[GHHF]Bala Samskara Kendra Students learn ed about the poet Venkamamba who composed and sang songs on Sri Venkateswara.

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Our teachers talked about one of the greatest devotee of Lord Venkateswara. Tarigonda Vengamamba (alternate spelling: Venkamamba; 20 April 1730 – 21 August 1817), also known as Matrusri Tarigonda Vengamamba,[2] was a poet and staunch devotee of God Venkateswara in the 18th century. She wrote numerous poems and songs.

Moved by her devotion, it is told that God Venkateswara allowed her to enter the temple after temple hours to hear her poems and songs. Venkamamba recited poems and took 'harati' of the Lord each night and paid pearls as fee to the Lord. Observing pearls in the sanctum sanctorum over a period of time, the priests' investigation led to Venkamamba. Their punishment was to exile her to a cave in Tumburakona, a distance of 15 miles from Tirumala.

The legend goes on that Venkateswara Swamy created a secret passage from the cave to the temple, which was used by Venkamamba to continue her devotional service. The practice of penance and night harati continued for 6 years. Eventually, the priests realized their folly and recognized Venkamamba's devotion and dedication, and requested her to return. Upon return, she was allowed to participate in Ekanta seva and take the final harati of the Lord.

The area around her brindavan (samādhi) was later converted into a school (S.V.B.N.R high school tirumala), with the brindavan still open for pilgrims' worship in the school playground.

The Nityannadana Satram in Tirumala is named on Matrusri Tarigonda Vengamamba.
Since the Lord accepted Venkamamba's devotion, her harati has been incorporated into Ekanta Seva performed to the Lord each night. A descendant of Venkamamba pays pearls as fee, and the harati is called Venkamamba's harati.
( source: Wikipedia)

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