[GHHF] “We have to Protect our Dharma.” Part 1; An exclusive Interview by Prime 9 News

03 Jun 2024 86 Views

I was interviewed by Sri Shiv Vadlamudi of Prime 9 News on different life experiences. Started with a question about protests against GHHF and me and asked me to explain why they protested. I trace the incident that occurred in 2019 in a village near Tirupati where a Pastor was building a Church within 20 meters from a Devi Temple. With villagers’ support a petition to stop the construction was submitted to the Pastors who agreed to stop and left the village. 
Then realizing some of the rules pertaining to the construction of Churches, we requested the Collector, TUDA official and Mandal Officer to find out if they ever given permission to build Churches. Realizing they did not issue any permits, we requested the TUDA to take appropriate action as per law. TUDA issued an Order to Commissioner remove the unlawful structures. Several Muslims and Christians protested against GHHF in Frisco Texas for four weekends.
Then the interview reverted to my coming to USA in 1965, my education, marriage, Hindu roots, involvement in the construction of Hindu Temple in Jackson, meeting of Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji, the retirement and start of Global Hindu Heritage Foundation (GHHF).

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