Tilak/Bindi - Importance & Benefits YouTube Presentation

15 Feb 2022 1193 Views

Why don’t Hindus Apply Tilak/Bindi on their forehead.
Dr. B D Patel sent a post called “From the Pen of a Muslim” questioning Hindus for abandoning their customs. Hindus themselves gave up wearing Tilak, wearing neckless with OM or wearing bangles around the wrist. Muslim was asking why Hindus don’ts practice their Customs? 
Hindus have scriptures to support wearing Bindi/Tilak and it is scientifically proven as to the benefits of applying Tilak. Ours is a scientific religion. Mark Twain Said, “In religion, other countries are paupers; India is the only millionaire." It is true that we Hindus are abandoning our customs and traditions, and we are failing to impart to our children the richness of traditions and customs. We need to take pride in our culture. It will only come if we read, learn, digest, and practice it. How many of us wear Bindi when we go to Temples, or workplace? Why we do not practice our own customs. It is time, we start applying Bindi and take pride in our ancient practices. Please watch this video on the importance and benefits of applying Bindi. 




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