[GHHF] Our lady Pracharaks “Fulmali Ree” Rescued Hindu girl from torturous Love Jihad in Assam; Reconverted to Hinduism ritualistically.

22 Jul 2023 660 Views

Maria Wirth:
“Hindus never fought crusades or jihads to establish their dharma in foreign lands. In fact, they didnt need to, because they convinced most of Asia merely by solid arguments.  Yet, for the past thousand years Hindus were at the receiving end of jihads and conversion campaigns and millions of Hindus were killed in cold blood because they were Hindus.” 
Global Hindu Heritage Foundation has been conducting Ghar Waapasi and Bala Samskar for the last three years to ensure that our Hindu girls are protected from conversion and love Jihad. It is our aim to bring back those girls who are deceived, tortured and raped by Christians and Muslims. As we all know that Muslim youth are groomed to act like Hindu, dress like Hindu, look like Hindu, adopt Hindu name and spend liberally to attract the Hindu Girls. Lot of money is pledged to the Muslim youth to trap and marry and convert to Islam. Many Hindu girls do not even know that they are being trapped. They come to know each other only after they are married. Then she come to know that she married a Muslim. Now she is cornered. No freedom to make any decision. They force them to get converted to Islam. Refusal will result in brutality and torture. They should start reading the Quran, do namaz, wear hajib and change name. 
Our Pracharak Rescued one Hindu Girl from Lov Jihad
A 20-year-old Hindu student of Govt Girls Higher Secondary School in Barpeta District was lured by a Muslim youth into love jihad, but later the Muslim youth started torturing her.
The victim was recovered on July 18 with the help of police. After that Shuddhi yagna conducted by the village priest. Girl earlier embraced Islam but later through Yagna she reconverted to Hinduism. book of love jihad gave to her mother and other family members.
Sri Samrat Dutt has been actively engaged in protecting Hindu girls, educating them about Love Jihad and even prepare a small booklet cautioning Hindu girls to be careful about Love Jihad tactics. Likewise, he is also organizing Balam Samskar to teach about the richness of Sanatana Dharma making the youth aware oof depth and width of eternal knowledge.  
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