[GHHF] Lord Hanuman was Burnt by pouring Kerosine; Christian Pastor Polluted Ganesh Temple by walking with Shoes purposefully; Police Refuse to take appropriate action; Petition to Collector Submitted. 

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August Wilhelm von Schlegel “If one considers, the superior conception which is at the basis of the truly universal Indian culture and which, itself divine, knows how to embrace in its universality everything that is divine without distinction, then, what we in Europe call religion or what we used to call such, no longer seems to deserve that name.”
Global Hindu Heritage Foundation has been actively engaged in propagating Hindu culture and at the same defend the rights of the Hindus and Hindu Temples, and encounter the Christian aggression.  He is working near and around Kakinada in Andhra Pradesh.
Ajay Verma and other Pracharaks of Global Hindu Heritage Foundation and other members from other organizations came to know of the incident and rushed to the location and inspected the destruction and were astonished at the way the murthies were destroyed and treated our revered murthies. Global Hindu Heritage Foundation Save Temples Organization and Hanuman Dal have started the agitation to make people and the Police Department aware of the heinous act committed by unidentified person/s. Every time such acts are committed the Police officials will promise that they would investigate and do justice by arresting the culprits. This is a usual response from these officials. When you insist on why no progress has been reported they will give all kinds of excuses by saying that they are still working on the case. Sometimes they say that a mentally insane person committed the acts. Or falsely accuse somebody else, but never resolve the case. Vinay Ambavarapu, Y Santosh, and Jesu Babu also joined the movement.
Incident 1: Lord Hanuman Vigraha was burnt
The Kakinada Town 2 police on Saturday arrested Kurakala Srinivas allegedly suffering from mental illness for vandalizing the Hanuman idol installed outside Sri Krishna Mandir temple near Atchyutapuram railway gate in Dwaraka Nagar area in the wee hours, the Police said.
When Srinivas was in a drunken state, he set fire to the clothes that decorated the Idol, the passerby caught hold of him and extinguished the fires.
He was let off by them on seeing his condition. However, the incident became viral in the social media making the police swing into action in view of the sensitive nature.
He poured the petroleum on the clothes of Hanuman and set the fire. Baja Ranga Dal, Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Global Hindu Heritage Foundation and other organizations raised issue with the Police interpretation.
    Our Associate Ajay Varma along with Bhajaranga Dal, Hanuman Dal, VHP and other Hindu organization protested and demanded to investigate the incident.
    Soon, the Police identifies seven people who are responsible for the incident. So far they arrested two people and other five are not yet identified.
Ajay Varma speaking to the assembled Hindus and government officials said that GHHF, Hanuman Dal, and other organizations are condemning this inhuman incident. The Hindus are losing their patience. Authorities should recognize that Hindu patience has its limits. Every time an incident like this happens, the Police Department is not taking it seriously. As we all remember that about two ago, a chariot was set on fire, no persons were identified so far. There were more than such attacks on Hindu temples in 2021, 2022 and even 2023.
Incident 2: Christian Pastor Polluted Ganesh Temple by walking with Shoes.
    As everybody was busy demanding the Police Department to investigate the burning of Hanuman Vigraha, another incident happened, One of the Pastors by the name Tadepalli Venkateswara Rao known as Pastor Boyaja. They went to District Collector’s office to demand action. They did not allow these Hindus. As more people gathered and start protesting, Collector office allowed them inside the office and submitted a Petition. 
Sri Shiva Swamy sanctified the Temple.
    Sri Shiva Swami from Guntur went Kakinada and demanded that they should arrest the Pastor for polluting the Ganesh Temple. With persistent demand, finally they arrested the Pastor and also imposed 144 section.
    Sri Shiva Swami sanctified the Temple and the religious activities resumed.
Ajay Varma asked Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy to act immediately, arrest the culprits and take appropriate action. Otherwise, State wide agitation will be undertaken to expose the indifference and silence of the government. Instead of condemning the incident, some politicians and Police Department people are making false statements without knowing the true nature of the incidents. He said these politicians must apologize for their irresponsible statements.
Petition submitted to the Collector
A written petition was submitted to the District Collector on behalf of GHHF, Hanuman Dal, Sri Hanuman Seva Samithi, and other organizations requesting them to investigate these incident. They expressed their displeasure at the way Police reacted. They did not come to the Temple until our people started the agitation. Petition mentioned that DSP has not taken proper action as the incidents demanded. Failure of the law and neglect of justice to the cause continue in Andhra Pradesh.
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