Kakatiya temples lie in a state of neglect

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source: New Indian Express, August 1, 2007


KARIMNAGAR: Once, it was the spiritual and temporal hub of the Kakatiya empire. It enjoyed the attention of the public being the capital for Sabbinadu region, under both Kakatiyas and Kalyani Chalukyas.




But now the village Nagunoor stands a testimony to the neglect of Archaeological Department. The village, which was also the centre of temples glorifying the richness of ancient architecture of the Kakatiya rulers, now only has the remains of the sculptures and architecture.

Nagunoor, which was once called Nagaruru, according to the available scriptures, is just eight km from the district headquarters. As many as seven temples, said to be built during 12th and 13th centuries by Kakatiya rulers, manifest the history and culture of Kakatiyas.

The temples include Thrikutalayam, Shivalayam, Vaishnavalayam, Ramalingala temple and three others. All of these temples which were replete with rich sculptures are now in a dilapidated condition. In majority of the temples the roofs have caved in and one can only find the lone pillars and other structures standing as evidences of the officials’ indifferent attitude.

The Archaeology Department had included the temples in the list of protected monuments but had done little for their conservation except minor repairs and erection of boards reading that the temples belong to their Department. Today, even the boards have faded.

Even the Tourism Department, which boasts of identifying potential tourist spots, has never had a thought of converting the village into a tourist spot though it is very near Karimnagar town.

When asked about this, pat comes the reply from the officials that the village does not fall under their purview and that Archaeology Department has to take care of the place.

Worse, Assistant Director of Archeology Department is not accessible as he is mostly away from the district. The Archaeology Department has to come forward to protect the ancient structures, said V Anand, a librarian and a lover of monuments.

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