[GHHF] Muslim Girl went to Court and officially converted and married a Hindu Boy with Legal Assistance from our Board of Director Sri Samrat Dutt; Five Muslims embraced Hinduism in Assam.

30 Sep 2023 389 Views

"Hinduism is not bound by any rigid textbook or commandments, orders, declarations and revelations; but it is a storehouse of scientific facts and has in it healthy impulses of a growing tradition. The Hindu religion or Sanatana Dharma is the way of life of perfect living and of gaining mastery over oneself. This religion reveals the secret process which brings forth an effective personality out of a shattered man of despair and disappointment." Swami Chinmayananda
Global Hindu Heritage Foundation (GHHF) is very happy to announce that five Muslims converted to Hindu Dharma with the legal assistance provided by Sri Samrat Dutt who is a Board of Director of GHHF.
At first Rezina Begum, a college going girl, fell in love with a Hindu boy Bacchu Das. Local Muslims threatened her not to meet any Hindu boy. Her boyfriend Bacchu came to my chamber and sought help from me. I enquired about the matter and found right and with the help of our cadre Rezina came to court and willfully accept Hinduism by executing affidavit. It is pertinent to mentioned here that as per local custom one simple home, yagna conducted. At that place another Muslim lady along with two other Muslims were also reconverted by the local GHHF volunteers.
Sri Samrat Dutt is championing the cause of freedom and fighting against forced conversions.  Bacchu Das went to Sri Samrat Dutt’s legal office and explained his intention to marry a Muslim girl. Also, he explained that Muslim community is against the conversion. Samratt talked to the Muslim girl and told her about the legal way of converting to Hinduism, she agreed and went to the Court and signed an affidavit declaring herself as Hindus. 
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