam sri hanumathe

The meaning of the above sloka is: "Salutations to Lord Hanuman, having four arms, accompanied by His consort Suvarchala Devi, seated on a camel and exhibiting extraordinary valour."

The text further describes Suvarchala as the daughter of Sun-God, Surya, from whom Anjaneya learnt the Vedas.
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