[GHHF]Mandala Puja was performed to Maremma Temple, and a Kireetam (Crown) was donatedto the Goddess on that occasion.

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Global Hindu Heritage Foundation was committed to preserving and protecting Sanatana Dharma. As part of our mission, we have renovated about 40 Grama Devatas and dis Prana Pratishta to six Temples. Many of the villagers do not have the resources to renovate their Grama Devatas, although they attend theTemples and conduct celebrations as per their customs.  As many of you are aware, about 41 days ago, GHHF conducted Prana Pratishta to Maremma Temple in Kalyandurg Mandal center in NTR Colony. Earlier, Prana Pratishta and Homa programs were held on behalf of our organization.Mandala pooja was performed today. First, everyone was givena dot on the forehead, the name of the gotra was given to the goddess, PanchamrutaAbhishekam was done and a Kireetma (crown) was brought to the goddess with GopiSwami's own money. After that, everyonewas given the opportunity to offer rice to the Goddess Maremma. Tied Raksha was given to all attendees of the function. Maha Mangala Arati was performed, and the goddess's blessings were given to everyone. Finally, Teertha and Prasadam were given to everyone. The Annadanam program was organized, and the program wassuccessful.Why Mandala Puja?The term Mandala in Hinduism corresponds to a 41-day-longperiod. Often, the Mandala period is prescribed for pujas, observances, rituals, and intake of medicine in many cases. With regard to Mandala Puja, the individualis expected to complete the full course of a 41-day long period with all theausterities and routines prescribed in the scriptures. The strict vrat that theindividual observes during the Mandal Puja helps cleanse his soul and enhanceclarity of vision. The divine power propitiated through the Mandala Pujablesses the devotee with incredible boons that would change his life forever.Usually, Mandala Puja is performed to please the person's favorite deity, whichever form of God it might be. Even women can undertake Mandala Puja with a five-day break during their menstrual period.The devotee observing Mandala Puja needs to follow a set ofprocedures, routines, and discipline for forty-one days. The Mandala Pujausually begins with the candidate receiving Diksha from an accomplished Guruwho is a virtuous and pious person learned in the Vedas and Shastras andcommitted to an austere life all through All this program wasdone free of cost on behalf of the Global Hindu Heritage Foundation.

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